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6 Benefits of Using a Weight Vest – What You’re Missing Out On

Nov 06, 2017

6 benefits of using a weight vestYou may ask, what are the benefits of using a weight vest?

Maybe you’ve seen some people in the gym wearing them or out running with them on.

If people are using them there must be a benefit to them right?

So what are the benefits of using a weight vest..

In this blog post we’re going to be giving you the major details on the benefits of using a weight vest and how they are helpful.

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Aside from that let’s get started by introducing you to what a weight vest actually is.

what is a weight vestWhat is a Weight Vest?

A weight vest is a fitness tool, simply a vest which is made of heavy material that has small pockets around it where you can slip in small sand bags, tiny steel bars, and other small weights.

Its general purpose is to use the weight vest in adding extra weight for body-weight exercises, distance running, speed, walking, quick drills and agility.

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Common exercises that weighted vest are used with

  • Jogging
  • Rope Climbing
  • Pull ups
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Burpees
  • and many more

3 Things to Consider in Using a Weight Vest

  1. Your current fitness level

Ask yourself if you’re ready for an intense workout:

  • What kind of fitness ability do you already have?
  • Are you struggling with most of the movements?
  • Are you resting the following day after your routine?
  • Any struggling moments to finish within the time allowed?
  • How many times do you work out in a week?

After answering these questions, it’s time to check your general level of fitness before you add resistance.

  1. Work out of the day

Your workout varies in a day so it depends if such routines really need a weight vest.

There are moments that you need to focus on the technique, the body position and the bar path that wearing a vest might put you off.

But if it is time for you to push your limits you can start to begin thinking about wearing a weight vest

  1. The weight you can start to put in the vest

The question is, how much weight you can put in the vest?

As a first timer, bear in mind that adding weight is adding difficulty to your routines. Even a 5lbs of weight can make a huge difference to your workout and your body may be not used to it.

Be careful that if you do a run with a weight vest, it may cause strain to your joints and knees.

The are many benefits of wearing a weighted vest but not if you go overboard with them and wear too heavy of a weight to begin with.

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5 Beneficial Ways to Use a Weight Vest

Even if you are not a professional athlete, you can still use a weight vest on a daily basis. Wearing a weight vest with your daily activities can increase the metabolic rate which is known for calorie burn.

Normally, the things you do every day is easy but it can increase the intensity of the exercise or activity.

You can start light such as 5 to 10lbs and just increase it gradually to 20-30 pounds for an intermediate level. If you want to go for a more advanced routine, go for 40-50lbs vest.

Listed below are 5 simple benefits of using a weight vest:

  1. Do body weight exercises with a weight vest

push up wearing a weight vestTo make a simple body weight routine turn into a difficult one, put on a weight vest. Check this example of the routine you can do while wearing a weight vest few times in a month.

  • Treadmill run for 2 minutes
  • 20 reps of weight vest push ups
  • 20 reps of weight vest squats
  • Weight vest get ups for 20 reps
  • Weight vest reverse lunges for 20 reps

With these 5 moves, you can repeat this for 4-6 circuits. You can use a 10-20lbs vest for an effective workout. Add a round of pull ups for more advanced version of the body weight exercise.

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  1. Go on walks and hikes wearing a weight vest

hiking with a weight vestYou can do an easy nature hike to make it an intense work out. Simply wear a weight vest over your shirt and underneath your coat. You can use a 30-50lbs weight vest for hiking and walking.

Wearing a weight vest is not just only for hiking but you can wear it walking around the neighborhood, at the park, in your office, or walking the stairs on repeat while at a stadium or hotel.

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  1. Ride a bike with a weight vest

riding a bike with weight vestAnother strategy to wear a weight vest for your routine is to ride a bike either indoors or outdoors.

When you go out on a trail, it really works you out when it is an uphill-downhill transition which you can frequently switch the position from seating to standing.

In this case, it is great for an upper body workout.

For indoors, wearing a weight vest is good while riding a stationary bike.

