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Story of Glory: How Laurie Became a National Weightlifting Champion While Using The Dark Iron Fitness Weight Belt

Jun 26, 2016

STORY OF GLORYHey there everyone. Alan here coming at you with another sponsored article to our new series.

Story of Glory

This is our new content series that’s all about the unique achievements that our very own customers achieved while using our products and also any tips they’d like to share that helped them out as well.

Plain and simple we want to show how great our products are by having our customers give their own personal experiences of the success they achieved while using our products.

Personal stories about personal achievements using our personal products…. Doesn’t get any more honest than that.

Anyways, with the intro to the side, here’s the story:

How Laurie Espinosa became a national weight lifting champion while using the Dark Iron Fitness leather weight lifting belt

We recently got in touch with Laurie after sending out a special promotion to all our members on our VIP list

After chatting a little back and forth with Laurie we found out that she recently achieved a pretty stellar accomplishment that we had to put on blast.

Laurie recently became a national weightlifting champion!

It’s not everyday that you can say that. On top of that she was also sporting a little something of ours while she achieved her goal.

As you might have guessed from the title of the article, she was rocking the Dark Iron Fitness leather weight lifting belt, and looking good while she was doing it I might add ;)

Weighlifting belt championship

Now everything Laurie accomplished came from her extreme handwork, dedication, motivation, and determination to excel in something she wanted to do.

Buuuuut, we’d like to think that our weight lifting belt gave her that little extra push when and if she ever needed it :)

After Talking with Laurie and hearing her story we asked if we could use the content for our Story of Glory series.

She agreed and this is what she had to say:

” I have been weightlifting for about three years, and as anyone who weightlifts will tell you, learning the sport (especially at an “advanced” age) is not easy.

Sometimes when you’re training it feels like the PRs will never come again.

But when I consider how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned in these past three years, I am amazed at the journey and grateful to the coaches (shout out to Shannon Franklin!) who cared enough to come along for the ride.

In 2015, I competed at the National Masters Weightlifting Championships and earned a bronze medal, with a total of 105 kg

In 2016, I took first place with a total of 114 kg.

I hope to improve exponentially by next year’s Nationals!

Female national weightlifting champion

My advice to anyone picking up this sport (and even those who have been doing it a while) is keep grinding and never give up! 

I bought the Dark Iron Fitness leather weightlifting belt several months ago and can honestly say it is the most comfortable and supportive belt I’ve used in my time as a weightlifter.

It gives me a real sense of security in the overhead lifts and squats, which in turn helps me focus on my form and improve faster.

Thanks for making a great weight lifting belt Dark Iron Fitness!

Laurie Espinosa – 2016 National Masters Weightlifting Champion (W50 63 kg class) “

Dark Iron Fitness weight lifitng belt for females

No Laurie…. Thank you for being a rock star!

If you want to check out more of Laurie’s stuff or interact with her personally, her instagram handle is:


She actually has some nice videos and pictures on there of her lifting so definitely check it out.

We want to personally thank Laurie for her contribution of the content for this story and allowing for us to publish this publicly on our site.

Again, Thank you Laurie for your story of glory


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– Alan