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Become Optimally Fit at Home: 6 Accessories to Succeed

May 22, 2019

Becoming Optimally FitTo become optimally fit takes a lot of work.

You need focus, passion, patience, and drive.

…And a gym, right?


You don’t need a gym… Hell, you don’t even need to leave your house.

So, how can you become optimally fit at home?

In this article, we will discuss a few ways to do so.

Both by examining optimal workouts and the accessories to help you get there.

Now, buying workout equipment can be dangerous… if you don’t use it.

When you do use your equipment, you can cut down on a lot of time and money spent on gym travel and membership.

How can we become optimally fit, both in muscle and endurance?

Let’s get into it!

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Become Optimally Fit at Home

1. Change Your Mindset

First off, you need to change your mindset about working out.

Especially when it comes to working out at home.

There are plenty of people who get “motivated” to do so, but the consistency isn’t there.

You don’t need motivation, you need drive.

Once you position yourself in the proper, positive mindset, you can achieve the task of becoming optimally fit.

The biggest obstacle for most people starts right here — in the mind.

Before you go out, buy a bunch of stuff, and think you are going to use it, you should know.

What do I mean by this?

Well, first you should start small and see if you can do a consistent week-long routine.

Simple exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, etc.

Start with a bodyweight routine and do it for a week, then two, then three.

Were you consistent?

If so, then you are in the proper mindset to proceed with attempting to become optimally fit at home.

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2. Understand Your Goals

Broad goals are fine.

However, when it comes to fitness, it is great to get specific.

Are you training to become an athlete?

Are the workouts to lose weight?

Build muscle?

What is your specific goal in the gym?

Do you just want to look good naked?

Look good for a girl or guy?

Another reason people fail when using a home gym (even a regular gym) is that they lack a goal.

You can say you want to lose weight, but how much?

Maybe you want to learn how to deadlift.

Well, again, how much?

At some point, you need to have a clear goal to orient you on a clear path.

Once you have your goal in mind, you can properly adjust your home gym and workouts to achieve that goal.


3. Practice Safe Training

Become Optimally Fit at Home - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltThe third, and quite possibly the most important thing to consider, is to practice safe training.

Becoming optimally fit isn’t possible if you get injuries right away.

Even if you slowly build up injuries along the way, you aren’t doing something right.

To me, safe training means lifting at your level, using proper form, and utilizing lifting accessories.

Once you reach the point of actually training and being consistent, then you MUST utilize safe training.

This is even more so important for lifters who are working out of home gyms.

The home gym can be a truly fickle and dangerous place.

Do you always have a spotter? NO.

Are you always lifting in the optimal amount of space? NO.

Is your equipment commercial quality? Most likely NOT.

These are all reasons that safety needs to take priority.

Becoming optimally fit at home takes far more focus, patience, and technique.

These three attributes all play a role in the factor of safety for your lifting.

So, how can we optimize our lifting potential at home, while being safe?

Let’s discuss the implementation of different accessories.

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Becoming Optimally Fit at Home: The Accessories You Need

There’s no doubt about it, certain accessories can optimize your fitness.

Let’s say you live somewhere rainy.

Well, you probably want to do your cardio indoors if possible.

Now, let’s say you don’t have a park or a gym close by — no problem!

That’s when you should focus on becoming optimally fit at home.

Things like free weights and pull-up bars can help you do that.

But, we aren’t only talking about actual gym equipment.

These accessories also include smart options like weightlifting belts and gym gloves.

In this list, I will be covering what I believe to be the 6 best options for becoming optimally fit at home.


Becoming Optimally Fit at Home with Lifting Accessories

1. A Weightlifting Belt

Become Optimally Fit at Home - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltThe use of a weightlifting belt for home workouts is amazing.

There’s really no other accessory that can help you lift safely and with proper form while at home.

Becoming optimally fit means lifting to your ability, but attempting to push harder.

So, with the use of a weightlifting belt, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to reach new PRs.

Furthermore, you’ll protect your back and enforce proper form.

Recommended Products

  1. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt (Alternative Link)
  2. Fire Team Fit Nylon Belt
  3. Flexz Fitness Lever Belt
  4. Stoic Powerlifting Belt


2. Gym Gloves

Become Optimally Fit at Home - Dark Iron Fitness Gym GlovesGloves are important for a home gym and home workouts.

Most of your workouts at home will include some bodyweight exercises.

So, with the use of gloves, you can protect your hands during bodyweight and weightlifting exercises.

Having a pair of gloves will be highly beneficial and can even help you lift more comfortably.

Becoming optimally fit relies heavily on reducing potential injuries, and gloves will help with just that!

