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Premium Products

Dark Iron Fitness specializes in creating unique and high quality weightlifting accessories . Thousands of customers have purchased, tested, and reviewed our products allowing several of our products to become the highest rated, most reviewed, and most trusted on several marketplaces.

The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt
Our weight lifting belt has earned the highest rated and highest reviewed spot on Amazon
The Dark Iron Fitness Extra-Thick Barbell Neck Pad
Our Barbell pad has also earned it's spot as the highest rated and highest reviewed choice on Amazon
The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lifting Straps
An overall superior set of lifting straps to withstand your toughest workouts
The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Dip Belt
Made of genuine leather this dip belt has been tested to hold over 275 pounds of weight comfortably and reliably
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Wrist Wraps
Designed to keep your wrist locked in place. These wrist wraps provide optimal and comfortable support
Dark Iron Fitness Hardened Barbell Clamps
Barbell clamps that were designed to not only not break but to also stay locked in place
Why Dark Iron Fitness Is
Better Than The Rest
I have multiple products from Dark Iron and they're all really well made. I hope they expand their product line so I can purchase more from them!
— Richard C.
Can't believe the quality of this belt for the price I paid. I highly recommend buying this product.
— Kyle
Did the job, easy enough to manage, comfortable for my wrist.
— Eric
Incredible comfortable, excellent quality, great price and very fast shipping. I'll recommend this company.
— Peggy Bretch
Excellent! No more neck pain.
— Corazon A. Soriano
This is the best belt I have ever had. Have 6 months of use and still looks like new. Gives you great support when squatting. I highly recommend this product.
— Mike Serrano
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