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Dark Iron Fitness Presents: Q&A with Sponsored Athlete Tyler Everett

Nov 11, 2018

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Tyler Everett, our latest Dark Iron Fitness sponsored athlete, has a very unique story.

Not only is he someone who has shown his dedication in the gym time and time again, but he has also shown consistency in other areas of his life.

As a veteran, Tyler has also sacrificed more than you can imagine for his country, his family, and all of those who served in the military alongside him.

Here at Dark Iron Fitness, we love to showcase and emphasize those who exhibit noteworthy attributes, such as dependability, reliability, self-reliance, drive, determination, and passion.

Whether it be in fitness, in the gym, at work, in everyday life or all of these aspects.

One reason Tyler has joined the ranks of the DIF team is because he exudes these characteristics in more than one way.

In this short Q&A, you will learn what keeps Tyler focused and continually growing in different areas of his life — particularly in fitness and health.


Below: Tyler Everett Squatting Heavy with the Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt


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Tyler Everett Q&A

Dark Iron Fitness: As a veteran, you know the benefits of being mentally and physically strong.

What are some real-world attributes that you gained while serving in the military that have crossed over into the world of fitness?

Tyler Everett Veteran

Tyler Everett: The biggest attribute gained has to be the “never quit” mentality.

No matter how bad it hurts, no matter how tired you think you are – If you convince your brain that you can do more, that you can push harder, longer, farther; you’ll be surprised what your body is capable of.


“I work approximately 1000 ft underground in a coal mine”

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DIF: Self-reliance is very important — in the gym, in your work, in life, even in the Military — what drives you to be a self-determined and self-dependent individual?

TE: The military instills teamwork in every individual from the onset of Basic Combat Training.

Tyler Everett

But in surviving, you have to have that determination and will; the drive.

There is no room for error when people’s lives are on the line, so you have to be quick and you have to be sure.

In my civilian career, I pretty much take my life in my own hands daily.

Sure, we always talk about being “our brothers’ keeper”, and the same goes with the military, but I spend a lot of time on my own, alone, and I have to be self-dependent in order to make it in and out safe and alive each shift.

We must be ever-vigilant; we watch out for those around us, we watch out for ourselves, we watch constantly our surroundings.

For those of you wondering what I do full-time, I work approximately 1000 ft underground in a coal mine in southwestern Pennsylvania, as a shift supervisor.

I work Fri-Sun and travel home to Florida Mon-Thurs to spend time with my amazing family.

In the gym is similar to what I’ve already mentioned.

There is a certain amount of selfreliance, selfdependence, selfdetermination involved, but how many serious bodybuilders/powerlifters/cross-fitters/etc don’t belong to a team of some sort, or have a training partner at the very least?

You have to have the fire inside you every day when your feet hit the floor – there’s no doubt about that.

But there’s also that team or teammate there to help you drive further, whether he/she is reassuring you that you can move that weight, or they are there to spot you when you reach muscle failure.

Maybe that’s just my insight because of what I’ve learned through the military and my civilian career, but I believe having a healthy combination self-reliance and a team mentality ensures success both in training and in life.

DIF: When it comes to working out, almost everyone has a preferred workout or exercise; what is your favorite muscle to hit and favorite exercise to hit that muscle?

TE: I love training back… I mean I LOVE it!

Tyler Everett Dip Belt
Tyler Everett Builds His Back Using His Dark Iron Fitness Dip Belt

I could spend countless hours training my back, and still push further.

That being said, I’m a big believer in legs being a true foundation to the human body, so I’ve found a true love in training them as well.

For back, I love performing heavy barbell or smith machine rows, and for legs, squats – as heavy as I can work them.


“There has to be a reason initially to start.”

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DIF: It can be hard staying driven in the gym when focusing on yourself — when it comes to training and helping others, what are some tips you use or would give to clients to help them stay Self-Determined?

TE: You have to have a reason to first start training.

Tyler Everett - Back

Some people need to lose a few pounds; some want to pack on muscle/size; some to get healthy; etc.

There has to be a reason initially to start.

After you get started you have to find a reason to stay with it – maybe you decide you want to compete in a bodybuilding show to showcase your results; maybe it’s competing in a marathon or triathlon, or Cross-Fit Games.

But what about after that is over?

If you don’t place where you wanted, will it be a driving force or a morale-breaker?

That’s each individual’s choice, and only he/she can figure that out.

My theory is this: Anyone can make an excuse to NOT train; what is your excuse TO train?

Every day I look in the mirror, I tear myself apart.

I use my own critiques to continue to drive me to work harder every time I enter the gym.


Below: Tyler Everett Finishes a Workout with Trap Bar Deadlifts While Using His Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt & Lifting Straps


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DIF: For a lot of people who want to get in shape, or even start a bodybuilding or powerlifting routine, the excuses of work, school, family, and just lack of time often hold them back.

How do you balance your love for the gym and other priorities in your life?

TE: Family and work obviously are my top priorities.

Tyler Everett And Gretta VittaBut I have and will never use “lack of time” as an excuse.

I choose to sacrifice sleep in order to get my training in every day.

My day off is my recovery day.

I have rotated shifts, traveled for work, deployed overseas, worked 24-hour shifts… All the hardships one can probably think of to use as an excuse, but I always plug my training in my schedule.

If your heart is in it; if you really want it, you can figure it out.

Step back, look at your priorities and your schedule, then plug in your time to train.

You don’t have to train 6-7 days per week to see results.

If you’re just starting, 2 days is a perfectly fine starting point.

3 days per week is sufficient for the average person looking to get in or stay in shape.

