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June 2016’s Newest Release to The Dark Iron Fitness Product Line!!!

Jun 30, 2016

best barbell clips to buyJune was another great month for us at Dark Iron Fitness.

Everything’s running smooth and customers are extremely happy with our products and service. There’s not much more we can ask for.

And speaking of products, June was the 2nd month back to back that saw another product launched to the Dark Iron Fitness line up.

I say “product” but really it’s more like “product’S” because there’s more than one.

For the first time ever, Dark Iron Fitness released something that wasn’t a weightlifting accessory. Kind of…

And this is why –

June was the release of the Dark Iron Fitness online store and Apparel line!!

The Dark Iron Fitness Online Store and Apparel Line

the dark iron fitness online store
Not only did we release our brand new line of branded Dark Iron Fitness Apparel items, but we also got our online store set up.

So not only can you buy our apparel through our online store, but now any of our weight lifting products you can buy on there as well.

We’re also going to try and make our weight lifting products a little cheaper on our store than anywhere else.

Check Out Our Online Store Here

We’re actually pretty happy with how things are progressing with everything.

And the apparel, it’s just as cool looking as the rest of our products ;)

dark iron fitness apparelapparel by dark iron fitness

We got something in there for everyone so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Almost all of the apparel is made with American Apparel clothing so it’s super soft and comfy to wear. I’ve been sporting our apparel and can definitely say that it’s nice to wear.

Plus I really like how they fit.

To be honest, we actually never planned on doing any apparel at all, but we started getting several customers asking for it.

And we always take our customers and VIP Members suggestions seriously and give them what they want.

So take note, if you ever have any suggestions just let us know. We always love talking with our customers and VIP members to see what they want or any suggestions and input they have.

Well…. That’s all for the update that I had for today.

Definitely take a look at the online store and apparel line, we’re really happy to have it added to Dark Iron Fitness.

Aside from all that, keep going after those GAINZ

Until next time, stay tuned.

– Alan