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How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally with a Weightlifting Belt

Jun 24, 2018

Everyone wants to know how to grow a bigger buttocks naturally.

And I do mean everyone… It’s not just for the ladies!

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltGuys, if you have a flat ass, with no definition or suppleness, then the females will notice.

You can’t be walking around here with the classic Hank Hill butt, it’s just not the way to go.

So, you need to focus on growing those glutes.

Trust me, it’s a net positive, for men and women.

My advice on how to grow a bigger buttocks naturally would be by going heavy, using a weightlifting belt, and performing high repetitions.

But, let’s go deeper into this topic and figure out how you can get those killer glutes that you’ll love and everyone else will love, too!


How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally: Why Do It?

Aesthetic Purposes

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glute ResultsOne of the biggest reasons (pun intended) to grow a bigger buttocks is the aesthetic look to it.

Most women (and men) prefer a thin, defined waist, but still would like an athletic butt.

A flat butt doesn’t look that great, nor does one that is overly large and unhealthy looking.

And then if you have surgery or injections to grow your butt, it doesn’t look right, it actually looks too fake.

The reason for this is because the glutes are large but the legs look weak and disproportioned.

So, the aesthetic purpose is definitely there and for good reason!


Stronger Foundation

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glute MusclesBesides the aesthetic purpose, which is important, there is also the benefit of having a stronger foundation.

The glutes and hips being built up properly will give you that solid base.

For any athletic abilities or successful leg days, it is without a doubt better to have a strong glute/leg foundation.

Stronger glutes will also usually lead to stronger hip mobility, overall movement, and the ability to hit depth with exercises like squats.


How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally: Using a Weightlifting Belt for Progressive Overload

Going Heavy

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Lifting HeavyImplementing a weightlifting belt is one way how to grow a bigger buttocks naturally.

With the use of a weight belt, you can definitely amp up the amount of weight you are using.

So, going heavy plays a huge role in the actual growth of your booty.

Reaching progressive overload is pretty much the most important thing in any approach to lifting.

Growing your glutes properly will take a lot of effort in progressive overload with squatslungeskick-backs, etc.


Proper Form

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Barbell Glute BridgesNot only will a weightlifting belt help maintain your proper form, but it will make you more aware of using proper form.

With proper form as a part of your lower body and leg routines, you’ll actually reap the benefits of your exercises.

You can squat with bad form, shallow depth, and a rounded back — all you’ll do is get injured and waste time.

Keep that in mind while doing your glute exercises so you can progress with your growthstrength, and longevity.

The weightlifting belt is there to be a guide and helpful tool to reach your goals safely.


The Best Glute Exercises

In my opinion, there are 3 specific exercises that are the best for glutes.

  1. SQUATS – Obviously, squats are top tier for glute building and the greatest thing about them is you can almost continually reach progressive overload. Do deep squats, with proper form, high intensity, and as much volume as you can. Throw in a Dark Iron Fitness weightlifting belt if you’re serious about your squats :)
  2. LUNGES – Definitely a true glute killer! Honestly, lunges are my personal favorite glute stimulator. Squats are king, but lunges take real mental strength. I’m talking about walking lunges, by the way. Use your core and glutes to keep stable while you move forward with your lunges — the best way to do this is by holding two dumbbells in hand or having a weighted barbell slung over your shoulders!
  3. BARBELL GLUTE BRIDGE – This is one of those exercises that will isolate the glutes really well. Sit down with a barbell across the crook of your hips and lift up, squeezing your glutes nice and tight. To make this movement more comfortable, pick up a high-quality barbell pad. Though this exercise takes a lot of time for setup, it’s well worth the benefits!


How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally: Intensity and Volume

The Importance of Intensity

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glute Muscles ButtocksOne thing that I believe everyone should prioritize when wondering how to grow a bigger buttocks naturally is the idea of intensity.

Think about it, the more intense your exercises the more you benefit, right?

Well, actually, yes!

So, the implementation of intensity will help build up your glutes and keep them active and ready to continually grow.

It’s much better to keep your glutes isolated throughout your workout than letting your glutes cool off or rest for too long between sets.

This could mean shortening your rest time or amplifying your intensity between sets.

For example, do some lunges in place between squat sets — yes, it’ll be intense, but worth it.


Why Volume is Key

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glute HeadsAlthough intensity is a huge pillar to the success of building your natural glutes up, you can’t really do so without volume.

Intensity is great, but if you aren’t adding in volume with that intensity, then you aren’t getting the most out of your workouts.

That added volume will take your gains to the max.

So, essentially, volume + intensity = the best butt possible!

If you can, then lift, squat, lunge, and do it all with maximum effort.

This is how you can target your glutes properly and add that growth you’re looking for.

Volume is truly how to grow a bigger buttocks naturally.

If you need help hitting that volume (and intensity) then utilize a weightlifting belt because it can transform your efforts into something really successful.


Final Thoughts: How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally

Why a Weightlifting Belt Helps

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glutes Dark Iron Fitness BootyUsing a weightlifting belt with be helpful in growing a larger, natural, toned butt because you will be able to create the best possible lifting atmosphere.

As we have said above, intensity, volume and utilizing both proper form and going heavy will guide you to your goal body.

With your leg day exercises, a weight belt can only help by protecting your back and core, keeping your form strict, and allowing for more weight to be used.

What does all of this do in achieving an end result?

Well, you build your glutes faster, bigger, and stronger.

Instead of just having aesthetic glutes, these three glute growing results are important because strong glutes are helpful in several ways.

For some examples of exercises you can do during your “glute day”, check out this video below:


The Benefits of Strong, Defined Glutes

Strong, defined glutes…

Awww, yeah!

Perfect for… looking perfect, right?

Yeah, obviously your glutes will look way better when they are strong and built up.

But, think of all the benefits of having strong glutes that are applicable to other things in life.

For example, sitting for a long period of time (such as driving) or being stuck at a desk job.

How to Grow a Bigger Buttocks Naturally - Glute Results Fit

If your glutes are defined, strong, and built to be a good foundation, then you will have less uncomfortable moments.

You’ll also have better results with other exercises in the gym and anything that requires stabilization or a strong base.

Explosive movements are even amplified when you have strong glutes and can put all that extra force behind your explosivity — box jumps, jump squats, jumping jacks, muscle ups, burpees, etc.

So, in the end, yes, your strong glutes will make you look really good, but also make you feel good and live better.


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