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The Value of Being Driven in Fitness

May 28, 2019

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Dark Iron Fitness logoIs there intrinsic value in being driven in fitness?

My opinion is yes, there definitely is.

The value you personally gain from being driven in fitness is relative to you.

However, it is important to always solidify these thoughts and facts.

When we give up, whether it is fitness or a goal or dream, we often make up excuses.

Excuses as to why we need to give up or can’t proceed.

This is something I struggle with but have been working hard to avoid and overcome.

Yet, we tend to leverage things to avoid participating in fitness.

People give up and make excuses that are sometimes too ridiculous — then they end up complaining later.

I’m getting fat” “I need to start working out” “When it’s New Year’s, I’ll start a serious routine

So on and so forth.

What is the real issue here?

I believe it is a lack of overall drive.

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The True Value of Being Driven in Fitness

Better Health

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Better HealthNo matter what, whether you are working towards a specific fitness goal or not, being driven in fitness results in better health.

This is a plain fact.

If you implement fitness into your lifestyle, you are most likely going to be twice as healthier as you would be without it (don’t hold me to any numbers or percentages).

Sure, there are anomalies, of course.

Some people live well into their 90s or 100s on a diet of cigars and milk.

But, the vast majority of people are not so lucky.

And then again, you have to remember that longevity of life doesn’t necessarily mean better health.

It definitely doesn’t equate to a better quality of life.

With fitness as a daily (or at least weekly) part of your routine, your quality of life will drastically change — for the better.


Clarity of Mind

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Clarity of MindBeing driven in anything will give you a certain level of clarity.

Being driven in fitness gives you clarity of mind but to an extreme level.

Let’s take your work for example — you can be extremely driven with your work.

You can put your nose to the grindstone and bust out a project.

But, the issue here, is that there is so much more external weight to the tasks.

Maybe there are deadlines, a boss you have to impress or certain goals you need to achieve within the project.

Opposingly, if you visit the gym and are driven to knock out a solid workout, that is for you.

This is not to say that you can’t work for yourself and to reach fulfillment.

Of course, you can!

But your time spent in the gym can really be a place for you to think, focus, and reflect.

Release some of your daily tension, perform something positive, and reap the benefits for you.

Never underestimate what your fitness drive can do for you.

Furthermore, never, ever, ever underestimate the value of clarity of mind.


Carry-Over Consistency

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Carry-over ConsistencyOne of the reasons we aren’t driven in fitness (or in the gym) is because we aren’t driven elsewhere.

Often in life, we have habits and routines that apply to every aspect of what we do.

For example, if you aren’t driven in fitness, you probably aren’t driven to eat healthily.

If you aren’t driven (or satisfied) with your work, you probably aren’t driven to strive for more.

So, in turn, what does this mean for those who are driven in fitness?

Usually, this means you have the same drive, effort, and consistency elsewhere.

Maybe everywhere else.

It’s without a doubt hard to be 100% in all areas of life, but good habits can help you reach optimal levels.

You may even be driven in fitness 100+%, but falter in other places.

If fitness takes your life over, then you are doing it wrong.

Let the drive help build carry-over consistency throughout your life.


Ways to Stay Driven in Fitness

Build a Routine

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Build a RoutineSome people hate routines.

But, if you build a routine that you can follow, it is worth it.

Also, to stay driven in fitness, you mustn’t be too hard on yourself.

If you falter from your routine (timewise) then try to pick it back up when you can.

Create a routine that is logical and applicable to your lifestyle.

Maybe you have to drop your kids off at school before you head to work.

Well, this means your routine should include waking up early for a gym session.

After dealing with the kids, going to work, and getting home late, there’s a good chance you’ll want to skip the gym.

However, if you schedule your routine to knock out the workout earlier on, then you are more likely to stick with it.

There’s a common stigma about routines being boring or predictable.

Well — save your spontaneity for after you achieve your daily goals.

Keep a routine that helps you stay driven in fitness, life, and work.


Remove External Distractions

Remove External DistractionsIt is surprising how small, daily distractions add up.

Even necessary external distractions (like dropping off the kids) can put you behind.

So, if you don’t have a routine in place, you can only imagine how terrible these distractions become.

Always try to remain focused.

Multitasking doesn’t truly exist, and even if you “can multitask” you aren’t being optimal in all of those activities.

When you are in the gym focusing on your fitness — do THAT.

If you are prepping meals or reading a book, stick with those things (NOT simultaneously).

For all of those external distractions that you can control, be sure to actually control them.

You want to watch TV or play video games?

Make sure your daily routine for betterment is priority.

And another thing — take your phone out right now and without looking at the screen, unlock it and open a social media app.

Were you able to do it?

Have you become so accustomed to the external distraction that it is second nature?

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter…

We let all of these apps poison our daily routine and ruin our progress.

I’m no saint — I once spent maybe 1-2 hours watching videos and scrolling on Instagram.

I still occasionally fall into the trap.

It is addictive, corruptive, and not beneficial to physical and mental growth.

You have a better chance of staying driven in fitness by avoiding (or removing) these distractions.


Learn to Suffer

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Learn to SufferNo, I’m not talking about intentionally harming yourself.

Don’t suffer for reasons unknown.

When you suffer, make it count.

Learn to suffer and learn to love it.

Whether it be pushing through your daily work or going heavy on the weights.

Suffering can help you strengthen your body and mind.

You will be able to overcome adversity much easier.

Don’t avoid the pain and anguish by taking the easy way out.

Lift what you can, accomplish what you can, and always strive towards what you think you can’t.

The suffering you endure now will help you avoid suffering of the same later.

Toughen your skin and solidify your mindset.

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Have a Team

The Value of Being Driven in Fitness - Have a TeamLastly, have a team.

You don’t need a big team.

Your team can be one other person.

Hell, your team can honestly be yourself.

How can your team be yourself?

Well, if you are able to track and document where you are now, you are able to look back — always.

We often overlook our progress because it is so gradual.

What if you record a video of yourself working out now?

Do you think you’ll be different in 3 months?

6 months?

5 years?

Obviously, you will.

Let yourself reflect on how far you’ve come and allow your past you to be your teammate.

On the flip side, if you do have friends on a similar journey (or family), then employ them.

Make them a part of your team so they can keep you accountable and you can do the same.

Being driven in fitness can be hard and takes time to make permanent.

The occasional “motivation” from those around you can build the solid confidence you need.

Once you ingrain it in your mind and spirit, you will always be driven.

Have a team, build consistency and routine, and remove anything and anyone who is looking to stop you.

In the end, the only person who can truly help you is you.

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