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Best Lifting Straps Worth Buying in 2018

Feb 22, 2018

Picture Name (Link)Price# of Reviews% of 5 Star Reviews% of 4 Star ReviewsOur Rating
Rip Toned Lifting Straps$Over 3,425Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.7 / 10
Anvil Lifting Straps$Over 1,275Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.7 / 10
Nordic Lifting Straps$$Over 1,175Approx. 80%Approx. 2%9.5 / 10
Harbinger Lifting Straps$Over 700Approx. 70%Approx. 4%9.3 / 10
Dark Iron Fitness Lifting Straps$$Over 625Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.3 / 10

the best lifting straps in 2018

When you are serious about weightlifting and want to maximize your time and effort, you know you know you need certain tools to make that happen.

One item you need to meet those specific goals is trying to find the best  weightlifting straps.

Weightlifting straps are the most common and frequent weight lifting accessory used, so our goal is to help you find the best weight lifting straps worth buying in 2018.

No matter how often you plan to use those lifting straps, it’s crucial that you do your research to find the best weight lifting straps out there. And, of course, you want only the best.

Here we have for you a comprehensive buyers guide that not only shows you the statistics of the best weightlifting straps out on the market in 2018, but also individual break downs of each of the top choices.

STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the top choices of the best weightlifting straps.

STEP 2 :

In the comparison chart of your favorite choices click on the links from the list to view them.

STEP 3 :

After following the steps above, and reading this informative post on the best weightlifting straps out on the market today, you should feel confident about which one you’ll want to buy.

For more information about your choices, and to help you make the right decision, read the individual product breakdowns below. You’ll find detailed information that lists the pros and cons of the top 5 most highly-rated straps.

And if you’re interested in comparing this years top selection vs last years then See the list of best weightlifting straps from 2017

Now let’s check out the individual product breakdowns of the best weight lifting straps for 2018

1) Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) – Bonus Ebook – Cotton – Neoprene Padded

Rip Toned Lifting Straps

Rip Toned lifting straps
Rip Toned lifting wrist straps

The Rip Toned lifting wrist straps have the most reviews: over 3,400 with a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

If you don’t love them, and they don’t improve your workouts, you can return them for your money back.

The only training straps endorsed by 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss, seen on CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC.

The heavy-duty durable cotton straps are fully adjustable, with strong stitching to prevent fraying.

Positives about these lifting straps:

  • Five stars:

These straps are a great product. Fantastic in quality and feel, comfortable and durable even after heavy use. They are long enough to double wrap.

  • Worth the money:

They work like a charm. Have excellent grip over the bar and the padding alleviates any discomfort to the wrist when lifting heavy.

  • Helped grip even with a hand injury:

A hand and finger injury prevented a customer from keeping a grip long enough to complete a set. But with these straps he no longer has any limitations with his injured hand.

  • Customer service is a BIG plus:

After receiving straps, customers are contacted by email to see if order was delivered and if their quality matched expectations.

  • Includes Ebook with each purchase:

Ebook includes Kevin Weiss’ “Rockin’ Abs” & “Low Carb Diet” guides, and his “How to Use Lifting Straps” online video.

Negatives about these lifting straps:

  • Can’t get them tight around the bar:

Having difficulty getting them as tight as he would like, and one is always tighter than the other.

  • space between the pad and the fabric which pinches your skin:

The gel pad that is there for comfort has a space between the pad and the fabric that pinches your skin.

  • Completely ripped after a few months:

During deadlifts they completely ripped even though there were no signs of wear. Can’t hold up more than 500 lb deadlifts. After two months, one strap ripped in half during a row.

  • Camo pattern doesn’t look good:

The camo pattern is printed/painted on, which makes the straps stiffer.  It looks like it will rub off after heavy use.

  • Not as pictured:

Blue straps were a much darker and duller blue than pictured.

2) Anvil Fitness Neoprene Padded Weightlifting Wrist Straps

Anvil Lifting Straps

Anvil Fitness straps
Anvil Fitness weightlifting straps

The Anvil Fitness straps have an integrated 5mm neoprene pad inside to prevent bruising and callouses.

They are long enough to wrap two to three times around the bar.

They are made from a softer material so there is no break-in period needed.

100% money back guarantee.

Positives about these lifting straps:

  • Great straps at a great price:

Love the width and the padding, very comfortable, great quality.

  • Can already see improvement:

After using these straps can see an increase in cleans and snatches. Able to lift much heavier now, reps and weights have shot up.

  • Sellers are awesome:

Sellers are super friendly and contacted customers after purchase to assure satisfaction.

Negatives about these lifting straps:

  • Inner lining loose:

After about a week the padding on the wrist area seems loose. Another reviewer found that the inner lining started falling off both straps.

  • Straps broke:

Straps broke on the 5th rep after deadlifting 280 lbs.

  • Straps too short:

These straps are meant for a smaller person, doesn’t fit well.

  • Not comfortable around the wrist:

The rubber that is supposed to protect the skin caused redness and a rash.

3) Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps + Lifting Straps Bundle (2 Pairs) Bodybuilding

Nordic Lifting Straps

Nordic Lifting wrist wraps and lifting straps
Nordic Lifting wrist wraps and lifting straps bundle

This lifting strap from Nordic Lifting are made from durable cotton with elastic support.

