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How to Get Insanely Strong — 13 Strength Tips

Mar 24, 2018

Do you want to know how to get insanely strong?

What does it really take in order to build up strength?

High volume? Hours in the gym? Powerlifting?

Well, a lot of these things play a role in strength, but they aren’t exclusive to getting insanely strong.

There are many ways to get strong — some not even “fitness” related.

Yet, there’s no doubt that weightlifting and strength training are two of the best ways to get on the path to extreme strength.

Alas, when choosing fitness as your voyage to the land of strength and muscle, you should travel prepared.

Here at Dark Iron Fitness, we have the highest-quality lifting accessories to help you on your journey.

I would personally recommend our genuine leather weightlifting belt and our genuine leather dip belt.

With some of the exercises I’ll be promoting in this article, you will want to have these accessories as a way to protect your form and help with optimizing your workouts.


How to Get Insanely Strong: Achieving Your Strength

1) Progressive Overload

How to Get Insanely Strong - Progressive OverloadFollowing progressive overload in your routine is one way to get insanely strong.

Basically, what you are doing here is gradually adding more and more stress to your muscles and workouts.

This is important because you should always be aiming towards increasing your weight load.

However, instead of jumping around and doing low weight then high weight and back down, you strive for future benchmarks.

So, for example, if you can overhead press 25-lb dumbbells for 4 sets of 10 reps, you’ll want to eventually do the same with 35-lb dumbbells.

This goes for every single exercise you are doing — even the ones not using traditional weights.

If you are doing resistance training with bands, you’ll want to work up to higher resistance gradually and consistently.

The same thing applies to abdominal training.

Imagine doing 20 sit-ups for 4 sets, then 25 sit-ups for 4 sets.

It may not seem like a huge difference, but you are doing 20 more sit-ups overall — which is progressive overload.

If you can achieve that, then the next step is to do your sit-ups with a 45-lb weight plate on your stomach.

All of these applications of progressive overload are how to get insanely strong!


2) Strength Training

How to Get Insanely Strong - Strength TrainingWhen you start your fitness and strength journey, it’s important to always focus on strength.

Don’t follow a weight loss program or a bodybuilding-oriented program if your goal is to be stronger.

There are many ways to implement strength training into a preexisting routine.

However, if you’re up to it, you can always follow a strict strength training program from the get-go.

The benefit in doing so would be that all of your exercises, rest, and eating would be prioritized towards strength.

For some, the downside would be the loss in the “aesthetics” department.

If you really want to build strength and remain strong, then you have to sacrifice things like being lean year-round or having visible abs.

The choice is yours, but one of the best ways to get strong is by proactively working to be strong.

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3) Time Under Tension

How to Get Insanely Strong - Time Under TensionTime under tension or (TUT) is often overlooked during fitness.

The reason for this is that many average lifters want to knock out their reps as fast as they can.

Doing high reps, quickly is completely fine — just do it with great form!

But, if you do slow, controlled movements and pause reps, you’ll see far more strength gains.

I’m not talking about doing this with low weight, though.

If you are able to focus on TUT with challenging weight, then you will build up your strength tremendously.

For example, when you are bench pressing, focus on slowing down during the eccentric portion, holding an isometric at your chest and then pushing the barbell back up with explosivity.

Following these guidelines with all of your lifts will help with progressive overload and better strength.


4) Proper Stretching

How to Get Insanely Strong - Proper StretchingStretching is great for all exercise — that’s a fact.

However, it is even more so important for strength training and building your power.

Actually, stretching allows you to optimize your body to even be able to use your power.

When your muscles get tight or you bulk up in weight, your lifting leverages will change.

You need to make sure you stretch to allow for the proper range of motion.

This is especially important for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press.

I recommend doing these stretches before and after your workouts to recover quicker and optimize your gains.

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How to Get Insanely Strong with a Solid Routine

5) 5×5 Routine

How to Get Insanely Strong - 5x5 RoutineDoing a 5×5 routine is commonplace for strength building lifters.

When most people hear about 5×5, they think of StrongLifts 5×5.

However, a 5×5 routine is actually just what it sounds like, 5 reps for 5 sets — of anything.

