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Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Buy?

Dec 16, 2018

Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Buy? Dark Iron Fitness Knee SleevesKnee wraps or knee sleeves? — that is the question!

Currently, these are two of the best options for knee protection on the market.

When it comes to weightlifting, protecting your knees is very serious stuff.

Actually, protecting your knees (joints) is always important.

For those of you out there lifting heavy, powerlifting, or doing CrossFit, you should invest in knee protection.

In this article, we are going to discuss which you should choose.

Let’s determine what knee sleeves are great for and what knee wraps are best for.

Also, we can discuss whether or not you should own both!

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Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: What’s the Difference?

Knee Wraps

Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Buy? Knee WrapsThese things have a unique construction.

Essentially, they are just one, wide, gigantic elastic band.

These wrap around your leg, from underneath the knee, and up to the thigh.

Simple construction, but highly effective.

Though they take a little bit more time and skill to put on, it could be worth it for you.

Always factor in things like convenience and usability before worrying about price.


Knee Sleeves

Now, knee sleeves are a little more specific per person.

Knee wraps can be shared between people and fit almost anyone.

However, knee sleeves normally come in various sizes and are pulled on instead of “wrapped” on.

As the name suggests, they are a sleeve that you pull your legs through.

Once the sleeve covers your knee sufficiently, you know you have it on correctly.

The most basic knee sleeve will generally be a neoprene tube.

They keep your knees and muscles warm and primed, but you must make sure to size correctly.


Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Their Purpose

Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Buy? Knee InjuriesIn general, both knee wraps and knee sleeves serve the same purpose.

Well, a similar purpose, at least.

In my opinion, your knee sleeves will be more of a “cross-over” accessory.

Knee wraps are straightforward and are most likely not the best for activities outside of heavy bodybuilding or powerlifting.

On the other hand, the sleeves can be worn more casually.

Sure, they obviously add the needed support for heavy lifting.

This includes average lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and the like.

But, if you wanted to wear the knee sleeves for more “athletic” training, they would work well for that, too.

Essentially, they’ll help keep your knees warm.

With your knees feeling warm and good, you can perform athletic functions with less cause for alarm.

For example, doing basketball or football drills with cold joints could be detrimental.


Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: The Final Factors

Knee Wraps or Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Buy? Dark Iron Fitness Knee SleevesWhen it really comes down to it, should you go for the sleeves or the wraps?

Well, this is mostly preferential.

Be honest with your goals in the gym, first.

Then, factor in the style of protection you need.

Third, think of how much time you want to spend getting ready.

As I said, the knee wraps take a little more effort, but will most likely get a lot tighter.

Whereas the knee sleeves should slide right on and can be adjusted to your liking easily.

In my opinion, whether you go with knee wraps or knee sleeves, you should go with something.

This is especially true for those who have knee injuries or pain while squatting, running, deadlifting, etc.