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Is It Good to Do Squats Every Day – What You Should Understand

Sep 14, 2017

Is it good to do squats every day? Squatting is one of the few exercises that gives a person a complete workout.

This is why squats are considered a functional form of exercise that influences a person’s health very positively.

As we age, our squatting strength tends to decrease and the only way to maintain it is to have the proper squat technique.

We are surrounded by images of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of how beneficial squats can be when added to our workout routines on a regular basis.

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Doing Heavy Squats

will doing squats every day be bad

There is no doubt that weighted squats help build your leg muscles–your hamstrings, calves, and quads—and also help burn fat and boost your stability and flexibility.

Last, but certainly not least, squats help shape and define your entire backside.

But doing heavy squats must be done while maintaining perfect form, especially in power lifting since the movement applies so much pressure to the knees and lower back.

Always push through your heels, never the balls of your feet or toes.

Use the load principle of lifting to gain muscle.

As with many other exercises you need to increase the frequency of how often you do it, increase the intensity by adding more weight and increase the length of time you hold your form.

How Many Squats Should You Be Doing?

But how often should you be doing heavy, barbell-on-your-back type of squatting?

Is it good to do squats every day?

And how many squats should you be doing?

It’s a lot of things to think about when it comes to frequency of squatting. Here are some things you need to take into consideration when trying to decide what frequency and intensity is best:

If you are considering doing a squat program, with heavy weights, on a daily basis you need to ask yourself is this something you have the time, energy, and focus to do day in and day out?

Are you able to go to the gym on every day without causing conflict and stress in your life?

Will you bail out of this commitment at the first sign of rain or snow, or have trouble turning down happy hour with friends you haven’t seen forever because you need to stick to your plan and get those squats done?

Our friends over at Fitness Apie have written a great article that talks about the frequency of squats that you should definitely check out.

Why do you want to squat every day?

how many squats should I do a dayHowever, assuming you “can” train every day, then you need to ask yourself: Why do you want to squat every day?

Does your technique need work, so you can’t go heavy yet to challenge your muscles or nervous system and you are simply working on teaching your body the movement pattern?

Is your goal to learn to connect the right muscles together in the right sequence, so that you will know what it should feel like when it’s done right?

Maybe the weight you will use won’t be heavy enough to be draining your system or overly fatiguing your muscles and it’s not something you intend to do for an extended period of time.

These are all things to think about when answering the question of ” is it good to do squats every day ”

Things to consider when attempting to squat every

Are you training for a competition:

If you are looking to enter a competition for squatting (whether it’s a powerlifting competition or a challenge put out by your gym) then obviously, squats are what you need to focus on.

How you approach that to ensure you don’t end up over-training is very important.

You can also read: How Do Squats Make Your Upper Body Bigger?

Do you simply like to squat everyday:

This is a valid reason since the best workout is the one you will actually want to do.

So, if you enjoy squatting then you are more likely to do that workout without any excuses.

Doing it every day might be just the motivation you need to get your workout going.

Or do you hate doing squats:

You know what they say if you don’t like doing something it probably means you should be doing it more (it also means you are probably not very good at it).

That right there might be the answer to your question of ” is it good to do squats everyday ”

Do you want to add mass? Squats are the king of the gym since they are such a large compound movement that involve so many muscle groups.

They work the powerhouse muscles in your legs, and as you stabilize through your core you use many of your upper body muscles to support the weight.

In addition to this, you hold the weight through your spine, where your central nervous system is located.

In other words, when done correctly this one movement will enable you to shift a great deal of weight, using many of your muscles, while intensely stimulating your CNS.

Again, this is a reason to do squats every day but you must be careful how you approach this goal as you can easily overdo it.

It cannot be emphasized enough that perfect form is imperative. If your squat or bench technique puts undue stress on any of your soft tissues, you’ll progressively increase the damage you’re inflicting rather than the benefits you’re reaping.

What is the Bulgarian Method For Squatting Every Day?

We really can’t talk about high intensity squats done on a daily basis without mentioning the Bulgarian Method.

