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Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: How to Achieve the Body You Want

Oct 13, 2018

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Body SculptingBodybuilding vs body sculpting — what’s the difference?

Is there a difference, really?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I would say yes — there is quite a difference when it comes to bodybuilding vs body sculpting.

For one, bodybuilding encompasses many things.

It is a verb and a noun.

Essentially, bodybuilding is the act of, well, building your body.

However, it is also a sport.

In bodybuilding, you compete, win awards, beat records, and overall try to achieve a more muscular, larger physique (or at least a chiseled physique).

Whereas body sculpting is more of an act.

No, not an act like it’s fake, but an act like you quite literally act upon the goal of sculpting your body.

There’s really no competition factor or worldwide phenomena behind it.

Maybe you don’t want to be a huge, jacked, muscular beast — you just want to sculpt certain areas of your body to make them more appealing (primarily to you).

Well, today I’m going to supply you with information on both of these pursuits and try to figure out how to help you get the body you want to achieve!

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Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: Bodybuilding (noun)

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Arnold ShwarzennegerBodybuilding has become popularized as a sport since long ago.

In the early days, building your body up has been a feat for those who were dedicated.

During our modern times, bodybuilding hit its golden era of popular sport with people like Arnold Shwarzenneger.

After him, things became even more extreme with athletes like Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Ronnie Coleman.

Competitors got bigger, the sport grew larger along with them, and the payouts grew, too.

Of course, bodybuilding as a sport flows across a wide spectrum of builds.

As of lately, they have brought a “classic physique” competition, which basically mimics the physiques of Arnold’s era.

There are women’s physiques within the bodybuilding sport that also span a wide range of looks.

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Phil heath

No doubt, bodybuilding as a sport has seen a huge resurgence as of recently, as there has been a larger influx of people displaying their physiques on social media.

Though this trend can make plenty people feel worse about themselves, it does motivate a lot of others to focus on their fitness and health.

What this translates to is more interest in bodybuilding as a lifestyle and sport.


Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: Bodybuilding (verb)

The actual act of bodybuilding exists in many forms and variations.

It has been this way since the beginning of time, whether it be building your body through physical labor for work or through exercise.

Regardless of the lengths you pursue in your bodybuilding, there is the natural inclination to gain muscle.

So, to build your body, through bodybuilding, you are primarily looking to add muscle and reach a certain level of impressive physicality.


Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: Body Sculpting

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Body Sculpting No ProceduresNow, body sculpting has an entirely different purpose.

Instead of overall progression and muscle gain, body sculpting focuses on changing the look of your physique.

In this case, we are speaking of natural body sculpting and not anything dealing with procedures or “treatments.”

This can include body recomposition, weight loss, extreme weight loss, and the attempt to altering particular areas of the body.

There is no real sport or anything behind body sculpting.

However, there are endless amounts of people who are looking only to sculpt their bodies.

Maybe cut down the fat to have their abdominals show.

Literally, they can aim to keep the same weight but change their entire look.

Bodybuilders practice the art of body sculpting, as well, to target certain areas.

This is done even more so during periods of cutting to expose the muscle underneath any layers of fat.

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Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: How to Approach Each Discipline


Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Jay CutlerThe best way to approach bodybuilding is with patience.

Too many people go into bodybuilding hoping to look exactly like Arnold did, within their first year.

Hell, sometimes you impatient lifters want to look that good within your first couple of months.

There’s a reason why so many people give up so quickly after their New Year’s Resolution goals.

So, rule number one is to be patient.

Second, focus on learning.

Learn proper form.

Learn how to manage your rest and recovery.

And lastly, to keep it blunt, stay consistent and STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

Basically, that’s it.

Use those rules as the backbone to your bodybuilding approach and you’ll see your body change and grow.

Lift with progressive overload in mind and you’re good to go!

If you are worried about safety, form, and lifting properly, feel free to check out our weightlifting accessories.

Besides lifting smart, it is also good to lift safe.

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Body Sculpting

When approaching body sculpting, you can use more general tactics.

For the most part, body sculpting comes down to three key things:

  1. Discipline
  2. Diet
  3. Deficit

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - DietI call these the 3D RULES.

I’m sure you can guess why!

So, discipline — you need to be disciplined because that is the foundation to everything you achieve in body sculpting.

You won’t be able to tweak your body and make aesthetic changes without having focus and discipline.

Your diet — this is super important because diet is the key to success with the way you feel and the speed of your progress.

This is particularly true for cutting the weight and body recomposition.

A lot of people who follow a ketogenic diet, for example, will notice they aren’t losing weight on the scale.

But, they are starting to physically look different.

The weight on their body is distributed in a new way throughout their body.

Remember, diet always plays a huge role.

Do you have love handles?

Well, focus on your diet and stick to it, no matter what diet it is.

Lastly, the deficit — this is an important thing to remember because for the most part, to sculpt your body, you will need to be in a deficit of calories.

When you are in a deficit, you lose weight faster, more consistently, and see the changes you want.

If you want to have visible abs, you need to lose overall body fat.


Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting: Which is Better?

Bodybuilding vs Body Sculpting - Body SculptingIn all honesty, I love both.

My opinion is to do what pertains to your goals and choose whichever you can actually stick with.

If you aren’t looking to get more muscular and huge, then maybe you aren’t meant to bodybuild.

However, if your main goal is to have an impressive muscular physique, that is clearly the choice.

For short-term goals that are intended to reach a certain look, maybe just for a vacation trip, a bit of body sculpting could be all you need.

Overall, as long as you are being active and consistent, then you are doing the best thing in my book.

As always, don’t think bodybuilding vs body sculpting, but rather think bodybuilding or body sculpting.

With, of course, the best mindset being both bodybuilding and body sculpting :)

Stay hungry to achieve that body you want, whether it be muscular or simply aesthetically enjoyable.

The worst thing you can do is give up or never begin!