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Get Rid of Skinny Legs: No More Mr. Chicken Quads

Jul 29, 2018

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - Skinny Legs No Leg DayGet rid of skinny legs in a jiffy (well, over time [NO SHORTCUTS!!!]) by committing to compound movements, isolation movements, and a muscle-building diet.

Let’s be honest — you’ve got those itty bitty legs, quads, calves, the whole shebang.

No worries; with some thoughtful work and patience, you can become a walking god with legs the size of torsos!

There are a few approaches to growing your legs that I’ll be recommending in this article.

Tons of cool ways to succeed in growing without feeling like you are stuck with only one option.

We all know variety is the spice of life, options rule the world, a mixed bag will let you test and re-test your choices.

To get rid of skinny legs, you need to first acknowledge the problem!

Say it with me… YES, I have chicken legs!!!

It hurts — hurts real deep — all the way to the core of your bony lower half.


Why We (Usually) Hate Training Legs

Your Legs are Not a Glamour Muscle (Traditionally)

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - Skinny LegsThe truth is, your legs are not the most glamorous, flaunted muscle.

Your legs really don’t have muscle groups that you would be excited to show off (outside of the fitness world).

For the most part, nobody is looking or really cares about how your legs look.

It’s very rare that your significant other (or potential S.O.) would leave or deny you based on your lack of leg muscles.

Sure, it could be a funny talking point, and usually is among gym buddies, but it isn’t that big of a deal.

This actually applies to all muscles, but there is a much stronger community behind the look of strong arms.

So… we train arms!

But, what this leads to is the lack of enthusiasm behind training legs.

If the people you are interested in aren’t worrying about how your legs look, why should you?


You Always Wear Pants Anyway

There are some people who only wear pants.

To be honest, I’m one of those people.

Not because I am self-conscious about my legs, but more so because I only own pants.

Mainly jeans.

Essentially, I wear jeans year-round and struggle through the summer with them, too.

However, I do wear athletic shorts in the gym.

There are people who only wear gym pants or sweatpants, though.

If you are someone who only wears pants, in and outside of the gym, then you probably aren’t worried about training legs.

When wearing pants, you are rarely exposing the physical state of your legs (unless they are ultra-skinny jeans).

For those who plan to never wear shorts or only expose their legs a few days out of the year — you probably aren’t worried about having the most aesthetic looking legs.


You Hate Having Sore Legs

Yes, yes it’s true.

Sore legs are probably one of the biggest inconveniences in the world.

After leg day, you’re pretty sore.

The second day, you are in pain and hating it.

Two days after a hard leg day, you’re basically dying and can’t even squat to get on the toilet!

A lot of beginners and people who never train legs become discouraged quick after that initial leg day soreness.

After extremely hard days, you still never become completely invincible against the soreness.

With time, though, you will become familiar with the pain and how to treat it.

Proper nutrition, sleep, stretching, and massage can drastically lower your pain level.

So, for anyone out there who uses this as their excuse to avoid leg work — take more initiative and train smarter!


How to Enjoy Training Legs

Expand Your Mind When it Comes to Exercises

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - Leg Extension MusclesDon’t get bogged down with the idea that only squats will build your legs.

A big reason for people straying from leg day is because they hate squats.

I’m talking loathe doing squats when they should love doing squats.

Just kidding… you don’t need to love them.

But, many people get into that mindset that squats are the standard and the only way to build some decent leg size.

Then you have a lot of people out there telling you that seated leg press is worthless.

Sure, it isn’t the best option, but if you are going from no leg workouts to occasionally performing leg press, then you are on the right path.

That’s not all, though.

Leg press, lunges, bodyweight squats, jumping, running, highresistance biking, etc.

There are endless options that will give your legs the workout they need and deserve.

Try to open up your possibilities by first opening up your receptiveness to the idea of leg training.


Recognize the Benefits Outside of the Gym

Sedentary vs Active Legs
Active Legs vs Sedentary Legs Muscle Scan

Another way to actually enjoy the process of leg training is understanding the benefits.

Leg training will lead to more muscle and less fat in your legs.

With age, your sedentary legs that are skinny will only contain fat.

Someone who is active and moves their legs, at the least, will have more muscle density within the legs.

This doesn’t even mean you are working to have massive legs (though that’s always nice) — you could just be seeking to have athletic legs.

