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Ab Wheel Effectiveness – Do Ab Wheels Work? Here’s The Results:

Oct 10, 2017

how effective is the ab wheelYou’ve probably come across the ab wheel and wondered the actual  Ab Wheel Effectiveness that those things have right.

Do they actually work???

Well we’re going to be getting into the dirty details in today’s article.

Abs always seem to be that one part of our body we all feel can use a bit more work.

It’s probably safe to say that most of us feel a bit insecure about our tummy area so focusing on your abs, to tighten and tone them as much as possible, is often a priority.

One sign of a healthy and fit body is a strong core.

When your core muscles are balanced correctly your spine is in its optimal position.

With stable spine positioning, you will have good posture and a solid base so that the muscles of your limbs can move smoothly.

So along came the ab wheel… and also the skeptical questioning of the ab wheel effectiveness.

What the ab wheel “promises” is that exercising with an ab wheel makes all your core muscles work together and to contract as a group.

This will ensure that there isn’t muscular imbalance, which could happen with exercises that target only your abs or only your back.

ExRx.net says that in addition to the abdominals the following muscles are developed with the ab wheel: the triceps, pectorals, deltoids, and wrist flexors.

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/546971-ab-wheel-vs-crunch/

What is an Ab Wheel?

what is an ab wheel

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Ab wheels are a low-tech piece of equipment that has been around for decades and used by athletes and trainers on a consistent basis.

It is basically a wheel with a rod running through its center; your hands are placed palm side down on each handle. The best ab wheel is a dual one with a wider base to aid in stability.

It is meant to roll while you are using it so that you can move your body forward and backward in different directions, and you will be able to focus on individual muscle groups.

Keep in mind that you are rolling with control–you are the one directing that wheel and making sure it moves back and forth the distance and direction that you want it to go. Later on, you can determine the ab wheel effectiveness.

No matter how long it has been around for or how much people use it there’s always going to be the ones who wonder the ab wheel effectiveness.

Because when it comes down to it, it either works or doesn’t right?

Source image: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81u1QB-mBYL._SL1500_.jpg

How do you use an Ab Wheel and Determining the Ab Wheel Effectiveness?

  1. how do you use an ab wheelIf this is your first-time start on the floor, kneeling down on all fours. You can do this on a yoga mat if your knees feel uncomfortable in this position.
  2. Grip the ab roller by placing one hand on each of the handles. Place the wheel on the floor underneath your shoulders.
  3. With your arms and back straight, roll the wheel forward slowly.
  4. As you roll forward, make sure your abs are contracted, and your upper body is extended and parallel to the ground.
  5. Roll forward as far as possible while engaging your core to keep you balanced. Only by contracting your core throughout the exercise can you keep your lower back stabilized so that it doesn’t sag.
  6. You must also ensure that your hips and shoulders are moving at the same speed.
  7. Hold your position for about three to five seconds.
  8. Then SLOWLY roll back to your starting position.
  9. Now repeat the whole movement again. Try to do about 15 reps per set, or whatever you can do, and you will slowly begin to build your way up. Later on, you will feel the ab wheel effectiveness.

Source image: http://images.wisegeek.com/woman-using-ab-wheel.jpg

Rolling slowly will help work your torso as well as avoiding injury.

The ab wheel will also hit your lower back and hip flexors if a slow and controlled speed is used.

You need strong back muscles to fight the natural arching of your back as you roll forward on the wheel.

If you are a beginner with the ab wheel, it will be helpful to roll out and touch a wall with your ab wheel so that you will have a better idea of your starting point as you pull back and go for another rep.

You can extend the distance as you roll out gradually. Or you can have your feet against the wall for support.

When you actually use the ab wheel in this way you can feel the workout it gives your abs which is the first indication of the ab wheel effectiveness.

But let’s continue on to see if we can find out some more data on the ab wheel effectiveness.

Proper ab wheel form is extremely important

  • Keep your core engaged from the beginning of your roll until the very end.
  •  ab wheel effectivenessIf are on your knees, do not let them sag. Keep everything in a straight line from the time you start until you roll back and finish the move.
  • Don’t arch your back! This can cause discomfort and possible injury to your back.
  • Keep your head down and facing forward so that everything is aligned and your neck is at a safe and comfortable position.
  • When rolling, use your arms to help here but don’t use your hips, this can cause injury.
  • Exhaling when you are rolling down and out, and inhaling as you are going back to the starting position, will help you maintain a good pace.

As you become more proficient you can start rolling out even further, which requires more effort and strength to maintain the proper form while extending over the floor.

Another option would be to roll in different directions, which helps with the obliques, the sides of your abdomen.

With this method, you would roll forward to the left, roll back, then roll out to the right, and repeat.

Source: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/exercising-straightening-simulator-wheel-bodybuilding-target-muscles-marked-red-initial-final-steps-43722880.jpg

Ab Wheel Effectiveness – The Answer!

ab wheel effectiveness proper formTo get right down to the dirty details… The ab wheel is effective if you consistently use the proper form when working the wheel!

Combine it with other exercises that target your core, and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

not just with trying to find out the ab wheel effectiveness but with all exercises it’s difficult to see the hard work you put into your abs if you have a thick layer of body fat covering your stomach.

This piece of equipment can also help strengthen your lower back and overall core muscles.

Tests have shown that the movement is slightly better than a regular crunch.

Using just an ab wheel will build lean muscle to burn fat, and eventually, you will have muscle that burns calories and will decrease your waistline.

However, beginners could find this to be a very frustrating exercise.

Keeping the core contracted the entire time–and the back straight–is not an easy task.

You have to know how to activate and use your core muscles. This is key when trying to gain the benefits of the ab wheel effectiveness.

As you roll out with the ab wheel, gravity causes your spine to arch, and if your abs are not strong enough to stabilize your pelvis and spine, you will be placing too much pressure on the low back.

With this exercise, your abs have to fight against gravity, tight lats, as well as tight hip flexors.

Unlike an ab roller, an ab wheel does not offer support for the neck and back.

Ideally, if you haven’t done any core exercises in the last month or so, then maybe you should hold off on the ab wheel.

Lack of flexibility in the shoulders is also problematic.The latissimus dorsi muscle (lats), pull the shoulders down and also help to curve the back. When the lats are tight and stiff, the back arches when you raise your arms overhead.

As you roll out the ab wheel, your arms move overhead. And if your lats are tight your back can end up arching.

The ab wheel can also put pressure on your low back due to the stiffness of your hip flexor muscles. To bend your hips, these muscles need to exert effort.

The back will arch extensively when the hips are straight and hip flexor muscles are tight.

As you roll out with the wheel, your hips straighten. If the hip flexors are stiff then your back will also arch.

Source: http://www.ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com/ab-wheel-exercise.html

Conclusion of the Ab Wheel Effectiveness

ab wheel strengthens your coreIf you have decent core strength, good posture, are flexible, have good overall conditioning, and no shoulder or back issues, then the ab wheel would be great for strengthening your abs.

There are tons of ab exercises out there—crunches, sit-ups, dumbbell side bends, Russian twists—to name just a few.

But an ab wheel is small, portable, easy to store, and costs about the same as a week’s gym membership.

You can use it anywhere, anytime and is a great addition to any workout routine.

Many people enjoy using this wheel because it is more challenging. It offers a break from the usual crunches and sit-ups.

So overall the answer is … yes!

If done right the ab wheel effectiveness is well…. effective.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the ab wheel effectiveness . If you’re looking for an ab wheel to purchase then check out our buyers guide resource:

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