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The Newest Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete – Chris Klevan

Jan 14, 2018

Today we have something really cool to share and something we’re really excited about.

A lot of followers get in contact with us asking if they can be sponsored by Dark Iron Fitness.

What can we say, we’re a great company with awesome products  ;)

But with any sponsorship we unfortunately aren’t able to sponsor everyone.

And just like so many other companies out there, we also have our own strict criteria for anyone wanting to become sponsored by Dark Iron Fitness.

But with such a high demand by our followers to become sponsored we figured out what we wanted in a sponsored athlete and set our criteria:

You can check out the sponsorship requirements here

We unfortunately have to turn away 99% of those requesting to be sponsored by us.

Typically it’s not that the person wanting to get sponsored by us doesn’t look great… it’s that they just aren’t well known enough yet.

It’s kind of that old saying:

“you can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it then it doesn’t mean much”

But every once in a while there’s an athlete that catches our attention.

Introducing Our Second Ever Sponsored Athlete: Chris Klevan


Just this last week we were introduced to Chris and we were quick to see that he fit the requirements.

Easy pick!

We’re proud to be sponsoring Chris.

Check out his Instagram to view more stuff from Chris: @chrisklevan


He’s definitely someone to pay attention to.

Chris also does online coaching so after checking him out if you’re interested in improving your fitness growth with him as an online coach you can find hime at:

The Pillars of Growth

Chris is a perfect example of the top 5%.

Someone who’s body represents there effort, determination, and persistence in obtaining a goal and in life.

Exactly the type of person we want to sponsor!

We’re extremely excited to see how Chris continues to progress forward and watch the results he produces.

If you have any questions about Chris I know he’d love to get in contact. Just hit him up on his Instagram or website.

Welcome to the team Chris!

We’re proud to be your new sponsor.