The straps have Neoprene padding for extra comfort.

They are available in a wide assortment of colors.

Nordic Lift offers a one-year free replacement guarantee.

Positives about these lifting straps:

  • Five stars:

Awesome straps, you can’t beat them for the price. Very comfortable to use, super soft, feels great. Able to increase weights almost immediately. Use these for bench press, dead lift, shoulder press, and it gives great support.

  • Quality straps:

After using them multiple times a week for two years, the hook and loop and elastic are still very strong. Had these for almost three years and have just started to show signs of ripping at the seams.

  • Great customer service:

Seller sent email asking about customer satisfaction and included frequently asked questions about usage and lifting style.

Negatives about these lifting straps:

  • Stitching poor quality:

After three months of light use, maybe 15-20 times used, the stitching for the rubber support piece has already come undone.

  • Extremely stiff straps:

The straps are stiff and uncomfortable, the shape does not conform to the wrist.

  • Not for heavy pulls:

Started to fall apart after using them for heavy pulls. Some customers felt the max was 225lbs.

  • Not as pictured:

Did not look as pictured, colors are a different shade.

  • Did not get both items:

Some reviewers have said that only wrist supports came in the package, no straps.

4) Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps with NeoTek Cushioned Wrist

Harbinger Lifting Straps

Harbinger wrist lifting straps
Harbinger lifting straps

Harbinger says these 21.5” extended length straps that will give you a stronger wrap around the bar.

The extra 1.5” width increases contact on the grip surface for less fatigue.

Plush Neotek pad cushions wrists, the end tabs should not fray, and has heavy duty stitching for durability.

 Positives about these lifting straps:

  • Five stars:

Great quality product! Definitely helps you get that last set in when your grip strength is starting to fatigue.

  • Love them:

Nice padding, not too thick, very comfortable and durable.

  • Great straps for deadlifts:

Cotton is very “grippy” and the padding keeps the straps from cutting into the wrists during deadlifts.

  • Easy to use:

Easy straps to use, especially for a beginner. Since they have the loop already in the strap, just wrap the bar and pull.

Negatives about these lifting straps:

  • Too short:

The straps are too short and hard to wrap around the bar.

  • Very uncomfortable and feels cheap:

The padding is too small, it doesn’t even cover the back of the wrist. Uncomfortable to wear and it feels cheap.

  • Doesn’t hold up when deadlifting:

After about two months they are frayed. Where the straps goes through the loop, fibers are left on the bar when deadlifting.

  • Waste of money:

Both straps completely ripped during the first time they were used at the gym.

  • Too wide:

The straps are too wide and thick, they won’t let you get a good grip on the bar.

5) Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps Bundle for Men and Women

Dark Iron Fitness Lifting Straps

Dark Iron Fitness’ lifting straps
Dark Iron Fitness’ lifting straps

We’re used to being rated number one with our products but keep in mind that Dark Iron Fitness’ weightlifting straps are new to the market. For a product that only came out in the fall of 2016, they have an impressive score of 4.8 stars from 600+ reviews.

Dark Iron Fitness’ super heavy duty lifting straps are made from high quality suede leather. With reinforced stitching the entire length of the straps, they won’t rip, tear, or fall apart.

There is no neoprene padding, which can get in the way of the straps tightening around the wrist. These straps tighten and fit snug for any wrist size. The suede straps are soft and lightweight so they won’t hurt or dig into your wrists. They grip tighter than cotton straps and can be used to lift over 450 lbs. and for pullup handles.

Dark Iron Fitness offer a lifetime replacement warranty if they ever fail.

Positives about these lifting straps:

  • Worth every one of their five stars:

These straps are soft and feel amazing. They do not have the hard, uncomfortable lining around the wrist area that can dig into your skin. They are just made from better materials, good fit and finish, and style. There’s a real attention to detail and they must have been designed by someone who spends a lot of time in the gym.

  • Exceeded expectations:

They hold up well after lifting regularly with weights ranging from 325 lbs to 500 lbs. No signs of wear or tear. The price of these straps are comparable to other straps that are made of nylon rather than suede leather.

  • Best straps on the market:

They have excellent “bite” but you can easily twist them tight around the bar and they will stay that way. One reviewer said he doesn’t have a single complaint.  These straps are one of the few products that he has bought that he felt were exactly what he wanted them to be in terms of function and quality.

  • Excellent customer service:

Company communication is wonderful, would definitely buy more products from Dark Iron Fitness. They follow up with emails to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. They check to see if you have any questions and send discount codes and keep you informed of promotions.

Negatives about these lifting straps:

  • Not long enough:

These straps are not long enough to ensure a secure grip while lifting heavy. One reviewer said he struggled to hold on to 405 lbs during deadlifts.

  • Straps tore in half:

One customer reported the straps broke after using them for a month. Another one said they tore in half and were less than six months old.

  • Began to tear in the loop:

Both straps started to tear in the loop where the top loop is stitched together.

  • Not comfortable:

They were not comfortable and it was hard to put the ends into the sleeve.

Conclusion for the best weight lifting straps:

That’s the breakdown for the choices for the five best weight lifting straps to buy in 2018! We hope we have done our part to make your choice an easy one!

After viewing the information on this page you should know exactly which pair of lifting straps is best for you.

We hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the best weight lifting straps for 2018.

So until next time, stay tuned.