The Bulgarian method is a high intensity, a high-frequency system that was used by the dominant Bulgarian weightlifting team under Coach Ivan Abadjiev, and has been advocated in the U.S.  by strength coach, John Broz.

The Bulgarian method trains with certain weight lifting movements–snatches, clean and jerk, front squats, overhead squats, high pulls, and back squats–for six days a week, two to three times a day, at 95 percent or higher than your one-rep max.

It’s a brutally intense method that can produce incredible results.

Here is more in-depth information on the Bulgarian Method:    http://www.owresource.com/training/bulgarian.php


Squats done with weights are not an everyday type of exercise.

It can be tempting to think that an exercise that targets the areas you’re trying to build muscle in and tone should be done as often as possible.

The reason why you shouldn’t squat every day

A very simple and straight forward answer for most people when asking is it good to squat everyday is “NO”

Working out those muscles daily breaks them down without giving them time to rebuild and recover, which can lead to muscle wastage and actually give you an end result that is the opposite of what you set out to accomplish.

As with any weightlifting exercise, muscles need time to recover from the exercise.

Getting enough restful sleep is also a factor in trying to perform your best on a daily basis.

Your diet plays a huge factor in your results as well. You need to consume additional amounts of protein to rebuild those muscles. So adding protein shakes and high-protein snacks to your diet is a must.

You might even need a couple of days’ recovery if your workout has been particularly intense–you really shouldn’t be doing squats again until any muscular pain has gone.

This informative article blogs about why you should not squat more than four times a week. http://nattyornot.com/squat-bench-deadlift-often/

Determine the Right Amount of the Weight for Squat Exercises

Most people find it difficult to determine the right amount of the weight they should use for squat exercises.

A good way to find out is to do the exercises with weights. Something that exhausts your muscles completely at the end of each set. Make it difficult for you to finish that set.

Blogger, Jerred Moon, tried squatting every day for several months and writes about his experience.

He also does some mathematic calculations here. And shows you how to figure out a number of reps needed when combined with the right degree of intensity. In order to maintain a squat-every-day program.

Source: http://www.endofthreefitness.com/should-you-squat-every-day/

This link is from Joy Victoria – a strength and nutrition coach based in Toronto. She has competed in powerlifting and has numerous fitness certifications.

She believes that squatting every day is a training concept and not a program.

Joy trained for 12 weeks and has 9 weeks of logs here. Documenting the number of reps and sets she did, the mental fitness required and reaching her PR.

Source: http://fitnessbaddies.com/my-squat-everyday-training-log-average-lifter-gone-wild/

In the attached link, Cory Gregory gives an overview of the squat-every-day program.

Cory is the co-founder of Muscle Pharm (a huge sports-nutrition company). He has an exercise specialist degree from Columbia State College. Got a NESTA fitness and nutrition coach certification, a CrossFit L1 trainer accreditation, and is Westside Barbell certified.

He has learned from and been mentored by some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry. Such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Phillips, Louie Simmons, Mauro Di Pasquale, MD, Dr. Eric Serrano, MD, and John Broz.


Conclusion For Is It Good to Do Squats Every Day?

So, if your question is: “Can I squat every day” the answer is, most definitely, yes.

But if your question is: “SHOULD I squat every day” the answer is less black and white. The answer should really be: “If that makes sense for you.”

And how do you know if squatting everyday is good for you?

Well, your response to the next question is crucial: “How long do you have to recover?”

You could take another approach and design your workout program. In order to have the ideal rest intervals that work for you physically. As well as your lifestyle.

The approach that works best for the majority of athletes out there is to train as often as possible. Without adding additional stress (caused by taking time away from other activities in your life).

So, if you can train every day, even two or three times per day, then that’s even better.

Always stretch to help get the lactic acid out of your muscles after you work out. Jogging may be a good alternative on your days off from squats!

You should never simply be doing something because you can.

Training is about improving as you work towards a targeted goal. So, what is it you hope to achieve from squatting every day?  And is it good to do squats every day for you?

That really depends on you to decide.

None the less, whether you decide to squat everyday or not. Don’t squat that much without wearing a weight lifting belt:

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