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The 4 Best Weightlifting Belts in 2018 Worth Buying

Jan 01, 2018
Picture Name (Link)Price# of Reviews% of 5 Star Reviews % of 1 Star ReviewsOur Rating
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Belt$$Over 2600Approx. 90%Approx. 1%9.8 / 10
Fire Team Fit Weight Belt$$Over 1800Approx. 85%Approx. 2%9.5 / 10
Valeo Leather Weight Belt$Over 725Approx. 60%Approx. 10%8.0 / 10
Harbinger Leather Weight Belt$Over 650Approx. 60%Approx. 10%8.0 / 10

Are you looking for a weightlifting belt to use at the gym and want to know what the 4 best weightlifting belts in 2018 worth buying are?

Well in today’s article you’re going to get all the information on the top choices out on the market today.

Today we’re going to be showing you a comprehensive buyers guide that not only shows you the statistics of the best weightlifting belt in 2018 that are out on the market but also individual break downs of each of the top choices of the best weightlifting belts in 2018.

STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart for the top choices of the best weightlifting belts.

STEP 2 :

In the comparison chart of your favorite choices click on the links from the list to view them.

STEP 3 :

After following the steps above, and reading this informative post on the best weightlifting belts out on the market today, you should feel confident about which one you’ll want to buy.

For more information about your choices, and to help you make the right decision, read the individual product breakdowns below. You’ll find detailed information that lists the pros and cons of the top 5 most highly-rated belts.

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1) The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women | Durable Comfortable & Adjustable with Buckle

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

We are very happy to see that our own weightlifting belt still remains number one! With over 2,500 reviews and a 5 star rating by 92% of customers, this belt still dominates the field.

This patented top-quality weightlifting belt is made from top-quality 5mm cowhide that won’t stretch or tear.  Its 4” height supports your back, abs, and entire core so you can lift more without straining the spine or back.

This 1.5 lbs belt is light and compact. It’ll fit easily into any gym bag. Its comfortable, adjustable non-slip fit won’t ride up or dig into your body.  Dark Iron Fitness offers a free lifetime replacement, no questions asked. Belt is now available in 5 sizes (XS: 23”-31;” ,S: 27″-35″ , M: 32”- 40” , L: 36″-44″ , XL: 41″-49.

Positives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Five stars for quality:

Almost every review talks about the high quality of this weightlifting belt. Buyers are confident this weightlifting belt will last. Distinctive red stitching is not only more stylish but reinforces the tough leather.

  • Gives you all the support you need:

Customers say this belt has helped improve weightlifting performance and enabled them to push beyond personal records. No need to hold back or hesitate when you know you have the support you need.

  • Lightweight and pliable:

It is much more lightweight and pliable than most belts out in the market. Not stiff even when brand new and straight out of the packaging.

  • Looks and feels great:

Great design and quality material that conforms to your body. There is even a black plastic flap by the buckle that protects your workout apparel from the buckle.

  • Great customer service:

If there is ever a problem, customer service is helpful and quick to respond. Users are impressed that Dark Iron sends follow-up emails within a week of owning the belt.

Even the registration process was easy.  They require just one registration for all current and future purchases.

  • Price and quality ideal for the regular gym user:

This belt offers the perfect combination of comfort and support for the regular gym user. Not for the high-end competitive level, their belts are usually larger and stiffer. Many users expected a belt of this quality and workmanship to be much more expensive. Others have said it’s a steal at this price.

Negatives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Taper down belt sooner:

A customer found the buckle side of the belt to be a little rough and would hit the rib cage when doing squats. If the belt design was tapered down a bit earlier then that might not be an issue.

  • Excess belt material stuck out:

The excess part of the belt stuck out and was in the way when working out. It needs one more loop to hold the extra portion of the belt, there is only one that you can’t slide.

2) The Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Olympic Lifting, for Men and Women, 6 Inch, Back Support for Lifting

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt


Fire Team Belt
Fire Team Weightlifting Belt

This Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt has over 1,800 reviews and a rating of 4.7 stars.

It was a close contender to the Dark Iron Fitness belt when we last did a product review. But the gap has widened with Dark Iron receiving many more positive reviews.

The Valeo’s contour design has wider ends for abdominal support. Its narrow sides fit around the body for less rubbing against the rib cage.

