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The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt Is Now the Highest Reviewed and Highest Rated Weight Belt on The Market!

Aug 09, 2016

Dark Iron Fitness weight lifting beltHey everyone, Alan here from Dark Iron Fitness.

Today I wanted to mention a milestone we were able to reach with our Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt that we’re super ecstatic about.

As you saw from the title…

The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt is Now the Highest Reviewed and Highest Rated Weight Lifting Belt On Amazon!!!!

That’s right,

At the time of posting this we were able to beat the previous highest reviewed weight belt about 3 weeks ago (July 15th)

Currently (at the time of writing this) we’re sitting at roughly 610 reviews on Amazon.

Our nearest competitor sits at roughly 560 reviews.

So at the time of writing this …. OUR WEIGHT BELT IS 50 REVIEWS ABOVE ANYONE ELSE!!!

The best thing is it will only continue to grow and grow. So depending on when you read this we may even be in the 1000’s!

Now the review count is one thing, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing. You could have 600 negative reviews. That wouldn’t be much to cheer about.

But that’s the 2nd milestone we’re celebrating.

best weight lifting belt to buy

Not only are we now the highest reviewed weight belt on Amazon, but we’re also the highest rated as well! We’re currently sitting at a stellar 4.9 stars out of 5

Because of these 2 stats of being the highest reviewed and highest rated weight belt on Amazon…

We have now earned the self title of The Best Weight Lifting Belt Out On The Market

Now for this awesome milestone we really wanted to celebrate 2 main things:

1.) We’re so happy that we could provide an awesome high quality product that everyone loves

2.) More importantly we absolutely love our customers!!!

Seriously both points above are very important, but honestly the 2nd point is what matters the most to us.

We were only able to reach this milestone because of you and our other awesome customers who were willing to leave a great review about our weight belt.

Seriously without awesome customers like you, there would be no Dark Iron Fitness and that’s something we’re extremely grateful for.

And to anyone who left a review for our Dark Iron Fitness weight lifting belt we want to show our appreciation to you by giving you a coupon for 10% off any product we Manufacture!

Dark Iron Fitness Products

Just email us and show us your review by linking to your review on Amazon of our weight belt and we’ll give you 10% off ANY product we manufacture.

We’re keeping this offer going until we reach 700 reviews so jump on it quick!

Anyone who’s been a part of the Dark Iron Fitness VIP List knows how much we love to treat our customers. Giving out free products and discounts to those who show us support is something we absolutely love doing.

And at the rate we’re going we’ll be giving out a ton of things in the future.

So we’re going to keep it short and sweet.

Because of you and everyone else we were able to become the highest reviewed and highest rated weigh belt on Amazon.

We are so happy about this and want to continue building the brand to be one of the highest quality brands out there. We’re confident we can achieve this and we know with customers like you on our side we’ll have no problem giving those big companies a run for their money.

Thanks again for helping make The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt the best weight lifting belt to buy on Amazon.

We couldn’t have done it without you…

Seriously, thank you!

– Alan
Co-Owner – Dark Iron Fitness