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March 2017’s Newest Release to The Dark Iron Fitness Product Line!!!

Mar 14, 2017

As of right now it seems as though we’re releasing about 4-5 new products each year.

It’s now well into the new year so it’s about that time for Dark Iron Fitness to start cranking out some new products for the Year.

This year we have some awesome new and unique product designs we’re releasing to the market and we’re super excited about them.

March 2017 is now marked down in our history books as the month we finally released a long and awaited product.

I’d like to introduce you to:

The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Wrist Wraps

You Can View Our Wrist Wraps On Our Online Store Here

Here’s some of the features and benefits to these wrist wraps:


our patented leather weightlifting wrist wraps never break, tear, or wear out like inferior wrist wraps made from cotton and bad stitching. Our wrist wraps are made of premium reinforced real leather with enhanced stitching so they never fall apart


these wrist wraps have two quick hook and loop adjustment straps made for simple and fast loosening / tightening and once they’re tight they’re not moving anywhere!


our wrist wraps are made with high endurance hook and loop straps that never wear out so you’ll never have to throw your wrist wraps away just because the hook and loop wore out like you will with other companies that use cheap hook and loop for their wrist wraps


our wrist wraps are stiff and thick enough which creates extreme support but still flexible and soft enough so that it’s very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


We’re so confident in the quality of our leather weight lifting wrist wraps, we’ll send you a new pair if yours ever fail

Needless to say we’re super excited about this new release.

We’re already starting to get some great feedback on these wrist wraps.

Check out the reviews here to see what others have to say about these wrist wraps

As you can tell just from looking at these wrist wraps is that they’re a completely unique design compared to any other option out on the market today.

We specifically designed these leather wrist wraps to help solve the issues that customers were having with other wrist wraps made from different companies.

After plenty of research, testing, and manufacturing we now have the Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather wrist wraps out on our shelves ;)

We actually briefly mention our wrist wraps in an article we just published that compares all the best wrist wraps for weight lifting and powerlifting.

Our wrist wraps actually aren’t on the list only because they are just now released but soon enough these bad boys will be ranking in the highest rated wrist wraps out on the market.

Also here’s a little secret, for the remaining month of march our wrist wraps are about 50% off but the price will go back up at the end of the month.

If you like these wrist wraps but you’ve never worn wrist wraps before check out this article that explains the benefits of wearing wrist wraps

The only other thing I feel I should say about these wrist wraps is that they hold true to the Dark Iron Fitness standard.

If you have any of our other products you know the quality we produce. Our wrist wraps and any other products by Dark Iron Fitness are no different.

Enough said, we don’t need to pitch anymore than that because that’s all you need to say when you create high quality products like we do.

So I highly recommend checking out the newest edition to the Dark Iron Fitness line up.

Check Out The Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Wraps On Our Online Store Here

Until next time, stay tuned ;)