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The Top 5 Best Lifting Hooks of 2018

Mar 30, 2018

Picture Name (Link)Price# of Reviews% of 5 Stars% of 1 StarsOur Rating
best lifting hooks for 2018Grip Power Pads$Over 575Approx. 85%Approx. 2%9.5 / 10
top lifting hooks for 2018Crown Gear Lifting Hooks$$Over 225Approx. 55%Approx. 15%8.2 / 10
best lifting hooks during 2018Grip Power Pads$Over 175Approx. 75%Approx. 2%8.1 / 10
the 2 best lifting hooks for 2018Harbinger Lifting Hooks$Over 125Approx. 65%Approx. 4%7.9 / 10
Lifting Lab Lifting Hooks$$Over 75Approx. 80%Approx. 6%7.8 / 10

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018Are you interested in finding out which lifting hooks are the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018?

Any of these lifting hooks are a great investment if you are serious about weightlifting and want to reach your maximum amount of reps.

If you’re like many people, the problem is not your arm strength, but your grip!

Many people find that even though their arms are up to the task, they simply can’t hold on securely when the weight increases.

Weightlifting hooks are one of the most common and frequently used weightlifting accessories, so finding the best ones out there is really important.

No matter how often you plan to use those weightlifting hooks, it’s crucial that you do your research first.

Below, you have all the information you will need to make an informed decision about which lifting hooks are right for you.

We have compiled and are providing a comprehensive buyer’s guide that not only gives you the statistics of the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 but also individual breakdowns to identify the pros and cons of each hook on the market.

This guide should be your go-to in order to help justify your potential purchase by providing informative details about the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 that you should be considering.

STEP 1 :

Take a look at the comparison chart above for the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018.

STEP 2 :

In the comparison chart of your favorite choices, click on the links from the list to view them.

STEP 3 :

After following the steps above, and reading this informative post on the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018, out on the market today, you should feel confident about which one you’ll want to buy.

For more information about your choices, and to help you make the right decision, read the individual product breakdowns below.


1. Grip Power Pads Heavy Duty PRO Metal Lifting Steel Hooks

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 - Grip Power Pads hooks







Grip Power Pads

At 2”, these neoprene wrist wraps are extra wide to give your wrists more stability and are cushioned with padding.

The extra strong hook design uses heavy-duty solid steel that has a 600-pound pull rating.

Furthermore, these hooks are available in a classic and a reversed model. With the reversed model, the hooks face your palm.

Grip Power Pads’ hooks have a non-slip coating that prevents slipping.

Lastly, the rubber puller makes taking these wraps off much easier.

All of these factors have made the Grip Power Pads one of the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018.

Let’s account for some of the pros and cons, sourced from customers like you!


Positives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Great Quality:

Many people were very pleased that these were so well made; great stitching with heavy duty materials.

The metal hooks use a solid construction with zero flex.

  • These are the Ones to Get:

Great for hanging from the bar when your hands are tired.

Also, these work well for barbell and dumbbell when your hands have had enough, as they fit around the bar perfectly.

  • For Pushing out Those Last Reps:

Highly recommend for anyone who wants a little more from their workout.

Helps with lat pulldowns when you are exhausted.

Durable, comfortable, stable on your wrists, and don’t slide around when on the bar.

  • Great for Those with Hand Injuries:

These hooks allow users to continue heavy lifting even if they have tendonitis, arthritis, or hand or finger injuries.


Negatives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Poor Design:

When you tighten the straps, the material gets pinched and pulled through the bracket, which then starts to separate the padding.

The curve of the hook is too wide, bars in gyms are thinner so the hook doesn’t secure properly.

  • Hooks Aren’t Smooth:

The edges of the hooks aren’t smooth and cut into the nylon straps.

When working out, the metal edges rub against the nylon straps and will cut the nylon threads eventually.

  • Not for Deadlifting:

The design will hurt the skin on your wrist if you are lifting very heavy.

There is also too much distance between the bar and the hook.

  • Didn’t Last:

One reviewer claimed they ripped while deadlifting 405 lbs.


2. Crown Gear Power Weight Lifting Hooks

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 - Crown Gear hooks









Crown Gear Lifting Hooks

This company’s solid steel hooks have a non-slip coating.

The cuff is made from high strength fabric and padded for extra comfort and strength.

