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5 Best Pull Up Bars for Home Use (The results are pretty unique)

Mar 29, 2016

PictureNamePriceNumber of reviews% of 5 star reviews% of 1 star reviewsOur Rating
Best Stud bar pull up barStud Bar Pull Up Bar$$$Over 200Approx. 80%Approx. 1%4.8 / 5
Best Ape strength pull up barApe Strength Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar$Over 100Approx. 75%Approx. 2%4.7 / 5
Best wall mounted pull up barCFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar$$$Over 100Approx. 70% Approx. 5%4.5 / 5
Best body press pull up barUltimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar$$Over 300Approx. 65%Approx. 5%4.4 / 5
top rated home pull up barIron Gym Upper Body Workout Pull Up Bar$ Over 2,900Approx. 60%Approx. 10% 4.2 / 5

Best pull up bar for home use
Today I’m going to be breaking down 5 of the best pull up bars for home use.


Because you and me both know that pull ups are one of the best exercises out there for several reasons,

*cough* girls dig guys who do pull ups *cough*

But do you really want to get a gym membership just to do pull ups?


Or maybe you already have some home gym equipment and finding the best home pull up bar to buy is the next addition you need in order to sculpt that Adonis like body of yours.

Either way that’s why I’ll be breaking down the list of the best pull up bars for home use in this article

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Below are the top 5 best home pull-up bars on the market today.

Get started by watching this quick video of the biggest pros and cons for the top choices

A video breakdown of the best home pull up bar to buy

Here’s Our Pick of The Top 5 best home pull up bars for home use covered in this guide:

Each one below links directly to their product information page for more details about them so that you can make even more of an educated buyers decision on which home pullup bar to buy

But with these pull up bars there are a few things to consider.

First is money.

The old saying is always true that “what you pay for is what you get”

If you want to pay for the more expensive pull up bars then you better believe the quality is going to be top notch.

If you want to skimp out on paying more for a pull up bar then make sure you don’t have any complaints if it’s not up to the quality you want.

The next biggest thing to consider when deciding what is the best home pull up bar is – Are you willing to drill the pull up bar into studs or do you just want to find the best pull up bar for doors?

Again this comes with pros and cons.

If you’re trying to find the best pull up bar for apartments then you’ll probably want something that hangs on door frames.

But if you have your own home or your own personal home gym setup and you want the best pull up bar for home use that will be stationery then it’s better to go after the pull up bars that drill into studs.

The difference really does come down to the quality.

With hanging door frame pull up bars they do the job but they’re just lower quality. With pull up bars that you have to drill into studs to hang, they’re higher quality but just more difficult to set up and are typically more stationary.

But just to give you even more information on all the best pull up bars to buy, let’s break them down into their individual product reviews to show why each one is great.

1.) Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

Best Stud bar pull up barEven though it requires a little more work to set up, the Stud Bar is by far one of the best home pull up bars on the market.

With an extremely positive review rating, it has one of, if not the highest, customer satisfaction rates on Amazon.

This bar has optional sizes, up to 600 lb. weight capacity, and is said to easily mount into a ceiling or wall. Customers are more than happy to put in the extra effort to have a durable, long- lasting bar added to their workout equipment set.

In my humble opinion, if I were to purchase a pull up bar, this would most likely be the one I would get.

Now, let’s uncover some of the positives and negatives about this home pull up bar.


Positives about the Stud Bar:

It is very sturdy:

Most customers agree that once this bar is set and ready to go, it will not budge. You can perform kipping pull-ups, swing, whatever your workout requires! It won’t make any noises or move around so you can be confident that you will get in a great workout without the worry of falling or breaking anything.

The optional sizes are a huge plus:

When customers are looking for a wall/ceiling mounted bar, they want to make sure the measurements for stud placement are right. With the different size options of the Stud Bar, the customer can purchase whichever size bar to fit their wall/ceiling. The larger options also allow for wider grip pull-ups in their routines.

The quality of the Stud Bar is excellent:

The bar is made with 14 gauge steel, so it is definitely heavy-duty and said to be commercially gym worthy. The thickness of the bar itself is one thing customers are exceedingly satisfied with as well, stating that the 11⁄4” diameter is comfortable for anyone.

The Stud Bar ships fast and has a lifetime warranty:

This Company provides a lifetime warranty for the bar. Customers say they receive their product quickly in easy-to-open packaging.

Negatives about the Stud Bar:

Installation is a bit tricky:

While many customers find the bar easy to install, others seem to have an issue with properly measuring out the placement for the mounting holes. Customers say that this issue could easily be taken care of if the bar came with a template. There is an instructional video that can be found online, but some say it is difficult to find and/or follow.

