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How This 18 Year Old Broke 2 Kentucky State Weight Lifting Records While Using The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

May 16, 2016

Hey there everyone, Alan here. Co-Owner to the mighty Dark Iron Fitness… CAN I GET AN AMEN!!

Yeah that’s right, getting all biblical up in this piece…


Today is an awesome day because this post marks the beginning of a new blog series that we’re going to be doing here on the Dark Iron Fitness website titled:

Story of Glory

This new content series is going to be all about the unique achievements that our very own customers achieved using our products and also any tips they’d like to share that helped them out as well.

Plain and simple we want to show how great our products are and instead of us trying to do any kind of cheesy sales pitch to make our products sound fantastical, we’re going to have our customers give their own personal experiences of our products.

Personal stories about personal achievements using our personal products…. Doesn’t get any more honest than that.

And yes I did just use the word fantastical…

Anyways, with the intro to the side, here’s the story:

The 18 Year Old That Broke 2 Kentucky State Weight Lifting Records Using The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt:

His name is Noah C

Kentucky State weight lifting champ

Noah’s mother Shelly and Alexis (the other Co-Owner) had been communicating back and forth over email after Shelly had recently purchased one of our weight lifting belts for Noah’s upcoming competition.

With a little chit chat back and forth during Alexis’s follow up customer service emails with Shelly she found out that Noah was due to compete in the Kentucky Classic powerlifting meet soon.

We always love to hear what our customers have to say about our products so Alexis told Shelly that she would love an update on how Noah enjoys the weight lifting belt and how he does at his competition.

Shelly did not disappoint…

 A week or so later we received this email from Noah’s mother Shelly:

“I’ve attached 2 photos from the Kentucky Classic powerlifting meet this weekend.  Noah LOVED his new belt!   He broke 2 Kentucky state records and obviously took 1st place in both of his events.   He deadlifted 530 lbs, which was also a personal record.   Not bad for a kid that just turned 18 last weekend!   I’m very proud of him!”


No…. Seriously…

Now I’ve never attempted to max out my deadlift before but I highly doubt I’ll get anywhere close to 530 lbs..

This kid deserves some serious credit.

Here’s Noah in action:

IMG_3828Also if you haven’t noticed that nice looking little object around his waist you might want to take another look.


The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight lifting belt.

Way to rep the crew kid, and lookin stylish while you do it.

Now Noah’s succes was nothing but his own hard work, dedication, and persistence in what he wanted to accomplish.

But we’d like to think our weight belt was the icing on the cake for him ;)

We only wish we could have been there in person to see it happen live.

After Noah’s mother gave us the update about her son we just knew it was too good of a story to just leave it alone. We asked Noah’s mother Shelly if we could use Noah’s story to kick off our new blog series and she obliged happily.

If you want to check out more of Noah’s stuff or interact with him personally his Instagram handle is:


Noah also holds 2 National records.  He’s a member of USAPL and UPA, but has recently been competing in Next Generation Powerlifting events!

We want to personally thank Shelly and Noah for their contribution of the content for this story and allowing for us to publish this publicly on our site.

Again, Thank you Noah for your story of glory


If you have a success story that you’ve accomplished while using one of our products then send us a message and we’ll get in contact with you.

We’re looking for more great stories like the one above. So if you want to be featured on our site and you have an awesome story while using one of our products, just let us know.

And lastly,

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Until then talk to you soon,

– Alan