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Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt vs The Best Belt on the Market

Oct 30, 2018

Should you really splurge on a custom leather weightlifting belt?

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

Obviously, if you did, it would meet all of your requirements both aesthetically and functionally, right?

Well, maybe there isn’t a need to spend all of that money on a custom leather weightlifting belt when there are other options on the market.

In fact, here at Dark Iron Fitness, we believe we have designed and released the greatest custom leather weightlifting belt on the market.

With our belt, we researched and studied what the market needed, created that exact belt, and wanted to share it with the world.

So, now, the greatest belt on the market started as our custom leather weightlifting belt.

Instead of having to spend tons of money to get a custom belt for yourself, you can enjoy the perks of the belt we offer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing a belt that already exists, as well as certain benefits from splurging on one of your own.

Furthermore, we will discuss what to avoid when purchasing pre-designed leather belts (and custom ones, too).

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Benefits of a Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt

Personal Design and Aesthetics

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltIf you go out and get a custom leather weightlifting belt made, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a personal design and it’ll match your preferences aesthetically.

Whether this be uploading the design, working with a design team, or editing a design that already exists, there’s no doubt that the actual look of the belt will be what you want.

This is beneficial because, for most people, an item you love from the start will get more use and have more value over time.

If you purchase a product you are on the fence about, or don’t necessarily like at all, there’s a very low chance it’ll grow on you in the future.


Tailored to Your Sport or Goal

Going along with the design of a custom leather weightlifting belt, you can have it tailored to your sport (or your goals).

For example, if you are a powerlifter vs bodybuilder, your belt design will be different.

Different widths, thicknesses, tapers, buckle closures, etc.

You will, obviously, prefer to have your belt custom in all aspects, particularly functional design.


A Perfect Fit

Outside of design, both functionally and aesthetically, you always want a perfect fit.

Sizing your custom leather weightlifting belt is very important.

You need to factor in your future goals for weight loss or weight gain.

Furthermore, you need to factor in the leather used.

How supple or rigid it is, and how it will stretch in the future.

Lastly, you need to make sure your waist measurements are correct.

Especially if your custom order is online, so your belt fits correctly.

My suggestion in this situation would be to measure another weightlifting belt you use.

Or, visit a professional tailor or athletics store to get the proper fitment.

Remember, your weightlifting belt is never your pants size.

You have to be sure to measure around your lower back and across your belly button.


One of a Kind

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom name weightlifting belt

With all of this in mind; design, looks, and sizing — you now have a one of a kind belt.

What is a bigger benefit than that?

In the creation of your custom leather weightlifting belt, you now have the perfect item for your weightlifting goals.

However, it is always important to remember the downsides to going the custom route.

The most obvious would be the cost of a custom leather weightlifting belt.


The Downsides to a Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt

Very Expensive

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltCustom items always cost a premium price.

Sure, you may be able to find some places that offer value prices — but you need to think where they are cutting costs.

Is it materials? Design? Construction?

All of this is very important because if you do find a custom leather weightlifting belt for an unreasonably cheap price, it’s most likely too good to be true.

When you go the proper route, you are looking to be paying roughly $100+, as materials alone will not come cheap.

Once you get into specific design choices, custom stitching, etching or painting, then prices will skyrocket even further.

Just remember, a high price tag comes with the territory of a custom leather weightlifting belt.

Don’t scrimp out on something you find that is extremely cheap, as you most likely won’t have high-quality materials, nor good customer support.

Watch Below: A Review Speaking on a Custom Belt, Costs, and Overall Value


Lack of Warranty/Returns

Speaking of customer support, a lot of the time one-of-one custom items do not have warranties and lack the option to return.

It makes sense, for the most part, as your custom design probably won’t be something that someone else will eventually buy.

So, what this means is that you need to be very careful with your purchase, measurements, ideas, and choices.

If you aren’t, you may end up with something that doesn’t fit exactly what you want, and you’ll be stuck with it.

Be sure to research the companies values, their returns/exchanges process, and if they offer a warranty at all.

These are all important things, especially for extremely high-ticket items, because you don’t want to feel hopeless in your purchase.


Long Turn Around Times

This is a downside, but it is also something that should be obvious and expected.

If you are getting a fully-custom product made, it will, of course, take time to be finished.

So, the long turn around times definitely sucks, but they are somewhat acceptable.

Well… for the most part.

If you end up waiting months for your custom leather weightlifting belt, you’ve probably lost out on way too many potential workouts with a solid weight belt.

You need to come to terms with that once you send in your design idea, you could be waiting weeks to months time before you actually get to use the belt.

Are you really willing to wait that long just to have a custom leather weightlifting belt?

You may or may not be… so think it over before you place your order!


Different Quality Across the Market

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltAs I said, there are different price ranges for custom work, which means different levels of quality.

For example, think of a nice leather jacket.

You can get some custom leather jackets made in the US, or at least designed in the US, and there’s a good chance you will know tons about the leather quality, where it is sourced, who is making it, etc.

On the other hand, you can order a custom leather jacket directly from China or India, and you may not have all of this information provided.

The manufacturing process could even be not-so-ethical.

Sure, that’s not important to everyone, but what about quality?

Oftentimes, the leather will be very thin, pressed with other materials, or faux leather.

Please research the company you purchase from, ask about the leather they use and manufacturing processes, and understand as much as possible before you order.

There’s nothing worse than seeing an image of how your custom leather weightlifting belt should look, and being completely disappointed with how it does end up looking.


Benefits of a Pre-Made Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt

Available to Purchase Instantly

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltWhen you go with a pre-made custom leather weightlifting belt, you are cutting out all of the wait times.