These are the following routines you can do while doing the indoor or outdoor biking with a weight vest:

  • Warming up for 1-mile
  • Do the alternate standing to seat for 30 seconds intervals with 10 reps
  • You can finish it with standing for 5 minutes, then riding it for 1 mile in a seated position as difficult as possible
  • Cooling down for 1-mile

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  1. Wear a weight vest while doing chores

daily activities while wearing weight vestYou can wear weight vest on a daily basis while doing home chores such as gardening, doing the laundry, cleaning the house while walking up and down the stairs, or any other house work you do

Adding the extra weight to your body frame can burn some calories and help tone your body

Wearing a weight vest around the house is one of the most simplest ways to receive some benefits of using a weight vest

  1. Lift weights with a weight vest

Just by putting a weight vest into your weight training routine, you can add a more intense twist on your workout.

For example, you can wear a weight vest with your favorite workout routines such as doing 5 sets 5 squats, barbell rows, deadlifts, barbell cleans and bench presses.

You can get pretty amped while doing these routines with a weight vest.

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6 Primary Benefits of Using a Weight Vest

  1. It can increase endurance and strength

endurance and strength using a weight vestThe benefits of using a weight vest can be seen both on aerobic activities and strength training.

During exercise, carrying an extra weight requires you to add oxygen and strength. The more weight you use during exercise, the more muscles that need to adapt using the higher weight.

This will build endurance and strength for your muscles.

  1. A tool for variation

Using a weight vest is a really good tool for variation.

When using a weight vest as a beginner, your body is not used to it. So the body needs to adapt with specific movements while wearing a weight vest.

Thus, the body can perform functional movements at high intensity.

In general this is the overall benefit of wearing a weight vest.

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  1. Huge benefits for cardiovascular system

cardiovascular systemCardiovascular benefits have the same effect on muscular endurance and strength.

As you can see, wearing a weight vest while rowing a boat or running is very challenging.

You can also notice that when somebody is lifting weights, the heart increases significantly and you may experience a shortness of breath.

The cardiovascular system will go overdrive because of its additional resistance, heart lungs’ strengthening, and the athlete’s body ability in consuming oxygen.

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  1. Benefits for musculoskeletal system

musculoskeletal systemIt can increase the strength of the muscles and bones when you wear a weight vest. There is growth of muscles and bones in order to support the new weight while wearing a weight vest.

It can build more bone mass in response to the strain which will have a stronger musculoskeletal system such as denser bones and connective tissue.

It will be easier to do future workouts as the musculoskeletal system is more strengthened. The chance of injury will decrease because of improved support and stability.

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  1. Helps to Burn Fat

When you’re wearing a weight vest it increases the intensity that helps to burn fat very fast. Although running or walking on a treadmill seems like it can burn calories, adding weight to your body is more effective to burn fat.

As you can see, doing high intensity work outs that involves resistance is the fastest and most effective way in fat burning and muscle building.

A study shows that doing a standing workout while wearing a weight vest can increase the burning of the calorie by 12 per cent.

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  1. Improves Core Strength

improves core strength using weight vestYou’ve probably done a plank or maintaining your balance using your body weight right? If you feel that it is difficult, then wearing a weight vest while doing such is harder.

When you add weight above the torso, you’re challenging your core which activates your abs in order to carry the heavy load.

Even though you are not doing a core workout, you can feel the difference on your ab region once you wear a weight vest. Like bending over, it’s a basic movement but can feel strong core activation just from wearing a weight vest.

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Conclusion For The Benefits of Using a Weight Vest

As always, use caution with a weight vest.

The weight vests are heavy so using the heavy ones may cause a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders and upper back.

When you use a weight vest on long walks or while doing pull ups/push ups and other upper body movements, it will cause injuries on the joints, skin chaffing and the muscle knots in the upper back and neck if you’re not careful.

With a heavy weight vest, you will experience intense workouts so there might be constricted breathing and overheating because of its materials that are non-breathing like neoprene and nylon.

These are the materials mostly used for making a vest.

Keep yourself more hydrated and take yourself a break once in a while.

Wearing a weight vest helps to amplify your workout to make it more difficult but do not forget to always pay attention to your body when using a weight vest.

Do not add more heavy weights when your body can’t handle it.

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Wearing a weight has a positive impact to your body.

As you can see, these are the benefits of using a weight vest like having stronger bones, healthier heart, improved endurance, strength and balance.

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If you’re looking for a weighted vest to buy then we highly recommend checking out our weighted vest buyers guide:

The Dark Iron Fitness Weighted Vest Buyers Guide:

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