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DNA Testing: Can it Help You Lose Weight And Maximize Your Fitness?

Mar 06, 2019

Does DNA testing play any role in your fitness, your health, your knowledge of working out?

Fitness is important for everybody as we definitely need to keep our body in a tip-top condition.

Also, a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body; hence, we need to pay attention to staying fit if we want good mental and spiritual health as well.

However, in modern times, this task has become increasingly difficult.

Due to hectic schedules and demanding corporate jobs, our health is crippled.

Added to this, the effects of pollution and sedentary lifestyles bring negative effects

Now in this scenario, wouldn’t it be nice to know how we should lose weight and maximize our fitness?

A DNA test helps you do just that by providing you with a detailed analysis of your genes.

These results explain the nitty-gritty of your physical endurance and tenacity levels.

This article discusses the ways in which DNA testing can help you enhance your fitness levels to help you have a better workout and better health.

This is because the best DNA test will give you a storehouse of information that will help you plan ahead for your workout regime.

Using this data, you can enhance your fitness levels by a great deal.

In this way, you can also lose a lot of weight by using the right strategies if this is your eventual aim.

Read on to find out how DNA testing can help you in achieving your desired goals.


1. How DNA Testing Dictates Types of Exercise

DNA Testing - Types of ExercisesThere are different kinds of exercise that suit people with different constitutions.

Some exercises focus on building power and force in the body.

This includes bodybuilding, boxing, and wrestling.

Others focus on building your endurance levels.

This includes marathon running, trekking and hitchhiking.

So when you are working out, it makes sense to know your body type and which exercise suits you the best.

Now all people cannot decipher this by themselves.

Hence, it becomes essential that you take the help of a DNA test that will help you achieve your desired goal with the least amount of encumbrances.

Modern DNA tests give a myriad amount of data that includes the minutest information ranging from how easily your body burns fat to whether your body can build muscles easily.

Once you have this information, you can easily change your fitness regime according to your requirements.

In this way, choosing the right kind of exercise can help you in the long run with the help of a DNA test.


2. DNA Testing for Recovery Period Recognization

DNA Testing - Recovery PeriodThe time taken by the body to repair and heal itself quickly in the face of strenuous exercise is called the recovery period.

Most bodybuilders know not to work out daily, as to let their bodies repair.

You need to give a few rest days in between so that your muscles can heal themselves.

You also need to understand that the recovery period for different people is different.

Some people’s bodies recover faster than others.

There is no way that you can find out your recovery period on your own.

You have to take the help of a DNA test that will help you find out about the same.

Once you are equipped with this information, you can easily find out the right exercise regime that is suitable for you.

In this way, you can raise your fitness levels to a much higher plane.


3. DNA Testing to Evaluate Risk to Injuries

All people who take part in physical activities are vulnerable to getting injured.

This is because some bodies are not strong enough to withstand the effects of lifting heavy weights or even exerting themselves to the maximum.

But did you know that here too some people have genes that protect them from getting injured quickly?

In this case, also DNA tests can help you as they will give you a detailed analysis of the genes that are responsible for building your body with no injuries at all.

On the flip side, if the DNA test shows that your body is susceptible to specific injuries like pain in tendons and ligaments or even a tendency to have brittle bones, then you can tweak your workout the right way so as to get maximum results.

In this way, DNA tests will reveal to you a lot of things that you would not have even imagined earlier.


4. DNA Testing for Identifying Specific Allergies

DNA Testing - Specific AllergiesSome people have allergies and other important disorders that leave them vulnerable to ill health.

For example, it is widely known that curds can help you digest all the food that you consume.

However, some people are lactose intolerant making it impossible for them to consume curds.

Hence, their digestive system suffers when they eat a heavy meal.

This is because they cannot make use of the probiotic effects of curds.

A DNA test will show you all these different types of allergies that will help you make an informed decision about what types of foods you should avoid.

In this way, they protect you from the harmful consequences that can result from going the wrong path.


5. DNA Testing to Build a Diet Plan

In the same vein, you can take the help of a DNA test when you want to chart out a diet plan.

This test will give you a lot of information about the right kind of food that best suits your body.

It will give you pointers as to whether you need to focus on carbohydrates, proteins or fats for your daily meals.

All these strategies would not have been possible without making use of a DNA test and in this way, it can help you a lot.


6. DNA Testing to Track Metabolic Rates

DNA Testing - Metabolic RateDNA tests will also tell you about your metabolic rate.

Some people have high metabolic rates and can consume large quantities of foods whereas others have very low metabolic rates and get fat easily.

All this information can be derived from the DNA tests and this is how they can help you in this regard.


Final Thoughts on DNA Testing and Fitness

From the above, it is clear that DNA testing can play a major role in helping you lose weight and maximize your fitness.

However, you should never limit yourself based on any DNA results.

Sure, your results may seem like you have physical limitations.

And to a degree, this is true.

But, psychological limitations only manifest from your mind, not your DNA.

After checking with your physician, and being cleared for fitness, go out there and thrive.

Yes, DNA testing will give you more knowledge about yourself.

However, the effort you put into your fitness reveals the true you.

Don’t rely on the testing or what others say to determine your outcome.

Even if you never get testing done, whether DNA, bloodwork or body composition — you can still put in full effort.

Remember, here at Dark Iron Fitness, we are always willing to help you with your fitness goals.

If you ever need a recommendation on anything or are looking for high-quality products, we can help!


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