Naturally, you’ll want to be working up to extremely heavy weight, through progressive overload.

Every week you should be getting stronger to keep up with the 5×5 training routine, but with heavier weights.

So, if you were to follow a classic squat, bench press, overhead press, row, deadlift routine, you’ll want to eventually work all of these up to high weight.

If you’re just starting out, your one rep max (1RM) for these exercises should eventually become your 5×5 working sets.

For strength training, a 5×5 can help lifters break a plateau and train beginners how to focus on strength.

You should still add in accessory work when you can, but it’s important to take time for rest.

For example, StrongLifts 5×5 program has you training one day on and one day off (M, W, F) with Saturday and Sunday off.

This is ample time to rest and recover, but for some, it may be too easy — that’s when you add in accessory work for your off days.

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6) Pyramid and Drop Sets

How to Get Insanely Strong - Pyramids and Drop SetsAnother routine to implement to get strong is one that focuses on pyramiding and drop sets.

When you pyramid up through the weights, you’re instantly undergoing progressive overload.

So, if you did the full gamut of dumbbells for curls (25-lbs, 30-lbs, 35-lbs, 40-lbs, 45-lbs), you’d eventually get your body ready to start at a heavier weight and reach a heavier weight the next time you lift.

Basically, what this would look like is pyramid up to 45-lb dumbbells one week and then next week start at 35-lbs and pyramid up to 55-lbs.

The same can be applied to doing the oppositedrop sets.

In this scenario, you start at 55-lbs and work your way down to 35-lbs.

Eventually, you’ll build up enough strength and tolerance to where your starting point may be 65-lb dumbbells.

Pyramiding and drop sets can be done with just about any weight-oriented exercises.

However, it can also be done with things like resistance bands where you start with light resistance and work up to the heaviest band, or vice-versa and work your way down.


7) Supersets

How to Get Insanely Strong - SupersetsSupersetting your exercises is another way to focus on strengthening a particular muscle.

In my opinion, along with pyramid and drop sets, supersets are a great way to quickly get a strength workout in.

If you were to do your supersets for accessory movements on your days off from a 5×5 routine, you’d be optimizing your strength gains.

For example, a good way to superset your arm day would be to use the cable machines.

You can do cable bicep curls, rope pushdowns, close/wide grip curls, reverse pushdowns, tricep rope extensions, etc.

The ability to quickly and effortlessly switch between all of these workouts makes for a true muscle burner.

Another example would be on a Smith machine — you can do squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, bent-over rows, etc. all on one machine with the same weight.

Supersets are both convenient and effective for your strength and muscle gains.

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How to Get Insanely Strong with Specific Exercises

8) Prioritizing Compound Movements

How to Get Insanely Strong - Compound MovementsFocusing on compound movements is how to get insanely strong quickly.

When doing compound movements, you are working a larger group of muscles in comparison to isolation work.

And, in a sense, being strong overall is the best way to actually be strong.

You can have strong legs, but if you have a weak back then overall you will be a weak person due to your lacking areas.

In my opinion, if you do squats, bench press, deadlifts and overhead press — you’re on the right path.

With these as your priority exercises, your strength potential is amplified.

Working in the isolation and accessory work will only help better prepare your body and muscles to tackle these compound movements more aggressively.

For your compound movements, I highly suggest implementing the use of our weightlifting accessories at Dark Iron Fitness.

Our genuine leather weightlifting belt will help with squats and deadlifts, while our genuine leather dip belt will allow you to intensify an already great compound movement.

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9) Explosive Movements

How to Get Insanely Strong - Explosive MovementsDoing explosive movements will also help get you strong.

For example, if you look at a lot of CrossFit athletes, they are quite strong from doing very intense movements.

However, make sure you are using proper form and full repetitions when you do your explosive movements.

Don’t sacrifice form and technical skill for speed when you work for your strength.

A lot of explosive bodyweight movements will get you much stronger.

Muscle-ups, knee to squat jumps, medicine ball slams, etc. will all help build specific areas of strength.

Doing these explosive exercises occasionally will help keep your cardiovascular system healthy, as well, without risking muscle loss.

