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What’s Your Excuse? Find Your Purpose and Drive Through Fitness

Mar 05, 2019

Your purpose is often hard to find; hard to grasp.

But, with some effort, some patience, and some help, you can find your purpose.

One of the hurdles that can cloud your judgment and blind you from finding your purpose is having endless excuses.

Well, it’s time to overcome your excuses and allow yourself to flourish in life.


Why is Fitness Important for Growth?

Your Purpose - GrowthBefore we get into the obstacles and hurdles of excuses, let’s discuss fitness.

Fitness, it seems, has become split within the world.

Some people live by remaining fit and practicing physical activities, while others do not.

And I don’t mean do not because they are too busy or lazy, but because they don’t believe in the value of fitness.

In a sense, this isn’t an excuse as much as it is a false or preconditioned way of thinking.

Society has now put an emphasis on loving yourself how you are and body-positivity campaigns.

I am all for both of these things, except when it gets into the realm of neglecting health and activity.

If you are overweight, you can love yourself and be happy with your body — that’s all well and fine.

However, you cannot honestly say you are in good health and that there is no value in fitness.

That mindset, unfortunately, is something I cannot stand behind.

When you live like that, you have zero growth.

You are essentially avoiding the discomfort and pain associated with changing for the better.

No worries — I totally understand it.

In fact, I have been in that state of mind several times in my life.

The most wonderful thing, though, is that you can change this.

You can change for the better and implement fitness into your routine until you start seeing growth; mentally and physically.

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Common Excuses for Avoiding Your Purpose

There are many reasons to avoid finding your purpose.

How many of these reasons are legitimate? I would say 0.001%.

We come up with so many excuses that aren’t even worthy of thinking.

Who are we trying to fool? Ourselves?

Or, someone else?

Either way, it is pitiful that we put fake boundaries and limitations on ourselves.

I truly believe that everyone has a purpose, and that purpose can only be discovered through hard work and resilience.

Regardless, people will still utilize several excuses to limit themselves.

For example:

  • “I don’t have any time to work out due to my… [kids, job, family, location, health issues, etc.]”
  • “I’ve tried in the past and I didn’t see any results…”
  • “From what I’ve heard, it’s not safe to start a fitness program at my age…”
  • “The gym is too expensive!”
  • “A home gym is too expensive… and I don’t have space!”
  • “I’m comfortable with how I look and feel already, I have no need to work out.”
  • “How will fitness help me find a purpose? I’m not looking to become a trainer, bodybuilder, nor a model?”

Basically, these can all be perceived as reasonable “reasons”, but they are actually just lazy excuses.

Let me tell you why!


The Hard Truths to Your Excuses

Your Purpose - Hard TruthThe truth is almost always a hard pill to swallow.

Nobody wants to be told they are lazy… at least I don’t.

But, when it’s the truth, it’s better you hear it from others and tell it to yourself, too.

Let me lay out these hard truths, first, so you can realize what you are doing…

  • You are straight up lazy. That’s it. This is a fairly small portion of the people out there, but there are some of you who are simply put dead lazy.


  • Procrastination is your downfall. Another hard truth that many don’t want to admit to. You procrastinate until it seems like it’s too late to start, and then you give up.


  • Multi-tasking, or, procrastination in disguise. You fill your day with tons of tasks or useless, stressful deeds that limit you from your full potential in maybe one or two things for the day, week, a year or your life.


  • You blame others for your lack of time, your inability to stay strict with a goal and use them as the crutch to avoid what needs to be done. If you have ever blamed your health, diet or physical appearance on the habits of someone else, this is your hard truth.


  • Being hard on yourself is what holds you back. Some of us are so mentally hard and strict on ourselves, that we crush our dreams, goals, and actions because of it.

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The Answers to Your Excuses that Avoid Your Purpose

Your Purpose - PurposeEveryone wants the answer…

Do I have it?

No, not necessarily.

However, I do have an answer for each excuse, that I would tell myself.

Maybe, with any luck, these answers to the excuses above can help you, too.

As humans, we have a lot in common and often will limit ourselves the same ways.

This means, as humans, we can also solve our problems the same ways a lot of the time, as well.

So, with that in mind, here are the ways would respond to purpose avoiding excuses:

  • If you feel like you don’t have time to work out due to other people, then work around the times those other people are present in your day. If you take your kids to school, your spouse to work, your coworker in the carpool — then wake up EARLIER. Start your day before they start theirs.


  • Don’t connect your success to the failures of the past. Choose a routine and stick with it for at least 3 months… at least! This will be optimal for seeing results and gauging what does and does not work for you. Past failures do not equal future failures.


  • We get it… You’re old, older, or aging… SO WHAT? Get out there and do what you can, to the best of your ability, for as long as you can and as safely as you can. The healthier you get, the more the old saying “Age is Just a Number” becomes true. Don’t ruin the later years of your life by becoming extremely unhealthy.


  • You think the gym is expensive? Yeah, well, some (most) are. Do you know what costs more? Hospital bills… If you can find value in what you are paying for then it will be worth it. Getting in shape and finding your life’s purpose through fitness will make that $10, $20, $30 a month worth it… (However, those Equinox prices are just downright dirty!).

Still Not Convinced? Let’s Keep Going…

  • A home gym is too expensive? Pleaseeeee… Get a pair of dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and some resistance bands. I guarantee that you can get all of these items under $100, especially if you buy them second-hand locally. Don’t make things complicated — a home gym doesn’t need to be lavish to change your life.


  • Now, let’s say you truly are comfortable with how you look and feel. That’s fine. But are you fulfilled in life or are you seeking the comfortable route? Fitness leads to daily resistance, but resistance that you control. Without pain, struggle, resistance, and suffering it is very hard to find your purpose. Just because you don’t think you need it doesn’t mean it isn’t really great for you.


  • Lastly, people always use the excuse that fitness isn’t the field or industry they are looking to invest their life and goals in. You aren’t working to be a professional trainer or famous bodybuilder, so what’s the point? RightNone of that matters. Fitness is a guiding light to help discover your purpose. You don’t read books because you want to be a professional reader — you do it because it is entertaining, enriches your life, and provides knowledge. Don’t place such strict boundaries on what fitness can do for you.

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How to (Re)Discover Your Purpose in Fitness

Your Purpose - AnswersBeyond the excuses, many people simply lose the fire within.

This could actually be due to a lot of those excuses listed above but pushed to the extreme.

The main takeaway here is to never give up.

Yes, it is cliche, somewhat corny sounding, but it’s the truth.

Giving up on your purpose, especially through the facilitation of fitness, can push you deeper into a hole.

Depression, stress, anxiety, fear — almost all of these can be solved with consistent fitness.

The cure to these common problems is by discovering your purpose, and rediscovery for those who’ve become lost.

If you’ve ever felt like giving up, like things couldn’t get worse, please consider the fact that others could have it just as bad,

Truthfully, there are probably a ton of people out there whose problems make yours look like a cakewalk.

With that in mind, don’t let your excuses, trivial problems, or injuries stop you from greatness.

Watch Below: Purpose Builta film that exemplifies no excuses and finding your path to purpose

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