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Benefits of Wrist Wraps: What a Few Trusted Experts Had to Say

May 21, 2016

This post about the benefits of wrist wraps was contributed by Fatima, one of our Dark Iron Fitness writers.

Enjoy –

I never knew the benefits of wrist wraps or even how to wear wrist wraps until I had my coach guide me through the process a few months ago.

He told me:

“It’s easy. Starting from your thumb you loop it three times around your wrist. Once you reach the hook and loop, you strap it and you’re good to go!”

It seemed pretty easy when he did it, but I definitely felt like a badass wearing them!

The cool thing about wraps is a lot of body-builders, power-lifters, cross fitters, and even baseball players (I am probably missing more, but you get the idea) all wear wrist wraps for wrist support.

No matter who uses them, wrist wraps enables the user to lift heavy items at a time and to stabilize those wrist joints for better performance.

Wraps also come in a variety of different looks and forms such as cloth, nylon, leather, and suede to give you more variety for what best fits your needs.

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benefits of wearing wrist wraps

The Benefits of Wrist Wraps

So by know you’re wanting to know what exactly are the benefits of wearing wrist wraps.

The main benefits of wrist wraps are:

Instead of your wrists being bent wrong, fatiguing, benefits of wrist wraps for crossfitor straining, wearing wrist wraps will actually help to keep your wrists stabilized, tight, and secure so that you can lift and target the muscles you want to focus on instead of your wrists taking all the strain.

Below are several quotes from trainers, lifters, and individuals who have shared their experiences on wearing wrist wraps and why they think they are beneficial.

Although there are many mixed thoughts about wearing wrist wraps,


“Wearing wrist wraps requires you to concentrate on training the muscles you are targeting, rather than the ones you are not.”

It is important to see which muscle groups you will be focusing on so that you can recognize which muscle fatigues easily. This way when you are working out you will be able to build onto that and gain the strength you need to keep going.

Tony Bonvechlo from Bodybuilding.com gives us insight on some of the mixed thoughts on why wrist wraps/straps are not used in power lifting yet but are still beneficial to wear while training..


“…and while I always preach specificity for power lifting training, if used carefully and selectively during prep, wrist wraps can help you make strength and size gains that will directly carry over to your main lifts.”

In other words, if you want to improve your size and strength of certain muscle groups, use wrist wraps as a way to help you know which muscle weakens first as Colin and Tony mentioned.

They are used to help you to correct your wrist form as you lift. It is an important item to know about since it is used as support for people with wrist injuries as well as in different types of sports.

Another great quote was from John from LMR Show. He talked about the importance of when it is necessary to use wrist wraps,


“Another area where wrist wraps are useful and that most don’t notice is when you are performing bicep curls and tricep exercises.”

benefits of wrist wraps bodybuilding A reoccurring comment that has be commonly mentioned in various articles in regards to wrist wraps is that if you are going to be lifting heavy, use wraps.

For some it may not make so much of a difference to use them and/or for others they just simply don’t want to wear them because they are looked down upon in the fitness world, but let it be known that wrist wraps are beneficial because they can help you stabilize the weight on your hands and wrists and keep you from using your shoulder strength when curling it is also beneficial so you can avoid any injuries.

Understanding these benefits will help justify your use of wrist wraps, so make sure you research as much as you can so you know why and how you use wrist wraps.

Our friends over at Memorial Wraps have a great article to give you a break down on the why and how that you should check out.


Additional Information About Wearing Wrist wraps

One thing that caught my attention is the different types of wrist wraps that are out there.

Some of which offer more support than others.

For example, Our Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Wraps are actually made of genuine leather, where most of the other wrist wraps out on the market are made of cotton.

An example that John had talked about in the article was about bodybuilding, weight training wraps and CrossFit training wraps. There are no differences between the three wraps but it’s the amount of time that you use them that makes a difference.

Some athletes and trainers have seen that the longer they wear them the wraps tend to restrict blood flow.

Something that I took from the article was that if you are going to be using wraps for long periods of times, it’s suggested that you look for an appropriate design that is right for that you are trying to accomplish.

A writer from TuffWraps focused on the question of whether wrist wraps are meant to be worn all the time.


“My opinion is a simple rule, anything less than 50% of your 1 rep max, I would advise that you don’t use them. They are recommended to be used when you are training at or near your 1 RPM.”

To answer the question whether wrist wraps are meant to be worn all the time; it is a definite “No”.

Wrist wraps for weightlifting as mentioned are seen like an accessory, you can wear them when you need them but it is not necessary to wear them continuously.

One of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to wear wrist wraps as much as you need to is because it can cause weakness in your wrist and extensor muscles which allow your wrist to bend forward and backward.

Lastly, it is important to know the health benefits of wrist wraps and how they can improve your strength and wrist ability in the long term.

Writer, Spencer Corbett of TerriFIT, explains the difference between wrist wraps and wrist straps and the injuries that are reduced and prevented by using them.


“Recent studies have revealed that nearly a million Americans visited emergency rooms between 1990 and 2000 due to weight training injuries. Since many injuries involved the wrist, it has become more apparent that wrists need to be protected…”

As we know, injuries can be caused by different occurrences like the misuse of equipment or doing exercises the incorrect way.


Conclusion About The Benefit of Wrist Wraps

benefits of wrist wraps for lifitngAs Spencer pointed out, wrists need to be protected because wrists are fragile joints that bridge the hand to the forearm.

However there are several benefits and drawbacks to wearing wrist wraps

Several injuries like Capral Tunnel Syndrome, Syndesmosis, Tendinitis, and wrist strain can all be prevented and reduced by wearing wrists wraps.

Beneficial? I think yes.

I am sure there are many more reasons why wrists wraps are beneficial or why it is important to wear them during training.

It’s good to know that there is support for your most-needed joints!

And there you have it,

A bunch of useful opinions on the benefits of wrist wraps

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