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Benefits of a Strong Lower Back – Silverback Strength

Feb 27, 2018

There are many benefits of a strong lower back.

Your back is essentially the foundation of your body’s strength.

And your lower back is the foundation of that strength.

Many lifters will tell you that a strong back is one of the most important things in weightlifting.

Sure, it may not be the most noticeable muscle to outsiders, but you’ll know if your back is strong.

Scratch that… you’ll know if your back is weak.

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltA weak back is what leads to problems with form, progress in the gym, and further health issues.

One way to counteract this is to strengthen your back; one way to prevent such issues is by using an accessory like the Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather weightlifting belt.

If you haven’t been working to build your back, especially your lower back, then it’s time to start.

Don’t put yourself in a position where your gains and health are compromised because you decided to neglect your back.

In this article, we will be going over why a strong back is important, a strong lower back is essential and how to build your back muscles to support your strength and gains.


Why Should You Build Your Back?

Benefits of a Strong Back

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Strong BackA strong back is essential if you want to see progress in the gym and in life.

First off, let’s start by talking about how much you actually use your back.

Your back is basically the opposite side of your center mass, meaning everything stems from it.

Your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet all can be affected by your back.

The muscles in your back help dictate how these limbs can function and how much protection surrounds your spine.

If you haven’t realized already, your spine is highly important to the functioning of your body and condition of your health.

In life, having a strong back will help you with mobility, movement in the world, lifting and posture.

Furthermore, a strong back can be beneficial for things you may not even think about, such as confidence.

When you have a stronger back, you walk more upright and hold your head high, showing confidence in your stride.

This confidence emanates outwards and people respond accordingly.

The cyclical nature of this means the way others see you and treat you will then influence how you yourself feel.

All in all, a stronger back means a stronger lifestyle, both in and out of the gym.

In fitness, a strong back is something completely different — it’s the foundation of gains.

However, in fitness, we tend to focus on our upper back and seemingly neglect our lower back.

Let’s discuss the benefits of a strong lower back, as well.

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Benefits of a Strong Lower Back

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Strong Lower BackSimply put, you want balance when you exercise and gain muscle.

If you’re constantly hitting your glamor muscles and neglecting everything else, that’s when problems arise.

You need to train legs.

You need to train your core.

Lastly, you need to train your back — your whole back.

When you train all of these areas, you create that balance that your body wants and looks good.

If you train your chest primarily and neglect your back, your front mass will pull you forward.

This can cause rounding of the shoulders and the inability to further your strength gains.

The same reason you wouldn’t want all of your gains to be located on your upper body, with skinny twig legs — you wouldn’t want muscley limbs and a weak, small core and back.

Strengthening your lower back also is going to help with supporting your spine even more.

A strong lower back will help keep your hip flexors and core in good shape for training, as well.

Since your upper back has far more muscles to train and build, your lower back can often be more important to strengthen and support.

Your lower back will also play a huge role in supporting your posture and helping with daily tasks such as lifting, standing/sitting and squatting with proper form.

Plus, back exercises, like leg exercises, will help increase testosterone due to the intensity of these movements.

But, how do you strengthen your lower back to see these benefits?

Let’s discuss some ways to get your back to grow to achieve that silverback status!

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How to Strengthen Your Back

Can You Target Your Lower Back?

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Targeting Lower BackFor the most part, there are very few exercises that only target the lower back.

Some may make the argument that the lower back extension machine would be one.

Another could be the hyperextension machine, as it has a similar effect as the lower back machine.

But, in general, your lower back is and can be targeted during other exercises for your back.

Focusing on the lower back during these movements will help you build the mind-muscle connection needed to achieve gains.

What you should remember is that most exercises that target your hips, glutes, and core will usually activate your lower back.

Your core and lower back are what keep you stabilized during a large majority of exercises.

Now, let’s discuss some exercises for your entire back, that still activate the lower back.

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Exercises for Your Entire Back

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Hex Bar DeadliftThe benefits of a strong lower back are normally derived from a strong back overall.

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to build up your back strength.

All forms of deadlifts are great, but one variation that works well for lower back stimulation is the hex bar deadlift.

The hex bar deadlift puts you in a higher, centered position, with your hand placement to the side.

In my opinion, this takes the strain away from your shoulders and your back, making form easier to keep strict.

When you can maintain your form properly, you’ll be activating your back better instead of hurting it.

However, conventional deadlifting and other variations will also target your back.

The other two exercises that will help target your back, with an emphasis on the lower back, will be kettlebell swings and bent-over rows.

Kettlebell swings are great for your back because they are a high-intensity movement that needs constant core and back stabilization.

This stabilization can be felt in your back when you are controlling the weight.

But, don’t let the weight take control and ruin your form, as that will render the benefits to your back useless.

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Bent Over RowLastly: bent-over rows.

When you do bent-over rows with dumbbells or a barbell, you’ll feel your back working to help stabilize you as you row the weight up.

Make sure you are feeling it in your lower back in a way that builds muscle and isn’t just jerking or curling your spine.

All of these exercises require proper form and manageable weight.

I recommend our Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather weightlifting belt, as it will help you keep strict form during these exercises.

Now let’s go over the benefits of a strong lower back being a deterrent to injuries.

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Benefits of a Strong Lower Back — Injury Prevention

Why a Strong Lower Back Prevents Injuries

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Strong Lower BackOne of the benefits of a strong lower back is that it can easily prevent injuries.

And I’m not only talking about injuries that are fitness related — real-world injuries, as well.

A strong lower back will help you in simple situations such as sitting long periods at a desk, on a train or on a flight.

The next time you go to pick up a child or carry heavy bags, your back will be able to stabilize the weight.

But, this is even further evident while working out.

A weak lower back, and weak back in general, will prevent you from performing heavier weighted exercises.

Don’t let the weakness in your lower back prevent you from progressing in the gym!

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Why a Weak Lower Back Prevents Gains and Causes Injuries

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Lower Back InjuryThe main reason your weak lower back will prevent you from gains is that you’ll never be able to stabilize the weight.

Furthermore, you’ll have an extremely hard time keeping proper form.

When you can’t keep proper form, and you continue to perform exercises incorrectly, you’ll eventually injure yourself.

This is why I truly believe that a weak lower back can cause injuries.

All of the exercises I recommended above to strengthen your back can also hurt your back if you don’t properly build up your strength.

So, in that case, don’t lift with your ego.

Lift smart and continually work up to heavier weights, building strength and muscle over consistent time.

This is how you reap the benefits of a strong lower back and are able to make more gains in the future.

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Conclusion to Benefits of a Strong Lower Back

Being Ahead of the Curve

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Lower BackA strong lower back will prevent any curvature in your spine during heavy lifts and pulls.

This is important because it fosters a responsible attachment to good form.

But, it’s also beneficial to strengthen your back to always be ahead of your potential progress.

The stronger your back, the easier exercises will be, daily tasks and activities will be and your overall feeling of health.

If you need that extra boost and plan to lift even heavier in the future, protect your back with the Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather weightlifting belt.

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

Trust me, a strong lower back is super important for fitness and life.

The benefits of a strong lower back are almost endless, as your back is the foundation of your body.

Remember, your spine is crucial to protect, and your back muscle will do exactly that.

Don’t neglect your lower back — or you’ll regret it — that’s a fact!

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