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How to Become a Morning Workout Person

Feb 25, 2019

What is all the hype with doing a morning workout?

Well, if you’ve recently decided that you want to start weightlifting that’s great, but what might not be so great is waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym.

You could even be one of those people who only get their second wind in the evening hours.

While there’s nothing technically wrong with working out later in the day, there’s a world of benefits to lifting first thing in the morning.

This article will discuss these benefits and suggest a few tried and true methods you can use to get yourself actually looking forward to your morning lift sessions.


How to Become a Morning Workout Person, Really…

Lay Out Your Gym Clothes In The Morning

If you plan on getting in that leg workout in the morning, lay out your workout clothes just before you go to bed.

Doing this makes it much easier on yourself when you wake up.

It’s one less thing to think about.

You wake up, you get dressed, then you get to the gym.

If you really want to make getting ready for your morning weightlifting session super easy, sleep in your workout clothes.

If you’re a man this might mean a loose tank top or t-shirt, if you’re a woman this might mean a comfortable sports bra and a loose top.


Make a Workout Playlist

You don’t have to grunt it out to the heavy metal playing in the weight room if that isn’t the kind of music you like.

Make your workouts more fun by creating your own playlists and include songs that motivate you to move mountains.

Whether you’re a huge fan of hip hop, trap music, or the heavy metal that plays at your local gym, create playlists that make you want to go for that extra rep.

If you don’t want to create a playlist of your own, you can find workout playlists in your favorite music genres on streaming services like Spotify.


Go To Bed Earlier

Sorry to the night owls out there but going to bed at 3am will make it that much harder to get out of bed three hours later for your workout.

If you’re not accustomed to getting up early, try setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you normally would.

The next day, set your alarm ten minutes earlier than the day before.

Do this until you’re getting up at your desired time.


Go To The Gym Every Day For a Month

That’s all you have to do.

Try working out every single morning for thirty days.

If you absolutely hate it, then there’s nothing wrong with going back to your evening lift sessions.

You can give yourself all the credit in the world for trying something new.

If it didn’t work out, that’s okay, you gave it a good faith effort.

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Consider Paying For a Trainer

This tip isn’t something every person can implement, but if you can swing it financially, it’s worth thinking about.

It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable for showing up at the gym every day, but quite another to have someone else hold you accountable for those morning workouts.

By paying a trainer you can resist the temptation of spending an extra hour in bed by thinking about all the money you’ll waste if you don’t show up for your session.

If you make the decision to hire a trainer, you’ll probably be a lot less likely to skip workouts.

That benefit alone can make hiring a trainer worth the money.


Find a Workout Buddy

You’ve heard the saying that two is better than one, right?

Well, this can certainly be the case when it comes to your morning workout.

Find a friend who already works out in the morning and ask if you can join them.

You don’t have to tag along with them as they go to different machines.

Once you arrive at the gym, you can go your separate ways.

If you have a good friend who’s willing to help you start working out in the morning, try making the workouts into some sort of competition.

For example, the first to miss a workout has to buy the other post-workout smoothies for a week.

Whatever the two of you come up with, make sure it’s a competition that you both want to win.

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Try Listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks While You Workout

Many of us complain that we just don’t have the time to get catch up on current events or read the hot new bestseller.

Get both out of the way by listening to podcasts or audiobooks while you lift.

Services such as Audible and Scribd provide audiobooks at an affordable price.

There are so many benefits to lifting weights in the morning that it’s hard to ignore them.

So again, try working out in the morning for one month.

If you absolutely hate it, go back to your evening lift sessions.

Just remember, getting in your workouts first thing in the morning not only leaves you feeling refreshed and vitalized, but makes you more productive throughout the entire day.


Invest in Training Gear and Accessories

The final way to find the drive and motivation is through investment.

If you invest in your health and fitness, it will give you purpose.

Finding a purpose will help boost your desire and willingness to stay committed.

With an investment in accessories, you are more likely to wake up and get to work

What better way to become a morning workout aficionado? 

I suggest picking the items that will help you remain determined in the gym, day in and day out!

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