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What Size Battle Rope Should I Buy – A Unique Question and Solution

Dec 29, 2016

what size battle rope should i buyHave you been working out with battle ropes and wondered ” what size battle rope should I buy ”

A lot of people don’t know it, but different size battle ropes have different benefits from using them.

So it makes sense that this ends up being a common question after getting into working out with battle ropes.

You might have even seen someone using battle ropes in the gym and thought to yourself

“ what size battle rope should I buy and use ”

Well today in this post our very own Dark Iron Fitness writer, Alex, gives his breakdown on what size battle rope you should buy and a bunch of other useful information.

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Now I’ll leave it to Alex to tell us the information he has to answer the question: ” what size battle rope should I buy ”

Enjoy :)

What Are Battle Ropes?

what size battle rope to getTo start things off we should first answer the question of what are battle ropes just incase someone might not know.

Battle ropes are two ropes (usually one rope folded in half) that are held in both hands and used in various different movements to create physical stimulation in your muscles.

When performing these exercises, you will notice that a full body workout can be attained, fairly easily, by utilizing only one tool.

Generally, people at the gym using battle ropes will focus primarily on their upper bodies and some cardiovascular work – but there is much more that can be done.

Most battle ropes are simply made from a heavy rope that comes to a rubber grip, metal grip or sealed off rope edge.

In reality, the concept of a battle rope is so basic that you can simulate battle ropes and the exercises with other items or household products.

The length, width, handle size and style, along with the weight of the rope are all things you will want to factor in when answering the question – what size battler rope should I buy.

All these battle rope attributes should be congruent with your abilities and goals.

Answering the question: what size battle rope should I buy

Battles ropes come in all sorts of lengths and widths.battle ropes benefits

These choices you make will influence your workouts, results and should be taken into account when you have a certain physical goal in mind and what size you will end up buying.

Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you in it to build muscle?

Maybe you want to push your cardiovascular system and reach new levels of intensity that you can withstand.

Either way, the rope you pick can and will play a role in how you achieve these goals.


Let’s say your goal is to build muscle – and let us imagine you already have the fundamentals down: form, stability and so forth – then you will want to purchase something on the heftier side.

A 2-inch thick or thicker rope will provide a lot more challenging workouts, which will help to stimulate the breakdown of muscle fibers.

Also, you can challenge yourself further by folding the handles or wrapping towels around them in order to create a thicker grip you have to control.


If cardio is what you plan on focusing on, then a 1.5-inch rope or even less can assist in stimulating cardiovascular exercise.

You will have more control over the ropes and will be able to perform other intense movements alongside the ropes to push you to the limit. For example, you can do lunges, squats and box jumps – all while moving the ropes up and down or side to side.


Lastly, if something like increasing your intensity is a goal, then it would be wise to choose a length and width that allows you to perform bursts of full strength exercises for a set duration of time.

If you were to perform waves with a 2-inch wide rope for a minute straight you will feel the burn, no doubt.

In contrast, you may be able to perform up to five minutes straight with a lighter, skinny rope – but also still feel the burn.

Over time, your HIIT training with battle ropes will force you to move to bigger and heavier ropes all because your intensity will be begging you for more challenging work.

Purchasing the right battle rope

Remember, as always, live within your means.what size battle rope should

You do not need to buy the most expensive, name brand battle rope to achieve results.

Think about it – it’s a rope! That is always one of the most important things to keep in mind, because if you cannot afford it you may regret it – especially if it does not get used as much as you thought.

Now, I would recommend going over the types of ropes I’ve listed above and make your purchase based on your goals, physical strengths and weaknesses, as well as your limitations.

If you plan to use the battle rope in your home, think of the space it will physically take up and choose accordingly.

If you plan to use it at your local gym, make sure they can accommodate battle ropes and have a location for you to set up.

If you are using it outdoors, for example, around a tree – is it heavy duty enough for the friction that comes with the outdoors?best battle rope

These are all important factors that you must imagine before making your purchase.