Most of these belts are designed, ordered in bulk, available in tons of sizes, and are ready to go.

Whether it be from a website, Amazon, or another online market — most of these belts will arrive at your door within a week.

Furthermore, a lot of larger brands are available in store and can be tried on.

This is a win-win because they are instantly available for purchase and testing.


Several Brands, Color Options, Designs, Materials

Instead of struggling to come up with your perfect design, you can choose from endless designs on the market.

There are a variety of colors, designs, material choices (not just leather), and different brands.

With those different brands, you also have different brand ideals and visions.

So, if the brand focuses on quality, you will be able to trust that brand.

If the brand tends to focus more on design and style, make sure the prices reflect that.

Either way, the variety of custom leather weightlifting belts currently on the market is vast.

Sure, some designs are copies of other brands, but every now and then you will find a brand, design, and quality materials that are refreshing and worth backing.

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Customer Service and Support with Your Purchase

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltSince there are tons of brands that make custom leather weightlifting belts that are already on the market, these brands will have some level of customer service.

Most times, the service and support will be laid out in a warranty or something of that nature.

Usually, these brands will be easy to contact and should be able to respond to you in a timely manner.

Oftentimes, if you get a custom leather weightlifting belt made, it could be done by a very small company or a one-man-brand.

If it is a one-man operation, there is a good chance the support and service will be slower or not as available.

It’s definitely nice to have a connection and quick replies from a brand’s customer support, even if you never need it.


The Downsides to a Pre-Made Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt

Potential it Won’t Fit

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltEven though these pre-made belts may have a wide variety of size ranges, there are chances they won’t have a belt that will fit.

Usually, this problem occurs on the smallest and largest ends of the size ranges.

Sometimes, the company won’t make a belt small enough to fit your waist and properly tighten.

Whereas, other times, they won’t have a belt large enough to even fit around your waist.

This is always a potential, so make sure you research, get a size guide, ask as many questions as you can, and proceed with sizing caution.

Furthermore, a good return/exchange policy will help.


May Not Have Every Detail You Want/Like

Obviously, when brands make a custom leather weightlifting belt, it is made to their liking and specifications.

It could be a good leather belt, but maybe you dislike the colors, logo, or some aspect of the design.

The issue here is that you have no say in the matter and can’t change it (without customizing the belt on your own).

So, you may never find exactly what you want in a weightlifting belt.

This is where a certain level of compromise needs to be taken into consideration.


Not as Much Attention to Detail or Quality

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - custom leather weightlifting beltAnother downside to a bigger, more well-established brand is that it can become very corporate.

Sometimes, particularly with items that aren’t too important to the brand, attention to detail and quality start to slip.

Quality control isn’t as well regulated and materials are mass-sourced and produced.

So, what you need is a company that takes a lot of pride in their products.

A good balance of being a smaller brand with true integrity in their work.

In my opinion, that is why our Dark Iron Fitness weightlifting belt is the best custom leather weightlifting belt that is on the market.

We love paying attention to details, quality, and the reliability aspects in all of our products, but it has been well-established that our weightlifting belt always has been tried and true.


Why the Dark Iron Fitness Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt is the Best on the Market

High-Quality Materials

custom leather weightlifting belt - dark iron fitness weightlifting beltWith genuine leather, reinforced stitching, and a heavy-duty buckle, our belt has materials that last.

Reliability often relies on durability — so we always focus on how durable our products can be.

Spending a little bit extra on high-quality materials makes for a better overall product.


Amazing Design

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltThere’s no doubt that our belt has the perfect design; a non-taper belt, double-prong buckle with a comfortable thickness.

Aesthetically, our belt fits perfectly with the rest of our accessory line.

Deep black leather with contrasting red stitching.

We guarantee that we have one of the best designs on the market, both functionally and in looks.


Top-Rated on Amazon

Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt - Dark Iron Fitness Amazon Weightlifting BeltYou can take my word for it, or you can listen to those who actually own the belt.

Over time, our belt has eventually become the top-rated custom leather weightlifting belt on Amazon.

The high-rating isn’t the most important thing, though.

What I want to emphasize here is what the reviews are saying.

If you read the reviews, you’ll get an idea of what we are attempting to do at Dark Iron Fitness.

Build a community, the DIF family, and create reliable products that go along with a reliable brand.

Allowing your vision and focus for the brand really shine helps those who support you also believe in the vision.

High-quality products, high-quality service, and a reliable community.

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Great Customer Service

custom leather weightlifting belt - dark iron fitness size guideWe understand the value of strong customer service connected to the products being sold.

I can sell you the greatest item in the world, but if I don’t back it up with equally great service, you are only left with a product.

For some, that’s all they want.

However, we are striving to have a community and constant dialogue with those who support our brand.

If you took a chance on us, our weightlifting belt (or other products), then you are helping build the company.

It’s important that are always available for open communication.

Issues with your belt? Let us know!

Need help with sizing or what will work best for your goals?

Let us know!

Ideas for changes and adjustments to the design — please, feel free to tell us!

We always want to work to make our accessories better, and that can only be done with great service.


Comes With Our Lifetime Warranty

Nothing can make you feel more confident in your purchase than a product that a company stands behind.

Well, here at Dark Iron Fitness, we stand behind all of our products.

Our custom leather weightlifting belt is our bread and butter, and we are truly proud of it.

So, it’s no wonder we back it with our lifetime warranty.

If your belt ever has any structural problems or damage, or anything that makes it no longer safe to use, we will replace it or refund your original order.

We would never sell a product meant to provide you with the ability to lift safely if it is not safe to use.

On the off chance you receive a defective belt, we will, of course, send out a replacement.

Just know, with Dark Iron Fitness, you are in good company.