Make sure you are being safe with any explosive movements you decide to do.


10) Accessories for Weight Variation

How to Get Insanely Strong - Weightlifting Accessories ChainsAdding in different weight varying accessories will help alter your progressive overload.

Things like resistance bands during deadlifts or chains on the barbell during squats will change the lifting dynamic.

Thick barbell grips will make lifting the weight harder and get you accustomed to the challenge, so when you lift a standard barbell, it’ll be much easier.

With so many accessories out there to change how different exercises are done in this day and age, why not test them out for optimization?

Just remember to do safe exercises that won’t lead to injuries.

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How to Get Insanely Strong Outside of the Gym

11) Proper Nutrition

How to Get Insanely Strong - Proper NutritionIf you want to know how to get insanely strong, then you need to know about your nutrition.

Strength won’t come to those who fear food or who are constantly worried about losing weight or going on diets.

You need to eat big to get big.

Also, track what you eat so you consume the correct amount of calories and proper macronutrients.

You may not think it, but usually, the reason you aren’t growing and getting stronger is that you aren’t eating enough.

It seems odd, especially if you are consuming huge meals for dinner, but occasionally that won’t be a surplus for you.

Tracking your meals and eating multiple meals a day will make it much easier to consume what you need to without it feeling like a chore.

Furthermore, make sure your protein intake is related to your height and weight, so you always consume the correct amount.


12) Exceptional Rest & Recovery

How to Get Insanely Strong - Rest and RecoveryAnother thing that is overlooked when it comes to building strength is your rest and recovery programming.

After a hard day’s work and a rigorous workout routine, you need to have enough rest to allow for recovery to take place.

However, this doesn’t only apply to after you exercise.

Every night, even on your off days, you should be sleeping at a decent time to prepare for the next day.

If your schedule isn’t steady and you are sleeping at 1 AM and then 3 AM and then 11 PM, your sleep schedule will be so inconsistent that your body won’t recover properly.

Whereas someone who sleeps at 10 PM every single night and gets around 7 to 8 hours of sleep can wake up well rested and ready to either work out or tackle the day.

During these times of rest is when your muscles actually grow and get stronger.

You break the muscle down in the gym, eat in a surplus and your muscles are fed and ready to repair while you sleep.

Do not sleep on sleep — it can be truly remarkable for your strength.

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13) Staying Active

How to Get Insanely Strong - Staying ActiveOutside of the gym, you should attempt to always stay active.

If you work a desk job or any job that is highly inactive, make sure to walk around, stretch and keep your muscles loose.

Those of you who can do push-ups, sit-ups and work with resistance bands at work or during downtime, definitely should.

Get outside and be active — play sports, go for a run, walk your dog, exercise at the park, etc.

The more you are active when you aren’t in the gym, the stronger you’ll be in the gym and in life.

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How to Get Insanely Strong: Final Thoughts

Extra Tips on How to Get Insanely Strong

How to Get Insanely Strong - Good Lifting FormEveryone has different physicality levels and starting strength abilities.

Always work within your current skill level and progressively overload to get stronger.

Make sure to follow a routine that will cater to your goal of getting insanely strong.

Focus on your lifting, nutrition, and sleep.

Other things like working out with friends and training both indoors, outdoors and at home will be beneficial for gaining and keeping your strength.

Lastly, don’t forget that your form and safety are what allow you to keep working towards becoming stronger.


How to Get Insanely Strong and Stay Insanely Strong

How to Get Insanely Strong - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltProper form is the key to safe training.

If you are attempting to build up your strength, then you’ll be better off protecting your body and form.

The Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather weightlifting belt is a great way to protect both.

Building muscle and strength takes time.

For those of you looking to get strong and ripped fast, this article isn’t for you.

All of these tips I’ve stated are meant to be done over a long amount of time with consistency.

What this means is that you’ll want to avoid any injuries or long breaks during your fitness journey.

The only way to assure your longevity in fitness is by staying consistent and keeping your muscles healthy.

This also goes back to proper nutrition and ample sleep because if you don’t get both of those, then your body will suffer and your strength will suffer even more.

Following all of these tips to some degree is how to get insanely strong — good luck!

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