Easily adjustable for the right fit.

In addition to wrist support, the cuff has a strong base for the hook, for extra security as you lift.

The solid steel hooks are secured to the supportive wrist cuffs, providing a strong integrated unit.

Crown Gear weightlifting hooks have a pull rating of 600 lbs (272kg), making them suitable for all but the most extreme workouts.

They offer a 1-year hassle-free replacement guarantee.


Positives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Good Padding Around the Wrist:

The firm padding around the wrist doesn’t hurt blood flow.

They are very sturdy and don’t slip.

  • Like the Full-Size Hooks:

The full-size hooks give users great support and confidence.

Furthermore, one customer said the wide lift hooks fit the Olympic bar on the Marcy Smith Machine perfectly.

  • Great Wrist Support:

Great support on the wrists and can use them to do hanging stretches from a pull-up bar—can just hang there without using your hands at all.

  • Attention to Detail:

The company pays attention to details and quality.

Customers feel confident that they will last a really, really long time

Negatives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Waste of Money:

One review stated that these lasted for two weeks before the hook broke during 320 lb shoulder shrugs.

  • Made My Grip Worse:

These made one customer’s grip worse.

The hook was too wide for his finger to properly encircle it, forcing him to lift with an open hand.

  • Wide Hook Hurt Wrist:

The wide hook forced the wrist into an uncomfortable position, resulting in ligament strain and pain.

  • Nylon Webbing Too Thin:

The webbing that wraps around the wrist and attaches to the hooks could have been thicker and of higher quality.

The fabric ends up shifting and folds into the metal clasp.


3. Grip Power Pads Best Weight Lifting Rod Hooks

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 - Grip Power Pad hooks






Grip Power Pads

The Grip Power Pad hooks use a design that fits onto machine attachments and can be used with free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells.

Basically, these lifting pads will help alleviate pain if you have golfers’ elbow, tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, or arthritis.

Using the power pads helps transfer the weight to larger muscle groups rather than the wrists.

These hooks will allow you to continue training while you are healing from certain physical limitations.

All of these great features and help for conditions and injuries make Grip Power Pads’ hooks one of the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018.

Below are more details, justifying the hooks’ strengths and weaknesses.


Positives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Awesome Quality:

Best hooks this reviewer has seen, decent price, comfortable and well made.

The neoprene material used means no longer having red, scraped wrists.

  • Great for Tennis Elbow:

Customers reported the hooks work really well and are great for people who have tennis elbow.

  • Impressive Customer Service:

One customer initially received only one grip. When he called the company, they sent him a new complete set.

  • Fits an Olympic Bar Perfectly:

After plateauing on deadlifts, these hooks allowed a customer to add more weight and not worry about dropping the bar.

Fits the bar perfectly and performs well.

Negatives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Not for Women:

If you are a woman with small hands, or someone with small wrists, these won’t work for you.

Works better for someone with larger hands.

  • Hooks Don’t Connect at the Right Spot:

These hooks don’t connect to the wrist portion at the right spot.

The bottom of the hook, where the bar should rest, actually sits sideways when the bar is loaded and lifted.

So, due to these problems, the bar twists when lifted and has caused the weights to be dropped.

These are basically useless since the bar spins when lifted.

  • Quality Control Lacking:

Unfortunately, some customers found that different neoprene thicknesses were used for each hand.

The thicker one was causing issues with keeping the weight in the hooks.

It pushes the attachment point of the hook away from the palm of your hand so the hook tips to roll back into your palm.

This makes it easier for weights to roll off the hooks.

  • Doesn’t Work for PowerBlock Dumbbells:

These hooks are not designed for PowerBlock dumbbells, which shows their lack of versatality in some cases.


4. Harbinger Lifting Hooks 

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 - Harbinger hooks








Harbinger Lifting Hooks

If you want lifting hooks that are heavy duty, extra wide hooks with a no drop grip — look no further than Harbinger.

They have a premium coating that increases grab on the bar.

The neoprene cuff cushions the wrist.

Since not all hands are shaped the same, they have an adjustable hook positioning system based on hand size and fully-adjustable nonrestrictive closure.

With these unique features that Harbiner brought to their lifting hooks, we must recommend them as one of the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018.


Positives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Hooks Can be Turned Around:

Customers really like that fact that the hooks can be turned around to reverse the grip, as noted by one quadriplegic who would not be able to lift without these hooks.