Recommended Products

  1. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Gym Gloves (Alternative Link)
  2. Fit Active Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves
  3. Trideer Workout Gloves
  4. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves


3. Dip Belt

Become Optimally Fit at Home - Dark Iron Fitness Dip BeltThe last accessory that I will recommend in the lifting accessories category is a dip belt.

Becoming optimally fit at home takes optimizing exercises that you already do.

So, for example, doing dips and pull-ups will be optimized by using a dip belt.

You can really take your training to the next level by adding a nice amount of extra weight.

Don’t underestimate this accessory, as most do.

Training pull-ups and dips can help you increase your strength, muscle growth, and cardiovascular health.

Make these staple exercises even better by the additional use of a dip belt!

Recommended Products

  1. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Dip Belt (Alternative Link)
  2. Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt
  3. Rip Toned Steel Chain Dip Belt
  4. RIMSports Chain Dip Belt


Becoming Optimally Fit at Home with Fitness Equipment

4. Pull-Up Bar

When putting together a home gym or focusing on becoming optimally fit at home, people always question the best piece of equipment to buy.


A Bowflex?

What is it???

Well, a lot of people will recommend the simple, yet highly-effective, pull-up bar.

And I am one of those people, too.

A pull-up bar is super beneficial, cheap, and helps build a solid foundation for becoming optimally fit.

There are tons of great pull-up bar styles (recommended below), but you can always just use a steel pipe.

Make sure you secure your pull-up bar so you can avoid any accidents.

Once you have one of these, you’ll be able to build strength and endurance like no other.

Practice the fundamentals and work towards becoming optimally fit as an athlete, bodybuilder and fitness maniac!

Recommended Products

  1. Garren Fitness Doorway Pull-Up Bar
  2. Ikonfitness Double Pull-Up Bar
  3. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull-Up Bar
  4. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
  5. A Steel Pipe (Attached to Doorway or Wall)

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5. Bike Trainer (and Stand)

Becoming Optimally Fit - Bike TrainerYou had to know the cardio was going to be factored in at some point!

Sure, you may hate cardio, but it’s important.

To become optimally fit at home, you can just run outside the house.

But, let’s say you want to stay inside and be even more efficient with time.

Well, then I would suggest getting a bike trainer.

Essentially, a bicycle trainer will turn your normal bike into a stationary bike.

Furthermore, they are super functional and optimal in comparison to an overly-expensive and space-consuming stationary bike.

With your bike trainer, I would also recommend getting a stand.

Using an adjustable desk stand will allow you to be even more optimal during your workouts.

Read a book easily, finish your work on a laptop, eat a meal — whatever you’d like!

Recommended Products

  1. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer
  2. Sportneer Bike Trainer
  3. Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer
  4. Wahoo Adjustable Desk for Bike Trainer
  5. Conquer Adjustable Desk for Bike Trainer and Treadmill



6. Weights

Becoming Optimally Fit - Dumbbell SetAnd of course, lastly, weights.

The utilization of weights will be one of the best ways for becoming optimally fit.

They are good at the gym and they are great in the home!

But, again, this all depends on if you use your weights — don’t let them go to waste.

Without the proper mindset and a clear goal in mind, your weights will be useless.

So, first, get those aspects in order.

Then, when you are ready, start implementing the use of weights.

I’m talking dumbbells, weight plates, even resistance bands are useful for “weight.”

Most of the time, weights brand new, will run you roughly $1 a pound.

Sure, it can get expensive, but there are plenty of options.

Adjustable dumbbells usually help you save money.

Also, you can buy weights locally from the used marketplace.

Occasionally this will result in low-quality weights or items that are tarnished and rusted.

But, whatever works for you and keeps you driven to actually utilize the weights.

Either way, below I will recommend the equipment I think will work best for home workouts.

Recommended Products

  1. Rep Fitness Full Dumbbell Set w/ Rack
  2. Amazon Basics Rubber Dumbbells
  3. XMark Tri-Grip Weight Plates
    1. XMark Texas Star Weight Plates
    2. CAP Olympic Weight Plates
    3. Rep Fitness Rubber Bumper Plates


  1. CAP Hex Bar for Olympic Plates
  2. CAP Olympic 2″ Barbell


Final Thoughts

Remember, to become optimally fit at home takes time.

It takes patience and consistency.

Follow this guide, implement what you can and want to.

Then, once you start the journey, don’t stop!

Keep at it and make your time spent at home worth it.

Also, there’s no telling how much money you’ll save, the time you’ll save, and progress you’ll make when working out at home.

Go out there and get after it!

For more great weightlifting accessories to use at home, check out the Dark Iron Fitness Store.

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