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The 5 Best Dip Belts for 2018: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Mar 24, 2018

PictureName (Link)PriceNumber of Reviews% of 5 Star Reviews% of 1 Star ReviewsOur Rating
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Dip Belt$$$Over 350Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.8 / 10
Rip Toned Dip Belt$$$Over 175Approx. 95%Approx. 1%9.8 / 10
best dip belt to buy in 2018RIMSports Lifting Belt $$Over 125Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.5 / 10
best dip belt to get for 2018Iron Bull Strength Dip Belt$$$Over 125Approx. 80%Approx. 5%9.0 / 10
best dip belt worth buying in 2018Fire Team Fit Dip Belt$$$Over 50Approx. 85%Approx. 3%8.5 / 10

THE 5 BEST DIP BELTS YOU CAN BUY IN 2018Are you interested in finding out which dip belts are the 5 best dip belts for 2018?

Well, we’re here to help you optimize your time in the gym, so in today’s article, we are going to discuss what we believe to be the best dip belts for 2018.

Provided below will be all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which dip belt is right for you.

We’re going to show you a comprehensive buyer’s guide that not only gives you the statistics of the 5 best dip belts of 2018 but also individual breakdowns to identify the pros and cons of each belt on the market.

This guide should be your go-to in order to help justify your potential purchase by providing informative details about the top dip belts that you should be considering.

STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the best dip belts for 2018.

STEP 2 :

In the comparison chart of your favorite choices, click on the links from the list to view them.

STEP 3 :

After following the steps above, and reading this informative post on the best dip belts out on the market today, you should feel confident about which one you’ll want to buy.

For more information about your choices, and to help you make the right decision, read the individual product breakdowns below.


1) Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt for Weighted Tricep Dips and Pull-Ups with Heavy Duty Dipping Weight Strap Attachment & Adjustable Buckle

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt

Best Dip Belts for 2018 - Dark Iron Fitness dip belt

With an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars, this Dark Iron Fitness dip belt has almost twice as many reviews as any other dip belt listed.

Like all Dark Iron Fitness products, this dip belt is built to last.

It’s made from genuine leather and has pillow-like padding to ensure that it won’t dig into your sides or hips.

Furthermore, the long weight strap can manage over 270 lbs, which means you can load over 6 Olympic weight plates quickly and easily.

The heavy-duty metal buckle and adjustment strap help it secure perfectly so it won’t fall off when worn.

Plus, Dark Iron Fitness’ lifetime replacement means 100% customer satisfaction.

These are only some of the reasons why this belt is one of the best dip belts for 2018.


Positives About this Dip Belt:

  • Meet New Challenges with this Belt:

This dip belt makes your normal routine more challenging since it allows you to easily and confidently add additional kettlebells or plates to your workouts.

  • Best Dip Belt Ever Used:

Many claim it is very well made and light enough to wear between sets.

Although it is heavy-duty, the padded belt is very comfortable and nothing digs into your body.

The belt can be adjusted to fit your waist so it stays on securely whether you are adding or removing weights.

  • This Dip Belt is an Upgrade from the Usual Chain Style Belt:

Remarkably better than other belts that have chains that “hang” off your hips.

Unlike these standard chain style belts, this one will not accidentally pinch your clothing, fingers, or skin.

The Dark Iron Fitness belt’s design makes it much easier to add or remove plates and won’t scratch or damage your weights.

  • Much Better than Expected:

Since the belt is so well designed, it exceeded expectations in look and function.

The thoughtful design elements, such as the thick layer of padding covered with black suede on the inside of the belt, as well as its solid construction, make this a purchase you won’t regret.


Negatives About this Dip Belt:

  • Clips that Come with the Belt are Somewhat Small:

The clips are a little small in comparison to the provided strap loops.

Either the clips should be slightly larger or the loop a little thinner since it’s a bit difficult to take the strap off between sets.

However, it does get much easier to use with some practice.

  • Fastening Strap Would Have Been Better if it was Leather:

The nylon like strap used to fasten the belt to your body isn’t as easy to tighten.

If the strap was made longer, and with leather, it may have been easier to fasten.


2) Dip Belt By Rip Toned – 6″ Weight Lifting Pull Up Belt With 32″ Heavy Duty Steel Chain & Bonus Ebook

Rip Toned Dip Belt

Best Dip Belts for 2018 - Rip toned belt

Rip Toned’s dip belt has a formidable 4.9 rating with almost 180 reviews.

Its 34” chain is longer than most and has an upgraded heavy-duty chain and carabiner for adding even more weight.

The 6” belt has a tapered, contoured design.

Rip Toned has tested the dip belt to just over 200 pounds.

It is the only dip belt endorsed by 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss, shown on CBS, FOX, NBC & ABC.

Plus, there is a money back guarantee if you don’t love this dip belt, as well as a lifetime replacement guarantee.

If ordering now from Amazon you’ll get Kevin Weiss’ ab and diet guides and online videos for how to use dip belts.

Definitely a top contender when it comes to the best dip belts for 2018.


Positives About this Dip Belt:

  • Great Quality:

This dip belt is high-quality, lightweight, durable and functional.

  • Comfortable to Wear:

Very comfortable to wear, sits perfectly on hips, and doesn’t move.

This sturdy belt is easy to get on and off and evenly distributes the weight.

Its design makes sure not to put pressure on any one particular spot.

  • The Chain is Thick and Strong:

With this belt, the chain is very thick, strong, and a good length.

It feels heavy-duty, so no concerns about it not being able to safely hold the weight.

This belt is listed as “Amazon’s Choice” for “gym belt with chain,” and there are no negative reviews on their site.


3) RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt With Chain – Best Weight Belt With Chain For Men & Women

RIMSports Lifting Belt 

Best Dip Belts for 2018 - RIMSports dip belt

This advanced dip belt has two anchor loops and a carabiner.

Being made from a quality cotton mixed with advanced wicking technology, it is strong, light, flexible.

The material gives maximum grip, comfort, as well as temperature control.

The dip belt has a wide back to conform to your body, making it one of the best dip belts for 2018, without a doubt.


Positives About this Dip Belt:

  • Stays on Even Without a Buckle:

The belt correctly stays in place while doing pull-ups and dips.

Furthermore, it fits and stays secure better than some of the buckled bets used.

Due to it holding in place without a buckle, it is very comfortable.

  • Doesn’t Irritate the Skin:

The cotton material won’t pinch, irritate, or tear the skin.

  • Great Design with Back Support:

The additional back support here is similar to weight lifting belts making it one of the most comfortable dip belts available.

Plus, it evenly disperses the weight onto the back and hips very well.

  • Quality Chain:

The chain links are welded, so they won’t bend apart with heavier weights.

Both sides of the chain are attached to the belt by carabiners so you can add weight from either side.


Negatives About this Dip Belt:

  • Chain Not Long Enough:

Though the chain is quality, it isn’t long enough to hold 45 lb plates without it hitting your groin area.

  • Didn’t Last:

One customer was disappointed that the belt only lasted for two months before the latch broke.

  • Clip Broke:

One reviewer used it for a 90 lb dip and the clip broke.


4) Iron Bull Strength Advanced Dip Belt – Multifunction Versatile Weight Belt for Lifting

Iron Bull Strength Dip Belt

Best Dip Belts for 2018 - Ironbull Strength dip belt

The Iron Bull dip belt offers three different steel anchors for more options.

With this belt, the weight can be positioned in the front, at the back, or hook the pulleys on the side and rig your sled behind.

The strap is about 24” long.

Iron Bull has tested this belt and believe it will safely hold 4 x 45 lb plates.

This belt uses 100% nylon, for maximum grip, comfort, and temperature control. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Since it has a unique clipping design, Iron Bull’s dip belt deserves to be on our list of the best dip belts of 2018.


Positives About this Dip Belt:

  • Five Stars:

This dip belt has great workmanship, is durable, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

  • Like the Three Loops:

Customers really enjoy the option of having the three different anchors to hang the extra plates.

Hooking the plates to the sides of the belt is more comfortable and easier on the back, much better than chain link belts where you can only hang weights from the front.

  • Best Deal:

Reasonable price, worth every penny, and works better than the traditional belts.

  • Versatile Design:

One reviewer finds this belt not only holds weight well, but it supports the back too.

You can clip resistance bands to it as well as sandbags for speed agility workouts.

Another reviewer attaches it to a cable for lunges, squats, and calf raises.


Negatives About this Dip Belt:

  • Hook and loop is Not Strong Enough:

This belt’s hook and loop is not strong enough to hold more weight even when using the provided strap or using a separate chain.

Under medium weight, the hook and loop separated while performing dips several times.

  • Broke After One Week:

It broke after using it for one week, with a 25-lb weight.

  • Strap Not Long Enough:

If the strap were longer, with more reinforcements, it would hold up better.

Had 75 lbs on the strap suspended between two of the D-rings and the strap broke.

  • Not Designed Well:

Even though the design is unique, it feels like the belt is slipping and would come off when going above 45 lbs.

Many customers aren’t confident it will hold the weight once you start progressing.


5) Fire Team Fit Weight Belt with Chain, Dip Belt for Weighted Pull Ups and Dips

Fire Team Fit Dip Belt

Best Dip Belts for 2018 - Fire Team Fit belt

The Fire Team Fit dip belt has an adjustable 44″ Steel Chain with a 300+lbs weight limit.

Its flexible neoprene foam won’t rub or chafe your skin.

The chain attaches comfortably over the belt to avoid pinching.

Fire Team Fit is a company of veterans, with great customer service, and a belt that qualifies as one of the best dip belts for 2018.

Let’s look at the pros and cons!


Positives About this Dip Belt:

  • Impressive Customer Service:

Very responsive and replaced a year-old belt that broke without asking for proof or giving the customer the runaround.

Fire Team Fit were quick to help with delivery problems when there were issues with Amazon’s original order.

Nowadays, to have the best dip belt for 2018, you’ll want to have great customer service and warranties with your product.

  • Strong and Works Well:

Belt not only looks amazing but is comfortable around your waist and holds the heavy weights easily.

  • Easy to Use:

The side clips make attaching the weight simple.

  • Chain Length is a Plus:

The chain is long enough to prevent any injury to the pelvis or inner thighs.

You feel very secure using a good amount of weight because the chain is long enough.


Negatives About this Dip Belt:

  • Chain Missing:

Some customers had belts that didn’t come with the chain, but customer service seems to be trying to remedy that.

  • Not as Pictured:

The dip belt does not look as pictured.

The belt seems smaller and less sturdy.

The chain uses cheap metal.


Conclusion: The Best Dip Belts for 2018

And that’s why these belts are 5 of the best dip belts for 2018!

After viewing the information on this page, you should know exactly which dip belt is best for you.

We hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the best dip belts for 2018 and choose one to enhance your workouts.

Follow our blog for further information on the top weightlifting accessories to buy and more information on fitness and exercise.

If you’re interested in getting some lifting straps, check out our top 5 lifting straps breakdown HERE.

Lastly, when buying a new dip belt, or any weightlifting accessory, make sure you research the reviews and buying guides like the ones we compile here at Dark Iron Fitness.

So, until next time, stay tuned and lift hard.