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The Calisthenics Workout that Will Transform You from Beginner to Beast

Feb 04, 2019

Calisthenics is a well-tested, beneficial, convenient, and effective way of working out.

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With its newfound popularity, some may claim that it is simply a trend that has been given new life.

However, calisthenics has been prominent for years, and for good reason — this isn’tnew trend.

But, there’s a new workout trend that comes out almost every day.

There is no shortage of sophisticated gear, complex machines, and innovative equipment that all promise to get you the washboard abs you’ve been dreaming of for eternity.

Of course, the price tags associated with these new workouts do not come cheap.

But if you can’t afford that $300 box membership or a $40 spin session, it does not mean that your fitness goals should go to the back burner.

Believe it or not, you can still practice a full-body fitness program with zero dollars.

The common misconception is that in order for you to reach your dream body, you are required to use an array of complicated exercise machines.

But in reality, using your own bodyweight can actually jumpstart your fitness journey.

This is called Calisthenics training.

There many different types of calisthenics workouts for beginners and advanced athletes.

But before giving you the routine, here’s why you should consider calisthenics as your workout of choice.

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What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses body weight as resistance and it has been practiced for thousands of years since the time of Spartans and Chinese warriors.

But that does not mean that calisthenics is only limited for people aiming to have military physiques.

Calisthenics exercises range from the classic push-ups and jumping jacks to the trendier mountain climbers and burpees.

What this means is that even beginners can adopt this type of workout and upgrade the intensity of the exercises as they progress.


Benefits of Calisthenics

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Unlike exercise machines typically found in the gym, calisthenics exercises use compound movements that target multiple muscles in the body simultaneously.

When you do a squat, you are not only building up your glutes, but also working out your quads, hamstrings and abs.

Burpees are full body strength training exercises that work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs- while giving you a cardio burn at the same time.

This does not only build your strength but it can also be considered as a time-saving workout.

Because calisthenics exercises target multiple muscles in the body, they are considered as functional exercises.

What this means is that they work the muscles you use in your everyday movements.

When you regularly squat, you will not have a hard time picking up something from the floor.

Regular push-ups strengthen your arm and back muscles to help you carry around your stuff without feeling too much strain.

Calisthenics exercises improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and mobility.

Developing these qualities will not only give you an incredible shape but also allow you to perform better when doing sports and other activities.

The full body strength conditioning provided by calisthenics will help you protect yourself from injury and give you an overall increase in power.


Calisthenics Highlights

Probably one of the best things about a calisthenics workout is the convenience it provides.

You can practice calisthenics anywhere and anytime.

You are not limited by weather conditions, costly equipment or location when starting a calisthenics practice.

Furthermore, you can begin by using only bodyweight exercises inside your home.

If you do not have access to pull-up bars or parallel bars usually found in public parks, you can get these simple equipment installed at home for a very reasonable price, much less than a one-month gym membership.

Calisthenics is a workout you can take anywhere.

There is no excuse of skipping a workout because you can do this anywhere you are, even when you’re traveling.

Even If you only have a short time, you can still do calisthenics by choosing powerhouse moves training your entire body.

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The Best Calisthenics Workout For Beginners

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This beginner calisthenics workout will focus on building your fundamental strength.

This aims to train the different muscles in your entire body.

It is recommended that you perform this workout at least three times a week, with a day of rest in between.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a good schedule.

Perform the exercises in a circuit, one after the other.

Do 3 rounds with a maximum of 90-second rest between each round.

Make sure to engage your muscles when performing the exercises and that you are following the correct form in order to correctly train your muscles.


Static Chin-ups 8 seconds
Elevated Push-ups 10 seconds
Leg Raises 10 seconds
Inverted Rows 45 Degrees 15 seconds
Bench Dips 10 seconds
Squats 20 seconds


After about two weeks of practicing this exercise, you should be able to feel that you’re ready to upgrade the workout.

You can do so by increasing the number of reps by 5 repetitions.

You can also double the number of rounds.

Another option is to perform a more advanced variation of each exercise.

For example, perform a regular push-up instead of an elevated version, or doing a jump squat instead of a regular squat.

By regularly practicing calisthenics, you are set to achieve a stronger, more defined physique that will give you the support you need to advance to other complex moves. 

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Practical Accessories and Tips

Calisthenics - Weighted Calisthenics with Dark Iron Fitness Dip BeltWhen practicing calisthenics, you always want to have the best possible advantage, whether beginner or advanced.

So, there are certain things you should always consider and keep in mind.

First off, I would highly recommend stretching, warming up, and avoiding injury at all cost.

Next, prepare yourself and your surroundings to take your exercises to a higher level.

As with bodybuilding and powerlifting, you can also hit a plateau with your bodyweight routines.

Investing in some high-quality accessories and equipment for your home and outdoors — even at the gym, will be beneficial.

Plus, once you begin integrating weights, you’ll want to play it safe.

Accessories like our dip belt and wrist wraps can help tremendously.

About Our Guest Author

Calisthenics - Guest Author Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith started calisthenics at age 26 as a means to lose weight and tone her body.

After completing her first successful muscle up, the amazing feeling inspired her to train further and become a full-time calisthenics instructor.

Rebecca also holds a Management Degree and a Diploma in Nutrition.