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Best Ab Wheel Reviews – The Top 5 Ab Wheels Buyers Like The Most

Dec 04, 2016

Picture Name ( Link )Price# of Reviews% of 5 Star Reviews% of 1 Star ReviewsOur Rating
best ab wheel rollerElite Ab Wheel$Over 950Approx. 85%Approx. 1%9.5 / 10
best ab roller 2016URBNFit Ab Roller$Over 225Approx. 70%Approx. 3%9.2 / 10
best ab wheel 2016Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro$$Over 3525Approx. 70%Approx. 4%9.2 / 10
best ab wheel rollerSpeed Abs Abdominal Roller Whee$Over 425Approx. 70%Approx. 7%8.7 / 10
best ab wheel roller 2016Wacces AB Power Wheel$Over 400Approx. 65%Approx. 5%8.5 / 10

best ab wheel reviewsDo you want to know what the best ab wheel reviews are?

If you answered yes then today you’re going to get the low down on some quality information.

Today we’re going to be showing you a comprehensive buyers guide that not only shows you the statistics of the best ab wheel reviews but also individual break downs of each of the best ab wheels on the list.


STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the top choices of the best ab wheel reviews

STEP 2 :

Click on the links in the comparison chart of your favorite choices from the list to view them

STEP 3 :

For more information about your choices and to help your decisions read the individual product breakdown below of the best ab wheel reviews you like

After following the steps above and viewing the information on this page of the best ab wheel reviews that are out on the market today you should be walking away with a full understanding of which one you’ll want to buy.


1.) Elite Ab Wheel

Elite Ab Wheel

best ab wheel rollerTop Rated Ab Wheel Roller on Amazon Because it Works – Smooth Workout – Comes Fully Assembled.

With almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon, the Elite Ab Wheel, is the king daddy of all ab wheels.

This ab wheel has very high ratings with 84% of reviews being 5 star and a super low percentage (1%) being 1 star reviews.

There are two wheels spaced about an inch a part which provides greater stability than ab wheels with only one wheel.

It also comes with ergonomic grips.

The creators of this little guy defiantly took the time to pay attention to details.

Plus the green and black color scheme is a cool look ;)




Many customers who purchased this ab wheel have raved about the price.  The ab wheel is definitely priced right.  This is great for those who want a quality workout without breaking the bank.


The balance of the smaller diameter wheels and the spacing between the two wheels has helped to provide this ab wheel with unmatched stability.  Many users have been surprised by how much they like the smaller wheels, which not only helps with stability but apparently makes the exercises much more challenging.  Many reviewers have had fantastic results using this ab wheel


With a combination of ergonomic grips, the simple design, and construction, the quality of this ab wheel is brought up time and time again by customers.  Many reviewers are pleased with the sturdy construction and its ability to stand up to many hours of abuse.

You can check out for details about this product by viewing the manufactures website here


Instructional Videos not included:

When viewing the description of the ab wheel, it does sound like the ab wheel comes with videos included in the box on how to use the product.  Many reviewers have expressed frustration with the videos not included in the box, but the videos are available on the company’s website to view for free.


A small contingent of customers have complained that their ab wheels were cheaply made and some reported their ab wheels breaking after minimal use.  It should be noted that the company responded to these negative reviews eager to help the customer resolve their issues.

2) URBNFit Ab Roller – Abdominal Exercise Toning Wheel

URBNFit Ab Roller – Abdominal Exercise Toning Wheel

best ab roller 2016This ab wheel has over 200 reviews with over 70% of those reviews being 5 star reviews.

It comes with padded handles and two wheels connected side by side with a metal shaft.

This ab wheel also comes with a lifetime warranty, who could ask for more than that?

It’s a simple designed ab wheel roller.

So if you’re not necessarily looking for all the bells and whistles that other ab wheel rollers have then this may be the one that’s best for you.

Really just depends what you’re looking for though.

Check out the pros and cons to this one below for more details.



Easy assembly and disassembly:

Many users are happy with how easy this ab wheel is to assemble.  It is also very easy to disassemble which is convenient for when traveling.


Coming in at about 10 bucks, this ab wheel is a bargain.  Many customers can’t believe how good the quality is for such a low price.

It just works:

Many reviewers are impressed with how effective this ab wheel is.  When it comes to performance what matters are results.  When it comes to results, this ab wheel delivers.

You can check out for details about this product by viewing the manufactures website here


Falls Apart:

Out of the reviews on this ab wheel 3% are 1 star reviews.  Many of these 1 star reviews complain that this ab wheel falls apart while using.  Most of the reviews were addressed by the company’s customer service offering to replace these defective ab wheels.

Hard to assemble:

A few customers have mentioned that this ab wheel is hard to assemble.  This issue is also addressed by customer service attempting to give clearer guidance on how to assemble the ab wheel to the customer.

3) Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

best ab wheel 2016This ab wheel definitely gets high marks on originality.  The design of this ab wheel definitely puts it in league of its own.

This ab wheel has two very wide wheels with canted, ergonomic handles.

Built inside this ab wheel is a spring that coils up while the user pushes out.  This helps to add resistance.

When the user moves back towards their knees in the exercise, the coil spring unravels making the return motion easier.

