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Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris Klevan

Aug 05, 2018

Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris Klevan - Dark Iron Fitness logoHere at Dark Iron Fitness, we not only invest our time and energy in creating high-quality products that you can rely on.

We are also extremely interested in building up the DIF community and team.

Included within our team are the athletes we sponsor.

These athletes exemplify what we stand for as a brand: selfreliance, dependability, reliability, quality, and longevity.

So, in the spirit of highlighting these hardworking athletes, we’ve done a quick Q&A with our sponsored athlete Chris Klevan.

Chris is someone who was introduced to fitness at an early age and realized the importance of it before a lot of us do.

That love for fitness continued and allowed him to be self-reliant with his life, his health, and in his business.

As a personal trainer, Chris has turned his passion for the fitness lifestyle in something more, something that has allowed him to flourish within the world.

Let’s talk with Chris and see what keeps him driven — let’s find out why he is a shining example of a self-reliant Dark Iron Fitness Athlete.

Chris Klevan Q&A

Dark Iron Fitness: What drew you to the fitness lifestyle initially, and what has kept you driven to stick with fitness to this day?

Chris Klevan: Well, what actually drew me to fitness in the first place was my father.

After being heavily addicted to video games, coming off being injured from a sports injury, I wasn’t doing too much and one day my father just came to me and said, “You wanna play sports again? Let’s get in the gym.”

He got me my first personal trainer at 15 and from there it was history.

I was fascinated by fitness and seeing changes through nutrition and in the gym.

I was hooked.

I had to keep learning and progressing.

That is simply what keeps me motivated.

Learning and progressing!

DIF: Oftentimes people have misconceptions about what they can and cannot do when it comes to weightlifting — what have you learned during your time in the gym, from beginner to trainer, that you think others should know throughout their fitness journey?

Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Chris Klevan

CK: The biggest misconception I hear is that cardio is the main thing that is necessary when it comes toburning fat.

When in fact that is probably one of the least necessary things.

My biggest tip I can give anyone in the gym is that if you’re trying to lose fat, don’t rush to the cardio.

Hit the weights, work on adding more protein into your diet, looking at your overall carb consumption and calories for the day, and most of all — stay consistent.

Just stick with it and take it one day at a time!

You will see results!

Don’t slave away on the cardio because that can actually hinder your results.

DIF: Being ISSA certified, what do you see as the three biggest benefits of being a trainer and do you recommend others, who would like to make their own income from fitness, become certified trainers as well?

Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris KlevanCK: The 3 biggest benefits I can say from training that I truly love and are the main reasons that got me interested in coaching and training are simply helping others achieve their goals!

That is the most important.

Other 2 benefits that I enjoy are the freedom to do my schedule, however, I see fit and never feel like I’m totally restricted and at the mercy of a certain time frame every day.

Finally, another big benefit is that there is no cap on income.

You can totally go as high as you’re willing to work!

The better you are, and more passionate you are about your clients, will translate into how much money you will get.

I think that is the fairest thing in the world.

Why get paid if you’re not doing your job right?

But on the other hand, if you’re incredible at it, you get paid accordingly.

That’s awesome!

DIF: When personal training your clients, what sort of things do you teach your clients that will help them be able to keep their fitness progress going so they can achieve success on their own?

CK: I preach to the life of me consistency and discipline.

And, like I said before, take it one day at a time.

Do everything right each day and the more consistent days you have under your belt will help you achieve your goal.

My clients get fully customized diets, workouts, supplementation, and they log and track all of it in my app, so all they have to do is follow the plan and the 3 principles I said above and they will see success!

Below: Watch Chris Klevan Perform Slow and Controlled Barbell Curls

DIF: In the early stages of your training, what were some things you had to learn the hard way?

CK: In my early stages of training, I really had to learn to listen to my body.

I have developed and had to work around some injuries because I wouldn’t lay off my body in the beginning when I needed to.

Now I’m paying my dues.

DIF: In your opinion, what is the best way to remain consistent and disciplined in the gym so that you can accomplish your goals?

CK: Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris KlevanThe best way to remain consistent and disciplined in the gym, if this is something you really struggle with, is to hire a personal trainer or fitness coach to help keep you motivated and seeing results.

If that isn’t an option, I highly recommend having a workout partner go with you that has around the same goal as you, and is similar in stature to yourself.

This makes it much easier to train and stay motivated!

DIF: What are some of your top resources and influential things that make an impact on your training and help you achieve your goals in the gym?

CK: My top resources in the gym were always either seeking out mentorship from professionals who are doing exactly what I want to do and just simply have a lot more experience than me, reading books, and or looking up information online to keep me improving and looking at things in more than one way to ensure I can get around any obstacle in the gym that is in my way!

DIF: Even on the path to greatness, you can often run into obstacles that hold you back.

How do you get over these minor setbacks in the gym (or in life) and fall back onto the path of effectively progressing towards your goals?

CK: Well, obstacles are definitely always going to be a part of working towards your goal.

Recently, like I said, I was plagued with a couple of injuries and that has clearly held me back from being able to train at all really.

The biggest thing I can say is, I had to step back and take a deep breath and just realize I have to stay positive and keep trying to overcome it.

The worst thing you can do is think negatively and get more and more frustrated.

It’s wasted energy and it’ll just set you back further.

Essentially, creating another obstacle for yourself, and that’s overcoming your ego and just figuring it out in a calm state of mind!

DIF: What do you think are the most important factors to achieving success with your fitness goals?

Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris KlevanCK: Just gonna keep it simple, like I mentioned before.

The most important factors are consistency, discipline, and taking it one day at a time.

DIF: What is on the horizon for Chris Klevan?

Any goals in the future that you are currently working towards?

More work as a trainer?

Doing shows, competitions or meets?

What opportunities do you see for yourself within the fitness community?

Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris KlevanCK: There are a lot of things on the horizon for me right now to just continue to build and grow my online coaching business, build up my physique, get back to training consistently again, and just be overall injury free.

I have a website coming very soon to allow me to create even further of a brand for myself, and I just want to continue to work with Dark Iron Fitness to grow as an athlete and touch as many people possible with the right lifting equipment to allow everyone to hit their goals with no limit!

DIF: As a Dark Iron Fitness athlete, which accessory do you find yourself using the most and why do you think you gravitate towards them the most?

Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Chris KlevanCK: The accessory that I, without a doubt, use the most and gravitate towards (aside from the hats, because I just never go anywhere without a hat… hahaha) is the weightlifting belt.

I wear it all the time in the gym to just help keep my waist tight, feeling comfortable, and keeping my abs tight.

I feel that it has really helped make a true difference in my physique and the belt is just so great looking to boot.

Below: Watch Chris Klevan Squat 360 lbs in the Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Q&A with Chris Klevan - Divider

Keep up with Chris on Instagram, and if you’re interested in his ISSA certified online coaching, shoot him an email and let him know Dark Iron Fitness sent you!

For those athletes and bodybuilders out there looking to expand their reach and influence, while working with a small, self-reliant, dependable, quality-driven brand, please consider our sponsorship opportunities as a way to grow along with us.

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Lastly, for anyone who is a part of the Dark Iron Fitness community and is currently using one (or more) of our weightlifting accessories and wants to have their story told on our Customer Spotlight segment, please feel free to contact Alex directly with the reasons why you believe your story should be shared with the world!

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