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The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018

May 20, 2018

Picture Name (Link)Price# of reviews% of 5 stars% of 1 starsOur Rating
best sit up bench for 2018Universal by Nautilus$$Over 600Approx. 40%Approx. 10%8.8 / 10
best sit up bench for home gym n 2018XMark Fitness$$$Over 200Approx. 60%Approx. 4%8.8 / 10
best sit up bench for home in 2018FEIERDUN$$$Over 100Approx. 55%Approx. 5%8.4 / 10
best adjustable sit up bench in 2018XMARK FITNESS$$$$Over 75Approx. 80%Approx. 4%8.4 / 10
best home gym sit up bench in 2018Finer Form$$Over 75Approx. 60%Approx. 5%8.0 / 10

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018So you want to know what the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018 are?

Well, a sit-up bench is a very versatile piece of exercise equipment that can really help strengthen your core muscles at home.

While there are certainly ab exercises you can do without equipment, having a bench at home can make a noticeable difference in your workouts.

In today’s article, you’re going to get all the information on the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

Today, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide that not only gives you the statistics of the best sit-up benches out there but also individual breakdowns for each of the top 5 best sit-up benches.

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STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

STEP 2 :

Click on the links in the comparison chart to see your favorite choices on the list.

STEP 3 :

After following the steps above and viewing the information on this page of the best sit-up benches that are out on the market today, you will have a full understanding of which one you’ll want to buy.

For more information about your choices, and to help make your decision, read the individual product breakdowns below for the best sit-up benches.

Also, we created a buyer’s review guide just like this for the best sit-up benches of 2017.

So, check out that guide as well to compare your available choices.


1. Universal Decline Bench

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018 - Universal Bench

Universal by Nautilus

With almost 600 reviews and a rating of 3.6 out of 5, The Universal UB100 Decline Bench is firmly in the number one spot of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

It is also the most economical one of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

It has two incline positions.

With this adjustable compact weight bench, you can perform sit-ups, twists, and corestrengthening exercises.

Furthermore, the bench is fitted with 8” padded foam rollers to hold your feet in place.

Also, there are three height adjustments for the bottom foam rollers.

Lastly, the bench accommodates a weight of up to 200 pounds.


Positives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Better than Expected:

Was expecting a basic sit-up bench for the price and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look of this bench.

The material on the backrest is soft and cushioned.

  • No Regrets:

Before getting this decline bench customer thought his abs were in good shape.

But after doing sit-ups on this he was impressed by how sore he was a couple of days later.

  • Super Easy to Put Together:

Assembly can take place in under five minutes.

It’s pretty much assembled when you take it out of its box.

Just need a heavy Philips screwdriver to remove the screw, the plastic wrap was put on before the metal frame was attached.

You will need to unscrew, remove plastic, and rescrew.

  • Great, Compact Bench for Those Under 6’.

Nice bench for ab work, seems solid and sturdy.

However, taller people may have a problem with the length and find their heads touching the floor.

  • This Bench Can Fold Up:

This bench has a pull-out pin that allows you to fold the leg-rest apparatus underneath the board and store it away.


Negatives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Leg Pads Come Off:

The foam pieces that your knees go over tend to “walk” out with use.

If you don’t make sure to push them in after each use they’d probably pop off.

Some customers have reported that they just glued it on and it was fine.

  • Quality is an Issue:

The mat had a tear in it after two months.

  • Angle Caused Back Pain.

Unfortunately, the angle of the decline bench caused pain to the lower back.

  • Stripped Threads on the Bolt:

The threads on the bold that holds the bottom pads were stripped.

  • Not Impressed:

This bench has a very narrow cushion so it’s difficult to get comfortable.

Also, the bench is kind of flimsy and not really adjustable.

Furthermore, it hurts the inside of the knees when using it, probably because the foam is too thin.


2. XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018 - XMark 12 Position XM-4416.1

XMark Fitness

This adjustable ab bench offers 12 vertical height adjustments.

Its leg rollers are ergonomically positioned to reduce back strain.