And finally, battle ropes on the market made by well known and even up and coming fitness brands can be somewhat pricey.

They usually range from around $40 to over $150 depending on brand, width, length and if it is marketed towards beginners or advanced users.

Like I said, they are just ropes, so do not get blinded by name brands and what is popular.

If you cannot afford these prices, you can always Do It Yourself! 

I have seen battle ropes made from taking nylon ropes, weaving them together, and duct taping them and then burning the edges to form a seal.

You can literally purchase those cheap double-dutch jump ropes with the plastic segments on them, fold them through a carabiner and get to work. And best of all, my favorite, is to either purchase from or contact your local fire department to see if you can acquire their out of commission hoses. make your own battle ropes

These hoses can be bought for cheap online as well, but usually you can get them free if you ask the right people.

Hoses are inherently heavy already, so once you fold them and add some tape, you’ve got a heavy-duty battle rope (you may even be able to add sand inside of it for a more dynamic workout).

The best thing to do is to go out there and test what is available or make something of your own before making a purchase.

You will want to see if battle ropes are something you actually want; and through research and testing, you will get a better idea of the widths and lengths of rope you will use most.

If need be, you can tie a bunch of sheets or towels together like in the movies and use those for a test run.

As long as you can make waves with the rope, feel the burn and see the results show – it is hard to go wrong with whichever variant you choose to buy or create!

Using battle ropes

A great thing about battle ropes is that almost everyone can figure out a way to perform the exercises associated with them.

Men’s Fitness actually has a pretty good article on the different types of exercises you can do while using battle ropes. It worth reading through.

If you have ever tested battle ropes, you will have noticed that your average standard size ropes can pull you forward when doing up and down or side to side waves.what-length-battle-rope-should-i-get

Through some quick testing, you will eventually pinpoint your weak points. If exercises like waves or power slams pull your body forward, you will need to focus on your stance, form and evaluate the heaviness of your ropes.

The stronger you are and the better you plant yourself into the ground, the heavier you will be able to go on the battle rope scal

However, if you cannot perform high repetitions or continuously maintain the exercise for a set period of time (15sec, 20sec, 30sec, etc) then you may want to consider lowering the weight of the rope or shortening the distance between your grip and where the rope is mounted.

On the flip side, if you have physical weaknesses or disabilities, you can still produce results by using battle ropes.

what size battle rope should i useFor example, those with weak arms and shoulders definitely should reap the benefits that come with rope exercises.

Start off slow, with lighter ropes and limit your distance from the base of the rope in order to produce more slack.

This will allow you to perform the exercises for maximum reps and time, pushing you to build the strength needed for further advanced rope exercises.

For those who are disabled, particularly in a wheelchair or who cannot stand during sets – you will be happy to know almost all battle rope exercises can be performed on the floor or in a chair.

In my opinion, for those who are disabled, make sure to test out different ropes at the gym or in store if possible to evaluate the safest choice and safest ways to perform these exercises.

You do not want to purchase a rope that will be too strenuous or potentially dangerous that will further injure you. Get as much advice as possible from trainers, physical therapists and informed equipment sellers.

Concluding answer for what size battle rope should I buy

When it comes to answering your question of what size battle rope should I buy you should first ask yourself what are your goals?

If you’re wanting to build muscle while using battle ropes then using a 2 inch or thicker battle rope with a length between 40-60 feet will be your best bet.

If you’re wanting to increase cardio stamina then using a battle rope that’s 1.5 inches or less with a length between 40-60 feet would do perfect for you.

And if you’re wanting to build overall explosiveness then you’ll want a 2 inch thick battle rope that’s extra long. Something more than 60 feet long.

Overall when trying to answer your question of what size battle rope should I buy just ask yourself what your goal is you want to achieve with battle ropes and you’ll have no problem deciding from there.

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