This unit also comes with a foam kneepad for increased comfort while exercising.

It’s also definitely has a unique look and user experience

So above anything else it will stand out vs the plain and ordinary ab wheel rollers out there



Great results:

Most of the positive reviews on this ab wheel point to the results the users have achieved.  There are customers as old as 71 who rave about how this ab wheel has strengthen their core so much that it made their back pain go away.

The Spring:

The spring in this ab wheel has made many happy customers.  The spring allows for an easier movement on the return motion back towards the knees.  This is a great feature to assist those who are new to using ab wheels.

Smooth Motion:

One thing that really stands out about this ab wheel is its smooth motion.  Many reviewers are amazed on how smooth it is compared to ab wheels they’ve used in the past.  Other ab wheels can be a little jerky during the movement, but this ab wheel has a nice, solid flow to the movement.

You can check out for details about this product by viewing the manufactures website here


Knock-off Clones:

While this is not a knock on the legitimate version, many reviewers have complained that instead of the Perfect Fitness version, they received a knock-off from a brand called “WellSetUp” that is of very low quality.

Cheap Kneepads:

It is great that kneepads are included with the product, unfortunately customers don’t think these are worth using.  The knee pads included are so bad that many customers just opt to use a pillow instead.


Some of the 1 star reviews on this ab wheel have had issues with the ab wheel breaking with very little use.  While this is a common thing to see on products on Amazon, what is uncommon is for the company to not address the issue.  There is very little customer service presence on Amazon.  It would be nice to see them try to resolve these issues, but that is not the case.

4) Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

best ab wheel rollerThis ab wheel is a one wheel designed with canted, ergonomic grips.

The handles are rubberized and padded with foam like other ab wheels.  It also has a coil spring system like the previous ab wheel.

Which allows for easier return and smoother motion.

Another thing that I really enjoy about this ab roller wheel is the overall look.

The fact that it’s kind of like a mini tire just stands out to me.

Personally I like it.

Also I like the red and black color scheme maybe because it’s similar to Dark Iron Fitness :p

But I let you make the final judgment.




The construction of this ab wheel is solid.  Reviewers are happy with the durability and quality of this ab wheel.  One customer confirms these reports since he weighs 300 lbs and has had no issues with durability of the product.

The handles:

Many users really like the ergonomic handles.  They are also happy with how thick the handles are.  Some ab wheels have thinner handles which can hurt and fatigue hands, but these handles are comfortable and don’t fatigue the user.

The spring:

This ab wheel like the previous one, has a spring that assists with return motion.

You can check out for details about this product by viewing the manufactures website here


Spring Breaks:

No, not the kind of spring break that kids take in Florida.  Some of the 1 star reviews reveal that the spring in this ab wheel breaks fairly easy.  Once it breaks, and it gets bound up in the inside it makes it nearly impossible to use.

No knee pad:

In some of the photos there is a knee pad pictured beside the ab wheel.  This is apparently false advertising since a knee pad is not included with this product.

Customer Service:

As with most products on Amazon, companies tend to monitor their products hoping to alleviate any bad reviews by assisting customers that have had issues.  There was not one incident where this company offered any kind of assistance or explanation to the customers who posted negative reviews.

5) Wacces AB Power Wheel

Wacces AB Power Wheel

best ab wheel roller 2016The Wacces AB Power Wheel is about as straightforward as you can get when it comes to ab wheels.

It has a simple design.  Two wheels attached to finger grip bars.

There is no padding on the handles, but they do have finger grooves on them.

The wheels are flushed together so there is no gap between them.

This is the last choice on the list so if all the other choices didn’t stand out to you then here’s what’s left.

The fact that it has such a simple design may stand out to some.

To others it might not be so appealing.

I’m kind of partial to the look and idea of this model but for the price it’s simple and basic enough to do the basic job it’s intended for.




It’s hard not to notice the initial attention grabber on this ab wheel.  This price is ridiculously low at $8.95.  It’s easy to see that customers are definitely satisfied with the price since most positive reviews mentions what a bargain it is.  What’s not to love about an ab wheel that works and doesn’t put a huge dent in your wallet?


Most users of this ab wheel tout the effectiveness of it.  Many are raving about the results they are getting.  Who can argue with results? The fact the customers are getting what they expect of the product is definitely a good thing.

Easy Assembly:

Many customers love the fact that this ab wheel is easy to assemble.  One reviewer mentioned that it only took him 10 seconds to assemble it out of the box.



The negative reviews on this item definitely bring to light that this ab wheel might have issues breaking with minimal use.  The glaring issue that comes with this is, the company has not shown any communication with these negative reviewers hoping to help them.

Uneven Wheels:

There is some reports of the wheels being different sizes.  This makes for a lot of wobble during exercise which can be dangerous if a user’s entire body weight is resting on the device.

Not sturdy:

Some customers have complained about the sturdiness of this ab wheel.  Some have blamed the wheels and some have said its due to the handles.  Either way this is something that can make or break an ab wheel.

Conclusion for the best ab wheel reviews

There you have it.

Your very own comprehensive buyers guide for the best ab wheel reviews.

After viewing the information on this page you should know exactly which ab wheel roller is best for you.

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the best ab wheel reviews.

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So until then, stay tuned.