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The 6 Most Useful Wrist Wraps for CrossFit in 2019

May 13, 2019

Do you want to know what the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019 are?

Well in today’s article you’re going to get all the information on the best choices out on the market today.

Today we have a comprehensive buyer’s guide that not only shows you the statistics of the best wrist wraps for CrossFit but also individual breakdowns of each of the best choices of the best wrist wraps for CrossFit’s WODs.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of wrist wraps while exercising, check out our post on experts who stress the importance of protecting your wrists.

Now here’s how you can get the most out of this article –


STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.

STEP 2 :

Click on the links in the comparison chart to see your favorite choices on the list.

STEP 3 :

For more information about your choices, and to help you make the right decision, read the individual product breakdown below of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.

If you want to compare your selection to previous favorites, see our post for the best wrist wraps of 2017.

After following the steps above, and viewing the information on this page of the best wrist supports for CrossFit that are out on the market today, you should be walking away with a full understanding of which one you’ll want to buy.



1. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps 18″, Professional Grade With Thumb Loops

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - Rip Toned Wrist Wraps







Rip Toned

The number one rated wrist wraps with over 2,400 reviews and 4.7 stars out of 5, is available in two versions, “medium stiff” and “stiff.”

The “medium stiff” version is for less aggressive exercises.

It gives excellent support but is more comfortable and allows for some wrist flexibility.

The “stiff” version is recommended for heavy lifting and offers very little flexibility.

Rip Toned wrist wraps help eliminate pain and discomfort by keeping the wrist in a neutral position.

These straps provide wrist support and stability for weightlifters and have a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Premium stitching is used here and is fully adjustable and machine washable.

The strong, reinforced thumb loops keep the wrap in place on your hand and wrist no matter what exercise you are doing.

Great for when you’re recovering from an injury or pushing yourself to the limit, the wraps will brace your wrists and protect them from further injury.

These definitely deserve the top spot for the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019!


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Best Wrist Support Ever!

One customer has both the stiff and medium stiff wraps.

He finds the stiff one good for heavy lifting when more support is needed.

For him, the medium stiff ones are the best pair of wrist wraps he has ever used.

They are great for everyday support at the gym and he has tried many different brands.

  • Great Quality and Fit:

These straps are stiff but flexible enough.

Also, unlike neoprene type wrist supports, these can be easily adjusted to provide the right amount of wrist support.

They can be made moderately tight to ensure you keep your form or a death grip for when you’re on the bench and need the wrist support.

  • Awesome for CrossFit:

This reviewer found the medium stiff one great for CrossFit.

They give great support but not so stiff that they aren’t flexible.

Not too confining so you can wear them for a variety of CrossFit workouts.

  • Got These for CrossFit:

Stiff but comfortable wraps that work well for OH squats, snatch and clean lifts.

  • Awesome Customer Service:

This customer found the stiff wraps too stiff for CrossFit so contacted Rip Toned and they shipped him the less stiff ones. Customer service was excellent and responsive.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Too Stiff, Even for Heavy Lifting:

The stiffer wraps really dig into the wrists and leave indentations.

Sadly, the material is too stiff and rough.

  • Ripped Quickly:

These ripped after using them once.

  • For Bigger Hands:

These wraps are too big for people with smaller hands.

To be sure, make note of your hand size and do your research.


2. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps (2 Pairs/4 Wraps) 14″ for Weightlifting | Cross Training | Powerlifting

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps








Nordic Lifting

In spot number 2, Nordic Lifting’s wrist wraps have over 1,300 reviews with 4.7 stars out of 5.

This set comes with two pairs of wraps: four wraps.

The most durable material available today is used for the extra wide hook-and-loop fasteners.

One size fits both men and women.

Every wrap fits both the left and right hands.

They offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

With such a good deal on price and quantity (and colorways), you really can’t go wrong.

Keeping all of that in mind, Nordic takes the #2 spot of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Made a Huge Difference with CrossFit WOD:

These wraps made a huge difference with the CrossFit program since they were supportive and comfortable.

Great price for high-quality wraps.

  • Love Them:

Sometimes certain CrossFit exercises hurt the wrists but with these, you can put weight on when you couldn’t before.

The support can be customized based on the WOD and even mid-WOD depending on how you feel

  • Carpal Tunnel no Longer an Issue During CrossFit:

The wrist support here really prevented the carpal tunnel from being an issue during CrossFit workouts.

These fit great since the tightness and amount of support can be adjusted.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Not Heavy-Duty Quality:

Not as heavy duty as expected.

They can start to fall apart after four to five months.

Stitching starts to come out after a week or two.

  • Thumb Loop Not Flat on the Thumb:

The thumb loop is not a helix loop so it folds on your thumb, it doesn’t lie flat.

The thumb loop itself is thicker so can feel some strain on the thumb joint.

  • Not for Heavy Lifting:

These don’t have enough support or stiffness for heavy lifting.


3. IPOW 18.5″ Professional Quality Wrist Straps

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - IPOW 18.5" Wrist Straps









The IPOW wrist straps are made from a high elasticity polyester that will allow for a looser or tighter fit so you don’t have to worry about cutting off your circulation.

Each wrap has a 2.5″ thumb loop for security and support.

With the high elasticity design, IPOW has created something that deserves to be on the list of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Love Them:

Really helps to provide support, not feeling wrist/forearm pain like before.

Customers use these wraps anytime overhead work must be done during CrossFit workouts.

  • Can Finish Workouts Now:

Couldn’t always finish CrossFit workouts before but using these wraps during weightlifting, push-ups, or burpees has helped cut down on the pain.

Now workouts can be completed when they couldn’t earlier.