It has a support handle located at the feet for easy mounting and dismounting.

These two features alone make the XMark Fitness ab bench one of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

The mainframe is 14-gauge steel with a scratch resistant finish.

It has an extra thick 2.5” high-density cushion, covered by tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl.


Positives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Excellent Bench:

Great quality, very stable bench.

Foam rollers are super comfortable and the bench is light enough to move around if needed.

  • Quality and Great Value:

Easily accommodates 6’3” build with very little wobbling.

Another 6’4″ customer said with this sturdy bench his head comes very close to the ground but doesn’t hit it.

Quick assembly with reasonable directions.

  • Awesome Bench:

This 6’, 235 lb customer, felt this was an awesome, solid bench.

Also, the grab bar makes getting on and off easier, just don’t bump your head into it when doing sit-ups.

  • Good Vertical Adjustment:

The vertical adjustment is good and allows you to go from a slight incline to a very steep one for more advanced workouts.

  • Nuts and Bolts Were Packed Securely:

The nuts and bolts had great packaging so that if the box was beaten up in transit, the hardware would have protection.

Negatives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Plastic End Caps Keep Falling Off:

The plastic caps at the end of the leg pads are cheap and need to be glued to stay on.

  • Latch to Lock Position Broke After a Few Months:

The plastic red latch for locking the seat in position broke into two pieces after a few months of use.

  • Poor Quality:

Welding needs some quality control and there was a pea-sized hole on the frame.

Some welding areas have rust spots.


3. Sit-Up AB Bench Incline Decline – FEIERDUN Adjustable Workout Sit-up Bench

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018 - FEIERDUN Adjustable Workout Sit-up Bench


This ab bench has a high weight capacity of 550 lbs.

First off, it can be adjusted to five different levels.

In addition to that, the height of the foot brace can also be adjusted.

Also, its cushioned design supports your spine and the hollow of your back to help reduce the risk of strain.

That’s not all, though, it can also be folded flat for storage.

Furthermore, the leather cover can be removed if you wanted to replace it with a different colored one.

With so many features and small details, this definitely deserves to be one of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.


Positives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Five Stars:

The bench is lightweight yet very sturdy.

It was easy to assemble and a great value.

No excuses for not doing your workouts at home when you have a bench like this one.

  • Bang for Your Buck:

This 6’3”, 230 lb reviewer said this ab bench gave the best bang for your buck.

Its sturdy frame didn’t wobble during all his ab work.

  • Love this Bench:

This can fold away easily and be put away when not in use.

Lastly, the bungee cord handles are useful when you need a little help to get back up after working out.


Negatives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Back Pain

The curve of the bench can be hard on your back, especially if you have back problems.

  • Find a Better Quality Bench:

The lower end of the bench did not have perpendicular welding, so one of the points of contact is now half an inch off the ground.

The bench is now too unstable to use and wobbles constantly.

  • Bench Pad Not Long Enough:

The bench pad isn’t long enough at the top so one customer finds that his butt falls between the board and the thigh pads.

As a downside, this makes doing sit-ups on the bench painful.

  • Bench Vinyl Looks Cheap:

The bench vinyl seems cheap and looks like it will tear easily.

  • Damaged Product Upon Arrival:

One customer ordered this bench twice and ended up returning it each time.

The box was damaged, the product looked used, was missing items, and there was no instruction manual.

A few customers reported the lock pin was missing, the little piece that keeps the unit together.


4. XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018 - XMark 12 Position XM-7608

XMark Fitness

This XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench is more heavy duty than the XMark XM-4416.1 in the number two position.

However, the XM-7608 is also more expensive and only has 88 reviews, much fewer than the 198 reviews listed with the second entry.

Yet, it has a thicker mainframe with 11-gauge steel and a bullhorn handlebar for safe mounting and dismounting.

Also, the 3” Duracraft cushions are ultra-thick and the vinyl-covered rollers are over-sized for added comfort.

Though there are fewer reviews, and it is more costly than its counterpart, this bench still deserves to be one of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.