3 days per week, at 30-45 minutes per day… So what if it cuts into your tv time?

Again I say, “Anyone can make an excuse NOT to train; what is your excuse TO train?

DIF: Speaking of family — Gretta Vitta isn’t only a part of the Dark Iron Fitness family, but is part of your actual family, as well.

What are the benefits of having someone who reflects your strength, work-ethic, and interests?

TE: Gretta is such an important part of my life! Tyler Everett Gretta Vitta

We first met in the gym – naturally.

We are each other’s number one supporter and fan.

I’ve never had a significant other who not only supported my training, but had every bit as much determination as I do.

Having that person – your spouse – with whom you can share workouts, meals, critiques, ideas and so many more things with… I don’t know if I can put into words how motivational and special it is.

You’ll see many who say, “Those who train together, stay together”.

The bond we have is something far beyond that of a fairy tale.

There’s no one I’d rather have as my training partner; Gretta supports, motivates, and encourages me, but she also reminds me when I need to slow down or take a day off.

Anyone else out there who trains hard with their spouse will know exactly what I’m talking about.


“No one book is the guide for everybody. Write your own legacy.”

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DIF: In a world full of people looking for shortcuts, what do you see as the biggest benefits of enjoying the journey of fitness and taking your time?

TE: The long-lasting benefits.

Just because you work out doesn’t mean you have to get huge.

Attaining the physique and/or level of fitness each person desires is a long-term goal, and a very fulfilling process.

Take progress pictures, log your workoutslook back over time and compare where you are to where you came from; you’ll see just how gratifying it is.

When you think you’re no longer making forward progress, look back.

If you need to change things up to jump-start your system, do it.

There are an infinite amount of ways to write your workout.

No one book is the guide for everybody. Write your own legacy.

Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Q&A with Tyler Everett - Divider

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DIF: Regardless of the lifting, a fitness journey also relies heavily on mindset and nutrition.

What type of mindset and nutritional choices keep you on the path to success?

Tyler Everett Deadlift
Tyler Lifting Heavy and Safely with His Weightlifting Belt and Lifting Straps

TE: Mindset is number one.

If you are not determined, or you are not doing it for the right reasons, you’re not going to stick with itplain and simple.

Nutrition is more important than training.

You can work out all you want, but if you are not feeding your body what it needs to recover and allow your muscles to grow, you’re not going to see any change.

My mindset: I don’t believe in quitting, and I always strive to be better than I was.

My nutrition: I’m extremely lucky that Gretta is a genius when it comes to nutrition; she writes up my nutrition plan for me.

I also have a very physical job, which allows me to eat things that other people would not be able to touch.


Below: Tyler Everett Shows the Importance of a Well-Rounded Workout


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DIF: What are you looking forward to in life and fitness?

Any goals you are looking to tackle or business ventures you are interested in?

Also, besides fitness, what gets Tyler Everett excited day to day?

Tyler Everett DIF
Tyler Everett with His Trusted Weightlifting Belt and a Classic DIF T-Shirt

TE: Gretta and I started GT Fitness in late 2016.

Because I travel a lot for work, I am only able to help train clients one-on-one when I am in town, so Gretta largely runs the business.

I take care of a lot of the workout programs for our clients, while she writes client’s nutrition plans.

Our ultimate goal is to open our own gym one day down the road.

We want to have a place that is our own; a place that our members know as their “home away from home”.

As I stated before I travel a lot for work – I typically work Fri-Sun, travel home on Mondays, travel away on Thursdays.

What gets me excited day-to-day? I look forward to my Mondays.

I live to make it back home each Monday to my wife and family, then Tuesday we rip and tear in the gym.

DIF: Tyler Everett - Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting BeltAt Dark Iron Fitness, our focus is on providing high-quality weightlifting accessories athletes can depend on to help them produce the results they’re trying to achieve in the gym.

What are your favorite Dark Iron Fitness accessories and how have they helped you in the gym?

TE: My first purchase, and my absolute favorite, is the Dark Iron Fitness weightlifting belt.

I wear it for every muscle group.

My belt is more than two years old and still looks brand new, yet it fit perfectly the first time I put it on.

I have a very touchy lower lumbar region, so the belt has helped me tremendously there.

I’m also a big fan of the wrist wraps.

When I’m in my heavy lifting phases, I love using the wraps during my pressing movements for the additional wrist support under heavy load.

Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Q&A with Tyler Everett - Divider

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“Don’t do it for this person or for that person; do it for yourself.”

Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Q&A with Tyler Everett - Divider

DIF: Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers, your fans, your family, and your brothers and sisters who are still out there serving in the military?

TE: My time in the military came and went, but I’ll never forget my time in service.

I have an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter, and 3 wonderful step-sons, but the other proudest time in my life was the 15 years of service I accrued.

I met some of the best people and had some very special memories.

The military and its demands were a big reason I stuck with working out, whether I was outside the wire for 12-16 hours, drenched in sweat and dirt, or had a day off (what’s a day off during deployment, right?), I never missed a session in the gym.

In the field, I took resistance bands and founds ways between missions to keep my muscles pumping.

Anyone can do it, but you have to find the motivation within you.

Don’t do it for this person or for that person; do it for yourself.

For those of you who have served, or are still serving – my brothers and sisters in arms – my hat will always be off to you.

Give it your all so that you can never look back and wish you had done anything differently.

Stay safe and God Bless.

Tyler Everett Flex

“Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.”

– Tyler Everett



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Dark Iron Fitness Sponsored Athlete Q&A with Tyler Everett - Divider

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