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How Do Squats Make Your Upper Body Bigger – This Is How…

Sep 04, 2017

how do squats make your upper body biggerHave you ever wondered how do squats make your upper body bigger?

Obviously squats are great for a total lower body workout but a lot of people don’t know that squats also affect your upper body as well.

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How Do Squats Make Your Upper Body Bigger?

Remember that when you do weighted squats you are working about 70% of the muscles in your body– with this one move you are hitting your shoulders, back, traps, glutes, hamstrings, calf, and abs.

The squat’s spillover benefits include gaining strength with all your other lifts. As well as building up your endurance and giving your heart a good cardio work out.

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The major release of anabolic hormones we get from doing squats, allows most of our mus

do squats make your upper body bigger

cles to benefit from this release simultaneously.

Because squats work many muscles at the same time in the body. The testosterone and growth hormone that is released is very crucial as a catalyst for your muscle growth.

These hormones won’t be released to a significant degree during smaller compound exercises, such as the overhead  press.

Therefore doing smaller compound exercises, would not make up for the benefit of adding heavy squats to your routine.


However, there have been numerous studies on hormones and their ties to strength gains. And results have varied quite a bit, with no concrete conclusions.


How The Upper Body Is Targeted When Squats Are Done Right

correct form for squatsWhen done right, Squats are one of the best functional exercises possible, they not only build muscles but enable you to work your muscles more efficiently, increase your mobility, and help with your balance.

All these benefits are a great plus in your daily activities.

Source: http://fitness.mercola.com/how-to-do-squats.aspx

When we squat with the correct form and technique, upper-body growth is stimulated due to the following:

Strength coach, Charles Poliquin, said the following about building arm size: “IF you want to add an Inch to your arm size add 20lbs of muscle.”

Generally, heavy weights, fewer reps, and longer rest periods stimulate testosterone release; whereas lighter weights, higher rep ranges, and shorter rest periods help to generate growth hormone release.

Therefore, if you were to combine both methods of training into your workout routines by either doing them on certain days of the week or different cycles, it will help to maximize both of these important muscle building hormones.


The Muscles That Build Up In Your Lower Body

Muscles worked during squatsWe know better – this ‘king of exercises’ hits all the muscles in your legs: the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

But did you realize that performing squats can also help build up the muscles in your upper body, in addition to other areas? Because this movement activates an anabolic environment.

This intense exercise causes stress in your body. Your body responds to this stress by producing more testosterone.

Squats can trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body. Both of these are necessary for muscle growth and will also help increase muscle mass when training other areas of your body.

So it follows that your body’s natural hormonal response from training these big muscles is to also build up the small muscles, such as your biceps and triceps.

This is an added bonus from working the big muscles. If you only focused on the biceps and triceps, by performing bicep curls and triceps extensions, you would not get this additional benefit of working for both large and small muscle groups simultaneously.

Source: http://www.robkingfitness.com/supplements/how-squatting-gives-you-bigger-arms/


Overall Benefits of Doing Squats

You will find studies that show that squats can increase the release of growth hormones and testosterone more than any other exercise. On the other hand, you will also find studies that show there is no correlation between the two.

Weight lifters who direct their energy towards more demanding exercises, such as squats, on a regular basis are training their arms, shoulders and back intensely too. So of course, they will have bigger, stronger, and more upper body muscle mass as well.

Bigger arms will come from being bigger throughout your body. Your body’s muscle mass needs to grow and develop as a whole. Meaning compound exercises that work for numerous muscle groups at one time will be better for bigger arms than isolation exercises such as skull crushers and hammer curls.

Your upper body only has the pecs and delts, and the lats are the biggest muscle in the upper body. So as your lower half grows, your upper body is bound to grow along with it.

Source: http://www.flexonline.com/training/legs/advanced-bodybuilding-heavy-squats-big-arms

Conclusion For How Do Squats Make Your Upper Body Bigger

Even if you are not convinced about this side benefit to squatting keep in mind that squatting will help you gain more mass and probably additional weight due to the muscles in your legs and lower body being built up more.

When you weigh more, your upper body performs better because higher weight or mass can push more weight.

Pushing higher resistance results in progressively heavier weights, resulting in the upper body muscles getting bigger and stronger.

Remember though, if you’re hurt and have an injury then you’re not making any gains at all. So definitely get yourself a quality weight belt like ours:

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I hope that this article answers your question for how do squats make your upper body bigger

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