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How to Increase Hand Strength: 5 Trusted Exercises That Work

Jan 14, 2019

If you’re reading this article, you’re looking for answers on how to increase hand strength, right?

Plain and simple you need to know how to increase hand strength.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this post today.

How to increase hand strength…

Who knew that knowing how to increase hand strength could make such a difference in the results of your everyday life, your training, and your overall functions as a human.

But, a little more on that later…

Before we talk about which techniques to use, let’s talk a bit about which accessories to invest in.

I truly believe that the top three accessories to improve and assist your hand and grip strength.


Top Accessories to Increase Hand Strength

  1. High-Quality Gym Gloves – These will keep your hands and palms protected, while also allowing you to get a solid, dry grip on dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, weight plates, etc.

  1. Lifting Straps – Using lifting straps will always help with grip and overall hand strength. Why you may ask? Because the lifting straps will allow you to successfully knock out a few more reps and do them safely. Your grip will not be compromised when you have a good pair of straps.

  1. Wrist Wraps – With wrist wraps, you’ll be able to keep your hands in proper alignment and safety. The more you lift with your wrists bent back in a compromised position, the more you are putting undue stress on the joint. The use of wrist wraps will keep your grip tight, aligned, and allow the power to push straight up (for exercises such as barbell bench press).


Here are 5 Techniques That Show How to Increase Hand Strength Effectively:

  • FARMER’S WALKhow to strengthen hand grip

For this technique, you can use different types of items that are weighted such as sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, gallons of water, etc.

Since it’s called the Farmer’s Walk, you then walk with these items; one on each hand for as long as you can until you get tired.

As you pause, you can feel the energy in your hands building up giving you that extra push to keep walking.

You can do this while walking flat, uphill, downhill, etc.



how to increase your grip strength with pinch plate curlsWhen doing plate pinch curls, it is recommended that you start off with a low weight.

All you have to do is pinch the plates with your fingers and lift your elbow up to your shoulder and then slowly back down to where you started.

For plate pinch curls you have to squeeze your fingers and thumb as hard as possible to keep the plates in place.

You can do all your reps starting on one side and then go to the other.



Deadlifts are seen to work out your whole body and even help with strength training for your hands and arms.

Of course, the standard way to deadlift is by using a “traditional” barbell.
how to increase grip strength
However, you don’t even need a gym!

I have heard of using a case of water to perform a great deadlift workout, as well.

Also, if you’re really into the whole Do-It-Yourself thing, you can make your own sandbags to deadlift.

Just fill a trash bag with sand and then put the bag in a duffel bag and/or you can buy an already prepared sandbag and deadlift with that.

However you do it, the deadlift is the king of all exercises because it works out pretty much everything. Especially your hand strength.



This is a simple technique you can do using a pull-up bar.

People usually use the pull-up bar to do pull-ups and to see how long they can hold themselves on the bar without having their feet touch the ground.building grip strength

Or if you’re looking for a challenge you can change your hand positions like having one palm in and one palm out, chin up style, individual finger hooks, single hand pull-up etc.

Try doing pull up hangs for 1 minute and then extend your time once you get comfortable or want more of a workout.

You could also wrap a towel or an old sweatshirt around the bar to widen the width of the bar to make it that much more difficult.

If this is your first time using a pull-up bar, avoid letting the bar slide towards your fingers during a set.

Firmly lock your palm and thumb into place, this will help your grip.



There are many ways you can use a kettlebell. grip training exercises

One way you can use them is by doing single-handed hook-grip swings.

You can do these mini workouts several times until your grip gives out and then continue with your opposite hand to even them out.

This workout builds your finger strength and overall hip power.


Additional Information About Hand and Grip Strength

Knowing how to increase hand strength is great, but it’s also useful to know why it’s so important to actually increase hand strength.

Take going to the grocery store for example.

You want to have enough strength to be able to pick up heavy items and eventually take those items to your car.

Or if you’re like me, I usually take at least 3-4 bags on each hand and make one big trip out of the store.

Ultimately you need that extra grip for stamina and support.

Whenever I think about the phrase “increase your hand strength”, the image of Popeye, The Sailor Man pops into my mind.

I could just imagine him whipping out a can of spinach and Ta-Da! Strength galore.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

But one can dream, right?


What Do the Studies Show?

On a written article by Ben Greenfield Fitness called, “Get a Grip: Why Grip Strength is so Darn Important and 7 Potent Ways to Increase Your Grip Strength”,

They talk about the benefits of having good grip and how daily common activities such as lifting and/or typing rely on these muscles to provide adequate strength and endurance.

One of the things that caught my attention was that; no matter if you play a sport or not, without having proper hand strength or muscle conditioning it can result into pain and other possible injuries to other areas of your body.

An example that they gave was of a previous study that was done on athletes.

They explained that scientists measured handgrip strength by using a grip dynamometer to see the strength and readiness of an athlete.

Through these studies, they were able to come into a realization that they are able to tell if you have a strong overall body based off of your grip strength.

They recommended that while you do any “traditional” arm strengthening workout(s) such as barbell curls, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc. that you also train and mobilize your grip at the same time.

This will help to prevent elbow pain and provide proper strength ratios between elbow muscles and forearm muscles.

Another article that I read called, “The 3 Types of Grip and the 8 Ways to Train Them

Fitness coach, Melody Schoenfeld talks about various types of grip training that you can do and when to use them.

Some of the examples of grip training the coach recommended in the article above were:

  • The Crush Grip
  • The Pinch Grip
  • The Support Grip.

They all are beneficial depending on what you want to accomplish.


Final Thoughts on How to Increase Hand Strength

The moral of my story is that if you want to gain hand/grip strength, lift heavy and train your grip often.

Add weights to give you more variation during your workout and switch grips so that you can be able to adjust and adapt to a variety of positions.

It is recommended on Men’s Fitness Magazine that if you incorporate pulling and lifting exercise after every routine, you will see immediate development of your forearms and grip strength due to constant repetition.

Ultimately, don’t forget to have fun and keep on lifting!

And there you have it,

All the information need for why and how to increase hand strength.

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Until then, talk to you soon!