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Benefits of a Dip Belt: Why You Should Invest in Your Gains

Jun 16, 2018

Dip belt and strapSo, you’ve been killing it with the dips and pull-ups, and now you want to know the benefits of a dip belt.

Makes sense… Progression, man, that’s what it’s all about!

I truly believe that investing in a dip belt can make all the difference if you want to take your workouts to the next level.

But, which dip belt should you buy?

That’s the overall question we are addressing in this article, while simultaneously showing the positives of owning a dip belt.

If you’ve never seen a dip belt or don’t know how they are used, this is the right article for you.

And if you’re simply focusing on more research of which type of dip belt to purchase, this is also a great read for you :)


What is a Dip Belt?

A Belt with an Additional Weight Attachment

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dip WorkoutIn its purest form, a dip belt is simply an adjustable belt that contains an attachment that holds weights.

This can be a weight plate, a kettlebell, a dumbbell or even a barbell setup if you’re insane!

Most of these belts simply have a “tail” where you can attach the weight onto.

The weight dangles in front of you, basically between your legs.

Then, what you do with it from there is up to you!

Most people will do dips and pull-ups while using their dip belt.


The Dedicated Bodybuilder’s Tool

In my opinion, the dip belt is the tool that most dedicated bodybuilders will want to use.

Using a dip belt isn’t for the lighthearted or those who are on the fence unless you strive to progressively overload your body during weightlifting.

Utilizing a dip belt can take your workouts to the next level and will continue to help you break plateaus that you reach when only using bodyweight.


Who Should Buy a Dip Belt?

Motivated Beginners

Decline Bench Press vs Dips - Adding Weight to Dip BeltThough dip belts are a hardcore accessory to put into use, that doesn’t mean a beginner isn’t suited to own one.

The benefits of a dip belt work across the entire spectrum of skill in the bodybuilding world.

As a beginner, if you are dedicated and motivated to getting better and working hard, then a dip belt is a great tool to put into your arsenal.


Advanced Lifters

I think that advanced lifters will benefit the most from using a dip belt.

Why? Well, I believe that advanced lifters will enjoy the benefits of a dip belt and actually implement the use often.

It’s one thing to own a dip belt and another thing to use your dip belt.

I recommend a dip belt to all advanced lifters because there’s a good chance that all of you will eventually plateau.

Plus, you’ll want to consistently work towards progressive overload and train in a way to always push yourself.

If you’re an advanced lifter, whether in the gym or at home, you’ll reap the benefits of a dip belt.



Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dip WorkoutThose of you out there who are doing calisthenics, or are interested in calisthenics, will enjoy the benefits of a dip belt.

Since calisthenics is primarily a bodyweight-focused discipline, there are times when supplemental weight can help.

Most of those who train with calisthenics as their exercise of choice will be highly skilled at dips, pull-ups, muscle ups, and static hangs.

Now, imagine doing all of these types of exercises with the added weight from a dip belt.

The exercises will be far more challenging and beneficial for your future growth.

Furthermore, once you remove the dip belt, your standard bodyweight movements will be a cake-walk!

I think those calisthenic athletes out there who are looking into possibly getting a dip beltdefinitely should.



Athletes often train in several disciplines; bodybuilding, weightlifting, calisthenics, HIIT, cardio, etc.

What this means is that athletes can become the all-around example of fitness.

To keep up with all of these disciplines, you often need to implement different accessories.

Whether this is a weight belt, a dip belt, weight sleds, cones and ladders for drills, etc. you’ll find benefits in building your overall skills.

The benefits of a dip belt for an athlete is only limited by their imagination.

Athletes can even use a dip belt to attach a weight to drag behind them during their sprints.

If you are an athlete or simply love to train with sports in mind, then a dip belt can play a key role in your progress.


What are the Biggest Benefits of a Dip Belt?

Chest Gains

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dip WorkoutWhen you lean forward with your dips, your chest gains will be tremendous.

Throwing in a dip belt will amplify these benefits.

If you only build your chest with push-ups and bench press, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

For strong, all-around built pecs, I’d suggest utilizing a dip belt.

The more weight you add on to your dip belt, the harder your chest dips will be, but the more beneficial they’ll be as well.

