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Benefits of Doing Pull Ups – 8 Direct Improvements You’ll Receive

Sep 14, 2017

benefits of doing pull ups to be in great shapeDo you know what are the benefits of doing pull ups? Do you know that pull-ups are one of the more respected and challenging exercises out there?

If we see someone effortlessly doing pull-ups, we know he or she is in great shape.

After all, this is one difficult exercise that relies solely on pulling up your own body weight.  And then lower yourself back down, without any assistance from specialized machinery or equipment.

Many of us skip pull-ups because they are so difficult to do. But their difficulty is an indication of how beneficial they are. How mastering even just a few, can improve your fitness level.

Pull-ups are one of the most effective upper body exercises for muscle growth and strength.

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Overall you can think of the importance of doing pull-ups for your upper body and arm strength in the same way, you would squats and lunges for your legs and lower body.

Just thinking about pull ups that way can make you understand the benefits of doing pull ups more.

Source: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/exercises/the-fitness-benefits-of-pullups.html

Before we begin we also want to thank our Dark Iron Fitness writer Tina Ngai for creating this blog post for us

Pull ups focus on the following muscles:

Latissimus Dorsi

pull up Latissimus Dorsi benefitProbably one of the biggest benefits of doing pull ups is improvement of your back muscles. Specifically your Latissimus Dorsi

Also commonly referred to as “lats,” these are the muscles that benefit the most from pull-ups.

The latissimus dorsi muscles are the ones on the top and outside of each shoulder and down the back.

Your lats determine how wide your back is, and help gives you that strong V-shaped look that everyone wants.

When contracting your arms and pulling yourself up for this exercise. The lats are the ones working to make this move possible.

They are the set of muscles targeted by pull-ups. But also the ones most likely to be injured if pull-ups are not performed correctly.


pull up rhomboids benefits The second major muscle group that gets benefits from doing pull ups is the Rhomboid muscles.

They are found in the back which is next to the latissimus dorsi muscles. Since they support the lats, they also get a great workout from pull-ups.

Bolstering your back goes hand in hand with strengthening your front and core.

People often forget that the back muscles are crucial for maintaining balanced strength throughout your upper body.

Your Serratus, pectorals, and abdominals also benefit. Since they are needed to help stabilize your core and to steady your body.

Arm Muscles

before and after - the benefits of doing pull ups

Pull-ups are a compound exercise so they work a group of muscles and joints simultaneously.

The forearm muscles, biceps, and triceps all have to work together. So that you can bend your arms at the elbow and get that lifting motion needed for a pull-up.


Pull-ups will increase your heart rate. To be effective, most cardiovascular exercise should be done continuously for 30 minutes or more.

pull up cardiovascular benefits Most people will not be able to do pull-ups non-stop for 30 minutes. But it is effective when incorporated into a longer routine or workout program.

Even if you can manage a few pull-ups an article posted on menshealth.com, “5 fat-loss myths,” write that “A metabolic exercise doesn’t have to make you out of breath to be effective.”

They emphasize that exercises like pull-ups are a great way to boost your metabolism. Studies have shown that post work out these types of exercises will help your metabolism remain boosted for up to 72 hours.

Studies have shown that post work out these types of exercises will help your metabolism remain boosted for up to 72 hours.

Benefits of Doing Pull ups in many other ways:

Grip Strength

grip strength pull up benefitsThe benefits of doing pull ups not only help increase arm, back, and abdominal strength but they also help with your grip strength too.

Pull-ups train your grip and your ability to pull downwards. This is something that will be extremely beneficial to climbers and martial artists.

You will develop powerful forearms as well as hand and finger strength too.

After all, your hands and fingers play a big part in helping you hang from a bar while trying to lift and lower your entire body weight.

Multi-joint exercises like pull-ups use a maximum amount of muscle fibers and also help you gain mass effectively.


Remember that as you become stronger at pulling, you will also become stronger at pushing.