Positives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • No Regrets Here:

Exactly what some customers wanted: durability and comfort all in one package.

Worth the extra money for a bench of this quality.

Would definitely buy it again.

  • Really Easy to Switch Heights:

Adjusting the height with the red spring-loaded ball is super easy, feels very smooth, and only takes a couple of seconds.

This makes it very helpful when switching between backward and forward exercises.

  • Best Commercial Quality Ab Bench for the Home:

The commercial quality of this bench is what you would see at the gym but now you can have it in your home.

  • Impressed by Customer Service:

When a small part was missing the seller immediately put the customer in touch with the manufacturer.

The issue was handled in minutes and customer was very happy with the response.


Negatives About this Sit-Up Bench:

There were no recent critical reviews for this bench.

Yet, we did our research, and the most recent one is from October of 2016.

The customer bought this bench for use at a boxing gym in West Philadelphia, PA, not for home use.

He had issues with the leg pads and the wheels used for rolling both came off.

Furthermore, one other customer had issues with missing parts and the package was damaged upon arrival.

Otherwise, the reviews are generally positive for this sit-up bench.

With that in mind, it should further cement its place as the #4 contender of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.


5. Finer Form Gym-Quality Sit-Up Bench with Reverse Crunch Handle

The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying In 2018 - Finer Form Sit Up Bench

Finer Form

This gym-quality bench touts 12 to 14-gauge steel tubes.

Unlike single support bar benches, the 4-way frame design has 2 additional supporting tubes for added stability.

So, what that means is no wobbling or shaking with this bench.

The backboard is wider, thicker, and longer than traditional boards to help reduce lower back strain.

In addition, the leather-wrapped padded rollers are 4” diameter and more comfortable for shins and calves.

On top of that, it also has a reverse crunch handle to help build lower abdominals and obliques.

To sum it up, the Finer Form bench can adjust to 3 different levels and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Sure, this bench is taking the 5th spot on our list, but its design and focus on comfort make it worthy.

Read our positives and negatives below to see why this bench ranks at number 5 of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.


Positives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Five Stars:

Customers are happy with the quality of this bench.

Many buyers would highly recommend it.

Also, several people thought this large, sturdy, thickly padded bench is worth every penny.

Furthermore, customers have reported that it’s very stable and supportive, yet light enough to move.

  • Nice Design:

The curved bench design is great for stretching the back and makes leg lifts challenging.

Due to this, many customers have reported that this is a comfortable bench to use.

  • Great Customer Service:

One customer had a small issue six months later and they were very responsive.

In addition, customer service will send the replacement parts promptly.

Furthermore, any other issues came to a resolution quickly by customer service, as well.

  • Easy to Assemble:

The bench came in four parts and was easy to put together.

Essentially, assembly takes less than 15 minutes and the hardware is already in the right holes.

Customers also thought it was nice that the hardware is unique and only fits one way.


Negatives About this Sit-Up Bench:

  • Leg Pads Not Adjustable:

Knee and foot bars are not adjustable, hard to find a comfortable position with this bench.

  • Padding for Shins is Uncomfortable:

Sadly, the pad hits and hurts the shins during use.

  • Missing Parts:

Poor packaging with the parts all loose inside the box.

Also, the package was missing some bolts and end caps for the roller.

  • Bench Needs to be Higher:

The bench does not elevate as much as those used at the gym.

The incline is too slight here.


Final Thoughts on The 5 Best Sit-Up Benches Worth Buying in 2018

And there you have it!

That’s the breakdown for the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

If you need more reasons to work on strengthening your core, check out our post on static core exercises.

If you are interested in other effective ab machines for home use, check out our post on 6 of The Best Ab Machines For Home Use.

After viewing the information on this page, you should know exactly the direction you want to go in terms of selecting one of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

We here at Dark Iron Fitness hope you enjoyed this comprehensive breakdown of the 5 best sit-up benches worth buying in 2018.

So, until next time, stay tuned for more buying guides and informational articles here on the blog.