Many other reviewers have said that turning the hooks so that they face the palms of their hands made it much more comfortable to use.

  • Can Adjust to Fit:

You can adjust the reach by moving the hook from one side of the attaching strap to the other.

Having these two options makes it easier to get them to fit your hands.

  • Works for Women:

Sizing works for women’s smaller wrists and hands.

Furthermore, these sizing abilities makes them easy to put on.

  • Convenient Design Gets them out of the Way:

These hooks are well designed, they fold back out of the way if you need to get a drink after your reps are over but not your set.

Also, this sneaky feature is great because you don’t have to take them off until you are done using them.


Negatives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Not Perfect:

The rubber coating on the hooks wore out during the first heavy workout, exposing the metal material.

For others, the coating came off after a few weeks.

The hook and loop was cheap and didn’t last long enough.

Some customers estimate these hooks will probably last about a year.

  • The Hooks are OK for Some Exercises:

They work for most exercises, but with chin pulls, or anything with a close grip, they will come off the bar.

  • Hooks in the Way:

The hooks are in the way of your thumb when gripping the bar.

Moreover, the hook has to slide between your middle and ring finger in order for you to grab the bar.

If you don’t use your thumb to grab the bar then the wrist strap pulls against it and it feels like it will dislocate your thumb.

So, overall, the hooks are too wide apart.

  • Still Too Large for Women:

Customers claim there should be a smaller size option for women.

Best for anyone with hand length of at least 6.5”, from wrist to tip of middle finger.

The wristband is too large as well.

  • Weak Hooks:

One of the hooks bent the first time a customer was using them for rack pulls.

Lastly, the hooks bent the first time using a 50 lb barbell in one customer’s experience.


5. Lifting Lab Weight Lifting Hooks

The top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018 - Lifting Lab hooks








Lifting Lab Lifting Hooks

Like most of the other hooks reviewed here, Lifting Lab hooks have a non-slip coating and Neoprene padded wrist wraps.

These hooks fit around standard barbells, dumbbells, and machine attachments such as lat pull-down bars.

Fully adjustable pads allow you to choose between an open-handed “hook” grip or a closed grip.

The hooks are very helpful to people with limited hand dexterity, amputees, and those that don’t want injuries and pain to get in the way of their ability to exercise.

Since these lifting hooks also hit a lot of the key features like the others do, and have a decent overall rating, we have included them in the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018.


Positives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Great Alternative to Lifting Straps:

If you don’t like using lifting straps but still need help when you go heavy on shrugs or deadlifts, then you will love these lifting hooks.

These hooks ease the pressure on the forearms and elbows and allow the user to increase the number of weights and reps.

  • Great Value:

The Lifting Lab hooks are superior to other brands that this customer has used before.

These are a great value and very happy with the purchase.

Also, they are easy to use–faster on and off than straps–and comfortable to wear.

  • Weak Wrists are no Longer a Problem:

Elevates workouts to a whole new level, even with weak wrists.

  • Five Stars:

These hooks easily handled 500 lbs.

Negatives About these Lifting Hooks:

  • Straps are too Short:

Straps are too short for a 9” circumference wrist.

They seem designed to fit very small wrists.

  • Olympic-Sized Barbells too Thick for these Hooks:

These hooks are too small for the majority of barbells at the gym.

  • These Hooks Made Most Lifts Very Uncomfortable:

The two hooks make it very difficult for one reviewer to hold onto the pull-up bar.

  • Fabric Tore:

After one use, the fabric tore on the edge of the corner.

Furthermore, the quality of this product threw many customers off guard — they just weren’t up to par.


Conclusion for The Top 5 Best Lifting Hooks of 2018:

And that’s why these lifting hooks are the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018!

After reading the information on this page, you should now know exactly which lifting hooks are best for you.

We hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the top 5 best lifting hooks for 2018, and choose the right pair to enhance your workouts.

Follow our blog for further information on the top weightlifting accessories to buy and more information on fitness and exercise.

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Lastly, when buying new lifting hooks, or any weightlifting accessory, make sure you research the reviews and buying guides like the ones we compile here at Dark Iron Fitness.

Doing your research can help you find the top 5 best lifting hooks of 2018, and even the worst before you make your decision.

So, until next time, stay tuned and keep lifting hard.