The strength you develop and gain from this exercise will cross over into improved strength potential for other upper body exercises such as the barbell bench press or the barbell overhead press.

Source: http://www.kingofthegym.com/benefits-of-pull-ups/

Functional Exercise

Pull-ups are a functional, closed kinetic chain exercise, which means that these motions repeatedly work muscles and parts of the body that would normally be used for daily activities.

For example, pulling stuff down from a high shelf or pushing a heavy bag of garbage into your trash can.

They are also a fundamental compound upper-body exercise, and they will target multiple muscle groups as well as utilize multiple joints.

This means that pull-ups will get your central nervous system going and offer maximum muscle involvement as well as stimulate muscle growth.

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More Balanced Muscle Development

pull up benefits more balanced muscle developmentPull-ups also help to prevent or reverse muscular imbalances that can result from too many upper body push movements.

Overdoing push movements, or not focusing enough on your back, can result in injuries or posture problems due to weak and overstretched back muscles.

This exercise focuses on strengthening the back and the rear deltoid, which is a muscle that is often neglected.

Keep in mind that an exercise that focuses on the back and core can improve your posture, lessen back pain, and add core strength, which will help with posture and flexibility of the spine. There are many surprising benefits of doing pull ups.

Source: https://www.gottahavefit.com/the-surprising-benefits-of-doing-pull-ups/

Pull ups are a mental exercise

Many people become discouraged when they attempt a pull-up and find that they can’t get lift their bodies more than a few inches, never mind getting high enough to even clear the bar.

Keep in mind that the more you weigh the harder they are to do. You will see the benefits of doing pull ups if you keep on doing it.

Pull-ups are a mental exercise as much as a physical one.

If you have never done a pull-up before then overcoming the mental barrier to start your first one is a big step in the right direction.

You have to do them consistently to see results, therefore you need a strong sense of self-discipline and determination to stick with these.

One way to prepare to do pull-ups is to start with circuit training and regularly do pull-downs, increasing the weight gradually.

Lat pull-downs are almost the same exercise but in reverse.

You can also do them as you are seating.

With the pull-downs, you are pulling the weight down towards you and using the same muscle groups.

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Don’t give up!

Attempt to do pull-ups even if they are only partial ones.

One day all the muscles needed for this compound exercise will start to work together and your pull-ups will become easier and less of an effort.

Don’t forget how convenient pull-ups can be.

the benefits of doing pull ups and chin ups

You don’t need to add resistance through dumbbells, barbells or weight machines.

You just need a pull-up bar. If you don’t have access to one you can improvise with an open beam, the ed


ge of a deck, a strong tree branch or even a set of monkey bars at your local park.

By changing the position of your hands and your grips, you are able to do multiple exercises without having to adjust and fiddle with weights.

Pull-ups are so versatile with different variations which you would enjoy doing with your routine.

There are so many benefits of doing pull ups.

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/90190-benefits-pullups/

Conclusion for the Benefits of Pull-Ups

Once you master the pull-up there are various ways this exercise can be changed. So that you can work different muscles in different ways.

A regular pull-up uses an overhand grip with your palms placed shoulder-width apart.

You can change the exercise quickly by spreading your hands farther apart on the bar or placing your hands closer together on the bar.

You can try a chin-up, where your palms face you in an underhanded position, to place more focus on your biceps.

As they become easier to do, you can get more creative by adding more weight–such as a weight belt or holding a dumbbell between your feet–to increase the intensity.

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No matter which variation you choose, pull-ups will dramatically improve your upper body strength and will most probably make other exercises seem even easier to do.

Sometimes you really have to push yourself to reach the next level and pull-ups are an excellent way to help you feel like you have reached your ultimate goal.

That is how you will gain the benefits of doing pull-ups.

For some more in-depth pull-up benefits analysis, check out this article from our friends over at King of the Gym.

With all this information, you should be ready to make pull-ups a pillar of your strength!