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Our Vision
Dependable Weightlifting Accessories Built for Self Reliant Athletes



At Dark Iron Fitness we focus on creating weightlifting accessories that are designed uniquely different so that they help you become more focused, more effective, and be able to put in more effort in the gym


We accomplish this by making sure our product designs are built to be more comfortable, more supportive, and more durable compared to others.


Our belief at Dark Iron Fitness is that you are solely responsible for your own success.

And if you’re holding yourself responsible for your own fitness goals then you’ll need weightlifting accessories you know you can depend on to help you accomplish those goals.

That’s why every Dark Iron Fitness product is designed to be more dependable than others.

Because as long as you’re holding yourself responsible for accomplishing your fitness goals then we want you to hold us responsible to provide you with weightlifting accessories you know you can depend on to help you accomplish those goals.

Being self reliant and accomplishing your fitness goals is your responsibility.

Being the most dependable weightlifting accessory brand is ours.

Welcome to Dark Iron Fitness

Why Dark Iron Fitness Is
Better Than The Rest
I have multiple products from Dark Iron and they're all really well made. I hope they expand their product line so I can purchase more from them!
— Richard C.
Can't believe the quality of this belt for the price I paid. I highly recommend buying this product.
— Kyle
Did the job, easy enough to manage, comfortable for my wrist.
— Eric
Incredible comfortable, excellent quality, great price and very fast shipping. I'll recommend this company.
— Peggy Bretch
Excellent! No more neck pain.
— Corazon A. Soriano
This is the best belt I have ever had. Have 6 months of use and still looks like new. Gives you great support when squatting. I highly recommend this product.
— Mike Serrano
The Dark Iron Fitness Timeline
August 2015
Dark Iron Fitness was founded
November 2015
Amazon Launch and Release of Our Leather Weight Belt
January 2016
Barbell Neck Pad was Launched
May 2016
Hardened Barbell Clamps were Launched
June 2016
Website and Apparel Products Launched
August 2016
Weight Belt Becomes The Highest Reviewed Online
September 2016
Suede Lifting Straps were Launched
Over 20,000 Happy Customers
January 2017
Sponsored Athlete Gretta Vitta
March 2017
Barbell Neck Pad Becomes The Highest Reviewed online
April 2017
Leather Dip Belt was Launched
December 2017
Suede Wrist Wraps were Launched
Over 45,000 Happy Customers
February 2018
Sponsored Athlete Tyler Everrett
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