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Can You Work Forearms Every Day? The Pros & Cons

Jun 03, 2018

So, can you work forearms every day?

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Wrist WrapsLike… is that even smart to do?

Well, if you are someone who never works your forearms, then there’s a high probability that you’d want to try this.

In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons to discover if this is beneficial and safe.

Since we are talking about forearm exercises, it would be unsmart for me to forget recommending our wrist wraps for wrist safety.


Why Should You Train Forearms?

Small Muscle, Big Benefits

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Kettlebell HoldsThough your forearms are a smaller muscle, you should still attempt to grow them.

In fact, due to them being a smaller muscle and not often targeted, it is actually better to work your forearms when you can.

The transition of benefits from training forearms to your overall training is clearly traceable.

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Forearm Muscles

Those with weaker forearms will struggle significantly more when doing arm and upper body workouts compared to those with built forearms.

So, should you train your forearms? Yes.

What else will training your forearms do for your overall fitness and physicality, though?

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Building Endurance for Arm Days

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Wrist MobilityThrough the training of your forearms, you’ll begin to strengthen and bulk up your arms overall.

With this extra muscle and strength, you’ll have more endurance for your arm days.

The importance of this cannot be overstated enough.

One of the reasons we tend to fall behind in our progressive overload in training is due to our secondary muscles not being strong enough to push us through the entirety of the workout.

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Hand GripperFor example, underdeveloped and weak calves can limit your leg day routine.

With stronger, more muscular calves, your leg days can withstand more weight and endure longer training.

This same example applies to your arms and forearms.

Never underestimate the benefit of strengthening surrounding muscles to help increase longevity for your more traditional, compound movements.

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Should You Be Training Every Day?

A Case for Daily Training of Muscles

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Behind Back Wrist CurlsIf you train smart and without trying to stress yourself to the limits, then you may be able to train every day.

And I mean train the same exact muscle every single day.

For example, squatting every single day.

Push-ups every single day.

Bench press… Every. Single. Day! (Probably easy for most of us, honestly.)

As long as your training routines are properly managed along with your diet, sleep, and recovery, you should be good to go.

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Barbell Wrist CurlsFurthermore, focusing on all of these factors will allow you to safely and successfully perform full-body workouts that target the same muscles daily.

This is a reason for working forearms every day.

But, what about any overtraining?

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A Case Against Overtraining a Muscle

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Forearm AnatomyCan you work forearms every day without overtraining?

Well, as I said above, not if you treat your training rationally and provide a proper atmosphere for recovery and muscle feeding.

But, the problem here is, is that overtraining so easily can occur — especially if you are working the same muscle.

We all know what overtraining can lead to — unwanted fatigue, less training, less motivation, and mediocre workouts.

These are all really good reasons to not overtrain your muscles — including your forearms.


Can You Work Forearms Every Day? The Pros & Cons of Daily Forearm Training

Biggest Pros: Faster Forearm Growth and Progression

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Forearm FlexAs most of you know, daily push-ups and bench press will get you a massive chest.

Continually working the forearm muscle will help it grow and help you progress.

It’s always a positive to work your muscles consistently and as actively as possible.

For your forearms, do pulls, hangs, wrist curls, and overhand bicep curls as ways to grow them.

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Biggest Cons: Slower Recovery and Trouble with Other Exercises

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Wrist ExtensionObviously, the biggest con to working your forearms every single day is the lack of recovery.

Most of us have plenty to do every day, so balancing nutritionrest, and time in the gym can be nearly impossible.

What this leads to is more time spent on training and work.

This cuts out precious time for sleep and healthy eating, making your recovery time much slower.

When recovery is slower, your daily exercise will suffer and start becoming stagnant in progression.

In turn, your mediocre forearm exercises will result in mediocre arm workouts and terrible workouts overall.

So, it’s important to realize this when you ask, “can you work forearms every day?”

To overcome this slow recovery, invest in some high-quality wrist wraps.

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Final Thoughts: Can You Work Forearms Every Day?

Yes, If…

  • Your diet and nutrition are on point (healthy foods, high protein, lots of water)
  • You plan to get sufficient sleep (7-8 hours, or at least long enough to wake up without your alarm)
  • The workouts you are doing are challenging but not overly tough (focus on slow, controlled reps with pauses and squeezing)
  • You work your forearms unilaterally and bilaterally to stop any muscle imbalances from forming
  • The exercises you choose vary and work your forearms from different angles

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Wrist Curls

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No, If…

  • You lead a busy life and can’t focus on other things besides work and training
  • Your diet is bad or you aren’t eating enough to fuel your consistent exercise
  • You are someone prone to overtraining that results in mediocre workouts and less motivation
  • The workouts you choose to do are the exact same workouts every day and you are pushing to failure every time
  • Your goals include anything other than growing your forearms, as the daily training can take away from your other goals

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Pull-Ups for Wrists


But, Remember…

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Dumbbell Wrist CurlWhatever you choose to do, you need to do it properly.

Those of you wanting to train your forearms every day should keep all of your goals in mind and your limits.

Don’t push your body to failure every day, especially if that changes your overall performance.

Can You Work Forearms Every Day? - Dark Iron Fitness Suede Wrist Wraps

Also, don’t train forearms daily if you are susceptible to wrist injuries (more so than the general risk).

If you want to protect your wrists, get some wrist wraps from Dark Iron Fitness as a way for guaranteed safety.

With all of this in mind, you should now be able to train your forearms as you please, whether that is biweekly, weekly or on the daily!

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