  • Quality Product:

These are washed weekly for over three months and they are still holding up.

Great support during WODs and they fit large wrists just right.

  • Great for the Price:

They wrap on and off easily and the tension can be adjusted quickly.

These are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Pretty darn good for the price you pay.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • One Star:

These wraps ripped after using them twice.

Furthermore, there were some comments about the thumb loop breaking after a few weeks as well.

  • Not for Large Hands or Wrists:

These are too small if you have large hands or wrists.

  • Got a Defective Pair:

The pair that this customer received were different lengths.

Very annoying when trying to make them equally tight on both wrists.


4. DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps – Premium Quality

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps








DMoose Fitness

These wrist wraps have a wide design, double stitching and are made of heavy-duty polyester to reduce stress, wear and tear.

D Moose Fitness claims that the quality of these wraps is 10 times better than the professional grade wrist wraps.

These fully adjustable wrist wraps fit both men and women.

They offer a lifetime guarantee and a full refund or replacement.

With promises like that, you can see why we had to put these on the list of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Great for CrossFit:

Use them frequently for CrossFit, especially during heavier lifting, and they have been great.

Have held up well and improved the performance of lifts.

  • Awesome Wrist Support:

Worked great for a CrossFit competition and did not feel any wrist pain while lifting.

Now able to lift more than ever.

  • High Quality:

If you are benching heavy while wearing these your wrist will not bend backward.

In addition, these supportive wraps are very thick but still soft and comfortable on your wrists.

  • Durable Quality and Looks Great:

They have a heavy-duty hook and loop design and double-stitched construction.

Customers love the various designs and the little case for holding the pair of wraps.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Too Big and Bulky:

Not for small wrists, too big and bulky for some customers.


5. Steel Sweat Wrist Wraps – Heavy Duty Support in Sizes 14,” 18,” 24″

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - Steel Sweat Wrist Wraps








Steel Sweat

This company uses their exclusive absorbent, strong, and elastic blend of materials for their wrist wraps.

Built to last, these won’t dig into your hands or irritate your skin.

Large thumb loops make it easy to wind and adjust.

Made with heavy-duty double stitching and a large 5” X 2” hook and loop zone for security.

They are available in three different sizes: 14”, 18,” and 24”.

Steel Sweat offers a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

With their unique designs and size options, these are a great choice that deserves to be on the list of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Great Quality:

Even after four years these wraps still do their job.

They are a great quality and offer reliable wrist protection.

No pinching in the hands and thumb area, comfortable to wear.

  • Nice and Supportive Wraps:

These wraps are very easy to put on.

Also, they are stretchy but remain tight during CrossFit workouts.

Strongly recommend them for overhead lifts when doing CrossFit or Olympic style lifting.

  • Couldn’t Be Happier:

These are super sturdy and an excellent length.

The wraps are professional grade and definitely worth the price.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Tearing at the Seams:

Furthermore, after a couple of months, the stitching is falling apart and the labels have ripped off.

  • Inconsistent Workmanship:

One of the thumb pieces feels wider and looser than the other one.

  • Not for Wrists Smaller than 6”:

These three lengths are for wrists 6” and above.


6. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Body Building Fitness, and Power Strength Gym Training

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for CrossFit in 2018 - Dark Iron Fitness Leather Wrist Wraps






Dark Iron Fitness

Although Dark Iron Fitness’ leather wrist wraps have a lower amount of reviews at 502, they have a near-perfect score of 4.9 stars out of 5.

It is the only one of the top six that is made from premium reinforced real leather suede with enhanced stitching.

Dark Iron Fitness’ wraps are stiff and thick enough to be supportive but still flexible enough to be worn comfortably for long lengths of time.

The package contains a left hand and right-hand wrap.

As with all their products, there is a lifetime replacement warranty.

With their innovative style, fresh take on a classic accessory, and the use of high-quality materials — it’s easy to see why these wrist wraps are one of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.


Positives About These Wrist Supports:

  • Absolutely Love These Wraps:

Superb quality and very comfortable while providing great support.

No sign of wear after using them for several months.

  • So Happy with Their Leather Weightlifting Belt that I Tried These:

These wrist wraps offer the same great quality as their belt, which this customer bought first years ago.

Love all their products and plan to be a long-time customer.

If you want to see what our loyal customers are talking about then check out our best-selling Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather weightlifting belt.

  • These are Better than Elastic Ones:

Elastic wraps always cut off the circulation in the hands but these leather suede ones are comfortable and you get a consistent wrap on both wrists.

  • Small Details Matter:

The small tag on each wrap labeling “L” and “R” is a small but helpful detail.

  • Great CrossFit Wraps:

This customer normally used the cloth type wraps for mobility during CrossFit workouts so was reluctant to try these at first.

He was surprised by how forgiving and comfortable they were.

Loved them for presses, jerks, thrusts, and snatches, and even liked the wrist/grip support on pull-ups and deadlifts.


Negatives About These Wrist Supports:

  • No Give or Elasticity:

The leather material is too thick for wrist wraps, it doesn’t “hug” and therefore feels more like a cast than a wrap or support.

Also, they are very stiff when fully wrapped, restricting movement.


Final Thoughts: The 6 Best Wrist Supports for Crossfit in 2019

The 6 Best Wrist Supports for Crossfit in 2018 - Wrist wrapsWell, there you go!

That’s the breakdown of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019.

After viewing the information on this page you should know exactly which wrist support is best for you.

Also, check out our post on how to wash and care for your new wrist wraps.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the 6 best wrist supports for CrossFit in 2019!

Our comprehensive buying guides are here to help you make a decision based on your needs — so weigh the pros and cons wisely.