Those of you looking for a massive chest, you need to think about getting a dip belt.


Tricep Gains

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dip Workout Tricep MusclesThe other biggest impact that dips have on the body is the ability to build up your triceps.

Tricep dips are super beneficial and should be a favorite for most.

If you skip tricep dips and only focus on skull crushers or tricep pushdowns, then you aren’t reaping the benefits you could be.

Adding weight to your dips and focusing on tricep development is not easy at all.

You will struggle, it’ll take time to progress and add even more weight, but it can be done.

Plus, you’ll feel more accomplished and can really display your strength when you can do tricep dips with supplemental weight added.


Back Gains

With a dip belt, the other exercises you can do are pull-ups and muscle ups.

Unlike dips, these exercises will be much harder to do with a dip belt.

The range of motion for dips is far smaller than doing strict pull-ups and obviously muscle ups.

So, what this entails is an exercise that needs optimal strength in the first place.

I remember when I first started doing pull-ups, I could barely do two with my own bodyweight.

The build-up to progressively get better was slow and long, but it happened.

Yet still, to this day, it is very difficult to add additional weight to my pull-ups.

I applaud any weightlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and those who do calisthenics that can optimize these exercises with a dip belt.

Your back gains will be insane with a dip belt!


More Stamina

Hamstring Workouts at Home - Athletic Hamstring RunningWhen you use a dip belt, you are taxing your cardiovascular system while building muscle.

What this will do is help you to boost your overall stamina.

That is why calisthenic athletes and sports athletes will notice several benefits of a dip belt.

Stamina is important in a lot of disciplines but is also helpful even in bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Stamina doesn’t only apply to forms of cardio, speed, and explosivity, but even longevity in what you are lifting.

So, as a lifter, your stamina increases from the use of a dip belt will transfer stamina to other exercises.


Strength Training

This is basically an obvious statement, but here it is: Using a dip belt during your exercises will help your strength training.

You’re probably like, duh, that’s why I am planning to buy one.

Well, it can’t be stated enough, especially for those who are intimidated by using a dip belt.

If you plan to build strength and are looking for all the options to do so, I’m telling you now that a dip belt is one of the best options.

Besides focusing on building your muscle for aesthetic looks, you should also hold your strength gains in high regard.


What Types of Dip Belts are Available?

Leather Dip Belt

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dark Iron Fitness Dip BeltOne of the best styles of dip belts you can buy is one using genuine leather.

Not only will it be durable, stable, and form to your body, it will also have more longevity overall.

Here at Dark Iron Fitness, we have created a truly unique genuine leather dip belt that is both comfortable and versatile.

For those who plan to really implement the use of a dip belt, I suggest investing in a leather dip belt.

You will receive several benefits and love using it.


Fabric Dip Belt

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Fabric Dip Belt with ChainA fabric dip belt is also beneficial, but may not be as durable and long-lasting as its leather counterpart.

However, this also makes sense due to the lower price point.

Usually, these styles of dip belts will be made with tough nylon but can be quite uncomfortable.

The other thing that these nylon belts have in common is the use of a chain for their weight attachment.

The chain is without a doubt heavy-duty, sturdy, and will last.

However, this chain can add to the lack of comfort of the dip belt.

There are several brands and variations out there that you can look into and invest in.

Whether you choose leather or fabric, you will love the benefits of a dip belt.

You can go even cheaper and use this dip belt hack as an alternative to purchasing a dip belt.


Final Thoughts: Benefits of a Dip Belt

Next Level Bodybuilding

Benefits of a Dip Belt - Dip WorkoutThose of you wondering about the benefits of a dip belt should now know what you’ll be getting.

No matter your level; beginner, intermediate, professional, you can really achieve a lot with a dip belt.

Plus, there are so many different options to choose from.

If you aren’t a person who prefers a leather dip belt, you can always go the polypropylene route with our friends over at Iron King Fitness.

It all depends on what works for you, your body type, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Just remember — a dip belt is definitely a game changer!

You can take your bodybuilding, strength, and explosivity to the next level with this accessory.

Try it out, and make the investment if you were at all thinking about it because you won’t be disappointed.


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