The Stud Bar has a smooth powder coated finish:

The smooth finish has been said to be too slippery when gripping the bar, especially if your hands get sweaty during a workout. Some have said that they wish the Stud Bar had a knurled grip instead, but this is not a huge problem according to most customers. Taping the bar, sanding it down a bit, or even wearing workout gloves solves the issue.

“Included Hardware” not always included:

While the Stud Bar is said to include the hardware needed to mount, many customers have said that the hardware is cheaply made, some parts are missing, or they don’t receive any hardware at all. Many recommend buying your own hardware at the Home Depot to avoid the hassle of returns.

If you want to view more information on this pull up bar check out the website here: www.studbarpullup.com

2.) Ape Strength Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar and Upper Body Workout E- Guide:

Ape Strength Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar

Best Ape strength pull up barOur next home pull up bar on the list doesn’t fall far behind the Stud Bar in customer satisfaction ratings.

It sits at a high of around mid 70’s % for satisfaction.

Definitely more affordable than the number one choice, it has customers excited to give it a go.

It is light- weight, only weighing 2.9lbs, but is said to support up to 220lbs. That’s really decent for a portable pull up bar!

Let’s see what the pros and cons are with this pull up bar.


Positives about the Ape Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar:

This bar is portable and easy to install:

Many satisfied customers love the fact that this can be installed in any doorway between 24.5 and 39 inches wide. Simply twist the ends clockwise or counter-clockwise to fit any frame. Being a portable bar, you can take it with you whenever and wherever you need to! When it’s not in use, you can easily store it away.

It supports people of many different sizes:

Once the bar is installed properly, it is said to be very sturdy. Kids can monkey around on it and not have to worry about falling. Adults weighing a bit more say that the bar does a great job of staying in place while they work out.

It comes with a free workout E-Guide:

Customers get a free workout guide via PDF after they purchase the bar. The PDF is emailed to you, so you can store it onto your computer and open it up anytime. The guide explains how its many different workouts with the bar can help you maintain a healthy body entirely. You can put together your own routine in no time.

Negatives about the Ape Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar:

The bar spins a bit during workouts:

Now, this seems to happen when the bar is not properly installed using the screws. The bar will spin when doing pull ups, causing it to loosen up or tighten up, which in turn can cause someone to fall and get injured or cause damage to the doorframe.

Some customers are skeptical about the weight capacity:

Of these customers, they were more likely to purchase this bar for their children or someone that weighs less. One woman stated that it made her nervous to watch her kids wildly play on the bar. So, confidence in this bar is not as satisfactory as the number one choice.

It does not fit every doorframe:

While it is a portable pull up bar, some people have had to give the bar to someone else or return it because of the bar being too big or too small to fit in their doorframes.

If you want to check out more details on this pull up bar check out the website here: apestrength-training.com

3.) CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-pound Capacity

CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best wall mounted pull up barComing in at number 3 on our list, this mounted pull up bar is pretty similar to the Stud Bar.

It is said to be heavy duty and is a little more affordable than the number 1 choice. Its customer rating is right around 70% satisfaction, very close to the Ape Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar.

This bar sits 30 inches out from the wall/ceiling, leaving plenty of room for better angles and movement during your workout.

Yet another home pull up bar I wouldn’t mind owning.

Let’s check out the positives and negatives.


Positives about the CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar:

Extremely sturdy pull up bar:

Customers are highly satisfied with how sturdy this pull up bar is. When it is mounted correctly, you can go to town with kips, standard pull ups, or even hang a punching bag on it! This bar is well built and solid. Some even believe that the 300lb capacity is underestimating its strength.

Installation Hardware is included:

Making installation easier is always a plus. With this bar, you get the hardware you need to mount the bar and directions to make installing easy to follow.

Customer Service is good:

Any issues or missing hardware is a breeze to deal with when the company takes care of its customers. These guys are said to be quick to respond and ship out their products.

Negatives about the CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar:

It is heavy and not easy to install on your own:

Putting this bar up can be tricky to do by yourself. While the directions are pretty “straight forward”, the serious 51lbs of the bar make it hard to put up alone. You definitely need someone else around to help.

The hardware provided does not always hold up:

Some have received hardware that was not the right size and did not fit the mounted holes. Others have said that the hardware provided did fit, but the sheer weight of the bar was too much for the screws that were provided. So it seems that buying your own hardware is a better choice.

The grip is not textured:

There is no knurling on this bar, making it pretty smooth and a tad bit difficult to grip with sweaty hands. Another issue easily solved with athletic tape or workout gloves.

