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May 2016’s Newest Release to The Dark Iron Fitness Product Line!!

Jun 10, 2016

best barbell clips to buyToday is another great day for Dark Iron Fitness.

Not only because we know we’re plowing down the competition each and every day when it comes to being the best weight lifting accessory brand out there…… ;)

But also because this month had the importance of launching another product to our product line.

And we’re pretty excited to publicly announce these.

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Dark Iron Fitness product line:

** drum roll please **

The Dark Iron Fitness Spring Locking Barbell Clamps

best Barbell clipsHere’s some of the features and benefits to these hardcore clamps:


These clamps take a beating and come back for more because they’re made of extremely high-impact, molded polyester and not like the cheap, rubbery, plastic lock jaw style clamps


These clamps slide on and tighten all in one easy single motion-with one hand. Spring-loaded locking system provides added assurance while allowing for quick release


Locks weights safely onto any standard 2″ Olympic bar so they don’t slide around or fall off. Lift with greater peace of mind (and better results!)


Our collars are compact and lightweight, so they won’t bog down your gym bag. They’re ideal for Crossfit, powerlifting, Olympic weight training & more


Should our barbell clamps ever fail, we’ll replace them at no cost to you. Must register barbell clamps within 1 week of receiving the product

Some awesome stuff right!

We’re pretty excited about these clamps and we’re already starting to get great feedback from our customers on Amazon about them.

Check out the reviews here to see what others have to say about these clamps

Photo03_1200best Barbell collars
One of the greatest things I love about these clamps is the easy use of them.

Not only do they slide on and off of the barbells effortlessly once they’re broken in, but you can also easily slide them on and tighten them all in one single motion.

Another great feature to them is the fact that they’re spring loaded so when they’re in the locked position they’re not going anywhere, and when you’re ready to take them off it’s as simple as a flick of the wrist.

Quick and easy.

Just like…….. never mind ;)


We’re getting a lot of great feedback from our customers using these clamps. Tons of our customers are saying that they’re purposely dropping the barbell loaded with weight to see just how well these clamps hold in place.

Wanna know what the results were?

Let’s just say if you want to drop your barbell and not have the weights move or loosen up…. Then I think you’ll be happy with these clamps.

I don’t think there’s much left to pitch about these bad boys.

So if you want some more information on these click on the link below

To View More Information and Pictures Check Out These Clamps In Our Online Store Here

If you have any questions about these barbell clamps leave a comment below

We definitely love to answer any questions.

So until next time, stay tuned,

– Alan