With this consistent training and activity, you’ll have more longevity in life and fewer problems that can include joint pain, sciatica, back problems, trouble walking, and leg cramping.

The benefits that come with leg training far outweigh the negatives of disregarding leg training.


Lose the Ego and Accept Where You Currently Are

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - muscular legsOne way to truly enjoy the journey to get rid of skinny legs is by accepting their current status.

Okay, cool, whatever, your legs are puny!

Who cares?

Make the effort to change that on your behalf.

Train with the weight you can, when you can, safely and with accessories like our weightlifting belt.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner or are learning form and technique.

Have fun with the process and watch your legs change right before your eyes.

Your quads will grow, your calves will bulge, and the weight you use for working sets will increase.

It’s really fun once you let go of the ego and focus on your personal growth for yourself instead of others.


Get Rid of Skinny Legs: Exercises to Do

Focusing on Compound Movements

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - muscular squat legsTo get those semi-truck wheels for legs, you need to focus on compound movements.

Unfortunately, for some, that includes squats.

Just get over it, guys!

Squats rule and will always rule and are the way to go — believe me.

Two other compound movements that I highly suggest are lunges (preferably walking lunges) and some form of deadlifting (stiff-legged, conventional, sumo).

With compound movements, you’ll really begin to build your solid foundation for legs.

You can spend all the time you want trying to chisel away and build very particular portions of your legs, but compound movements will always do you right!


Utilizing Isolation Movements

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - CalvesAfter utilizing your compound movements and gaining that leg foundation, then you can focus a lot more on isolation movements.

Isolating your calves, quads, and hamstrings is definitely good.

You can benefit tremendously from doing so — so do it!

Make sure your isolation is done in conjunction with your compound movements, though.

Isolation movements can really target a portion of the muscle you want to hit and hit hard.

For example, doing calf raises slow and controlled, while focusing on pause reps will isolate the sh*t out of your calves.

When it comes to exercises like that, you can bet your legs will grow.

Staying Limber, Warm, and Fully Stretched

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - muscular legsAfter your leg day full of weights and compound movements, it’s time to focus on stretching.

Keep your body, especially your legs, warm and agile.

The stretching will allow the muscle to expand and extend to its full potential.

Without stretching your legs out, the muscle breaks down and begins to heal in a tight position.

This leads to your muscle soreness and further cramping.

Get your blood moving to keep your legs ready for both recovery and future leg days.

Doing so will cut down on the time, or at least the extent, of your soreness and pain.


Get Rid of Skinny Legs Through Optimal Training

Use Proper Accessories to Make Exercises Safer and More Comfortable

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - Dark Iron Fitness Knee SleevesIf you can utilize the right accessories, then you can amplify the progress of your leg days.

Get rid of skinny legs by performing safe lifts with high-quality accessories.

Utilize a weightlifting belt for squats will help you stay safe and get deeper into the squat.

Our barbell pad will keep you comfy during squats and hip thrusts, especially.

To keep your legs warm and want to protect your knees, especially for squats, then try out our new knee sleeves.

And lastly, our ankle straps will be the accessory you thought you didn’t need, but probably do, especially to get some leg gains.

Ankle straps give you a plethora of potential cable exercises that are particularly good for those who hate squatting, deadlifting and lunges.

If you’ve been hesitant about utilizing accessories in the past, now is the time to get on board.

Make your leg days as optimal, safe, and comfortable as possible.


Train Hard and Recover Harder

Another great way to get rid of skinny legs is by training hard and recovering harder.

If you do one without the other, then the gains will not come (or at least come slowly).

However, if you put both ideas into practice during your leg day, the growth opportunities are endless!

Sleep is important, massage is important, cold showers help, saunas help, warm, Epsom salt soaks, too.

Then, when it comes to hard training, you should use weight that is manageable but also try to work towards your one rep max and PR lifts as well.

The balance between hard work and hard recovery is the best way to go.


Eat Big and Lean

Get Rid of Skinny Legs - muscular quadsThe other part that people disregard is nutrition.

To get big and strong, you need to actually eat big!

That doesn’t mean go crazy and eat trash.

Eat high protein, complex carbs, and vegetables.

This will promote the natural growth of your legs.

Once you realize you should put all of these implementations into your leg day, you’ll notice how it’s worth it.

Get rid of skinny legs, get large, aesthetic legs, and make your body balanced!