If you want to check out more details on this pull up bar check out their website here: christiansfitnessfactory.com

4.) Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best body press pull up barThis pull up bar is a bit different from the other three bars on our list.

While it does have some similar features, wall mount, heavy duty quality, and easy to install, this bars design is unique.

With a pair of parallel grips and padded foam all around, this cool feature makes working out a little more dynamic.

Its satisfaction rating sits at a decent mid 60’s % with a matching satisfaction rate with bar number 3.

None the less this pull up bar is definitely a worthy choice

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this bar.


Positives about the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar:

It’s a light-weight design with gym standard quality:

This bar is made of heavy duty steel with a gunmetal grey powder coated finish, yet it only weighs 12.8lbs. So it’s easy to put up on your own. One customer stated that it held his 220lbs frame with ease. It is said to be exceptionally sturdy once installed.

You get an extra grip position:

With four grip positions all together, you get to change up your pull ups and get more range of motion out of your workout. It is also easy to use accessories, such as Ab Straps and Gym Rings, with this multi grip bar.

Grip, grip, grip!

This bar not only comes with knurling on the metal itself, but it has padded grips on every angle to make gripping easy and comfortable. No gloves needed!

The Company heeds advice to the customers:

Something worth noting about these guys is the fact that they listen to their customers. There were quite a few suggesting that they upgrade their wall mount and increase clearance from the wall. They took that advice and now have lots of customers that are truly satisfied with the new and improved mounting system and clearance.

Negatives about the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar:

This bar is a wall mounted bar only:

Unlike number 1 and 3, this bar cannot mount to a ceiling, making it a little less appealing to some, as wall mounted bars can sometimes be a nuisance. Especially since this bar includes parallel grips, it sticks out further than other bars.

Poor hardware quality:

Most of the customers claim that the hardware provided is quite literally “junk.” The lag bolts tend to break due to being made with cheap metal. It is recommended that you buy better hardware on your own.

The instructions are inadequately written:

Customers have had a rough time with the instructions. It has been said that they give incorrect pre-drilling measurements. One person found a video online to be more helpful than the written instructions.

If you want to check out more details about this pull up bar, check out their website: www.ultimatebodypress.com

5.) Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Pull Up Bar

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Pull Up Bar

top rated home pull up barOur last pull up bar on the list is the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout bar.

Although this product has the most reviews out of the entire home pull up bar list staggering over 2,900 reviews.

It comes in fifth place with the satisfaction rating at only around 60%.

This bar has multiple functions, as it can be used for pull ups, crunches, dips, push ups, etc.

It is by far the most adaptable pull up bar on this list.

Let’s see what the positives and negatives are.


Positives about the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout

Its portability makes for an all around great workout:

This pull up bar is completely mobile. You can mount it in seconds, no hardware needed to post up, no screws to put in. Subsequently, you can position it on the floor for other workout activities. It is easy to use for just about anyone.

Different grip positions:

You have the selection to do wide, narrow, or standard pull ups, chin ups, or push ups. There is also the added benefit of each grip position having soft padding, making it comfortable and painless to use.

Easy to assemble:

Many people have said the instructions are uncomplicated and easy to follow. The pieces slip in together, locking when rotated into the correct position.

Negatives about the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout:

It needs a doorframe in order to be mounted for pull/chin ups:

If you don’t have a suitable doorframe or one that is thick/thin enough to hold the mount, it will not work. The bar will likely end up not sitting correctly with the frame, hang at an angle and fall off; likely to cause injury if one is not careful. A lot of customers have been left unhappy finding out that the bar won’t work with their doorframe.

It leaves marks on the door molding:

Some customers have reported that the bar leaves black marks on their doorframes after use. Others say that the added pressure has ended up leaving dents and scratches in the frames, leading customers to criticize the quality of the product.

The black support bar is made of plastic:

The plastic used for the support bar has been proven to be hollow and flimsy. This has given out for many people while in use, causing people to fall and the product to bend or break and be declared useless.

If you want more information on the pull up bar you can check out this page here

Conclusion for the best pull up bar for home use

And there you have it!

When it comes to buying the best pull up bar for home use it really does depend on what quality you’re looking for and how “portable” you want the pull up bar to be.

None the less we’ve made sure to list the top 5 best home pull up bars on the market in this guide.

Me personally I really like #4 on the list: The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

But if you don’t like the idea of a wall mounted pull up bar then you may want to go with one of the door frame pull-up bars instead.

So that’s it for the breakdown of the best pull up bars for home use,

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Until then talk to you soon,

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