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The Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Pads Are Now the Highest Reviewed and Highest Rated Barbell Pads on The Market!

Mar 06, 2017

Dark Iron Fitness barbell pad highest reviewed and ratedWhat’s up everyone.

Today Dark Iron Fitness has accomplished yet another milestone.

The Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Neck Pads are now the highest reviewed and highest rated barbell pads on Amazon!!!

The awesome thing that we’re so excited about is that this is actually our 2nd product to achieve this accomplishment.

Our first product to achieve this accomplishment was our leather weightlifting belts which you can view the details about that achievement here.

But today’s highlight is all about our barbell neck pads.

At the time of writing this (March 5th 2017) our barbell pads are sitting at 475 reviews with a 93% 5-star rating and of course it’s only going to keep growing.

The highest reviewed barbell pad

So we’re well past our nearest competitors rating making us now the highest reviewed and highest rated barbell neck pad on Amazon.

We’re so excited about this achievement that we’re giving 10% off our barbell neck pads for the rest of March:


Use the 10% off discount above on Amazon here

Now achieving this accomplishment is an awesome success for us.

However it would have never happened if we didn’t have awesome customers like you and everyone else willing to leave us all those great reviews.

That’s why we love to reward our customers with special promotions and discounts.

Anyone who’s been a part of the Dark Iron Fitness VIP List knows how much we love to treat our customers. Giving out free products and discounts to those who show us support is something we absolutely love doing.

Seriously we can’t thank everyone enough for how awesome you are as a customer.

You guys rock!!

If you’d prefer to purchase our barbell pad on our website then you can view our barbell pad and our other products on our website here

For now we’re going to keep it short and sweet and just wanted to update you with this new achievement of ours and how awesome of customers you are for helping us grown as a company.

We’re so committed to building Dark Iron Fitness into one of the highest quality brands out there.

We’re confident we can achieve this and we know with customers like you on our side we’ll have no problem giving those big companies a run for their money.

Thanks again for helping make The Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Neck Pad the best barbell pad to buy on Amazon.

We couldn’t have done it without you…

Keep being an awesome customer and we’ll definitely keep being an awesome company.

Seriously, thank you!