This belt is meant not only for bodybuilding but also a wide range of exercises. Unlike a leather belt with predetermined holes, the hook and loop support strap lets you adjust the tightness for leg and core body exercises. Available in many different colors.

Positives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Contour design very comfortable:

Some customers say this belt is very comfortable, especially when wearing it every day for back support after car accidents. Thin enough to be worn under a shirt without noticing it. Great for CrossFit as well.

  • Doesn’t dig into body:

Can shift the belt up or down as needed and it won’t dig into hips or thighs. Belt width provides enough support for all but the heaviest deadlifts. Weighted front squats were easier with this because design holds the abdomen in.

  • The hook and loop works well:

The hook and loop is snug and sturdy. Belt stays tight due to the metal hook that you feed the hook and loop strap through. For the best hold loop it through under the plastic piece, then back again over the plastic piece attached to the metal loop.

  • Great customer service by a family-run veteran-operated business:

Customer service is fast and responsive, they make sure you get what you need. Fire Team Fit gives $1 from each weightlifting belt sale to Marine Combat Veterans and Marine Special Operators transitioning back to civilian life.

Negatives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Better for a casual lifter:

Probably works better for a casual lifter or somebody who wants to keep the belt on for the entire workout. This belt is not for you if you are looking to cinch tight before a big lift.

  • The hook and loop can give out when going heavy:

The hook and loop can give out during big lifts or heavy squats. The hook and loop unreliable and should have lasted longer.

  • Too flexible:

Felt like stiff cardboard, too flexible.

  • Belt runs small:

Size chart misleading.

3) Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt For Men And Women With Back Support for Weightlifting and Suede Lined Foam Lumbar Pad

Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt For Men And Women

Valeo Weightlifting Belt

This 4 inch wide ¼ inch cowhide leather belt has a suede lining that covers a foam lumbar pad. It has a double-pronged roller buckle, double-stitched edges, and double loops to hold belt tab.

Positives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Good for the price:

Great support and fit for the price.

  • Comfortable and sturdy:

Works well and feels like it should last for a long time.

  • Great belt to secure user upside down to inversion table:

Bought a larger size to wrap it around himself and the inversion table. Strong enough to prevent him from slipping when upside down.

Negatives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Not leather throughout:

Most of the material used does not seem like leather. Belt pulled apart after three months of on and off use by average weight lifter.

  • Very stiff:

Needs months of work to soften it enough so it doesn’t bruise when using it.

  • Cheaply made:

Leather will crack at the metal prongs eventually. One of the four studs that holds the buckle popped off after first use. After a month of use another customer found that the belt ripped by the holes.

  • Uncomfortable pad in the back:

The back pad is too small, the edges of the belt are sharp and can dig into your sides.

4) The Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle

Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt


Harbinger Weightlifting Belt

These padded leather belts have interior foam cushioning and suede lining for comfort. They are extra durable with double stitching. Heavy-duty dual prong steel roller buckle secures for a tight fit. Website offers a sizing video to help when ordering.

The Harbinger 4-inch leather belt protects the lower back and abdominals during heavy lifting. The 6-inch padded leather belt provides even more coverage for larger frames and greater stability. The 4-Inch is available in four waist sizes. The 6-Inch is available in five waist sizes.

Positives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Great belt, great price:

Durable and gives you great support. It’s well made, solidly constructed all the way around. Belt is well worth the price.

  • Built to last:

Great product that was used heavily for eight years, only had to replace now.

Negatives about this weightlifting belt:

  • Too stiff:

This belt is not flexible enough, too stiff to be comfortable.

  • Belt ripped and tore:

After a few months the belt ripped while one customer was squatting. Another reviewer felt the leather was very thin, it tore within a week. The inside material of the belt seems to be mostly cardboard.

  • Not for heavy lifting:

Material is too thin and doesn’t give enough support for heavy lifting.

  • Uncomfortable and bulky:

The belt touches the sides of your waist rather than your back, so it is very uncomfortable. It’s too bulky to wear while doing heavy squats and deadlifts.

Conclusion for the best weightlifting belts in 2018

And there you have it!

That’s the breakdown for the best weightlifting belts in 2018

After viewing the information on this page you should know exactly which choice of the best weightlifting belts is best for you.

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the best weightlifting belts for 2018

So until then, stay tuned.

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